Steelers RB LaRod Stephens-Howling Contract Details

The Pittsburgh Steelers came to terms with free agent running back LaRod Stephens-Howling over the weekend and the contract details are as follows.

The former seventh-round draft pick of the Arizona Cardinals signed a one-year qualifying contract with the Steelers that includes a base salary of 715,000 and a $65,000 signing bonus. Being as it was a qualifying contract, the discounted cap hit for Stephens-Howling will be $620,000 in 2013.

The former Pittsburgh product figures to compete for a roster spot this season and will more than likely be a candidate to return kickoffs and play on special teams in addition.

As I mentioned in a previous post, either Jonathan Dwyer or Isaac Redman, both restrictive free agents this offseason, are candidates to not make the Steelers 53 man roster this season. The $1.323 million restricted tenders that each signed are not guaranteed and thus would save the Steelers a little less than one million in cap space after displacement should either be jettisoned.

The Steelers currently have $467,427.00 in available cap after the signing Stephens-Howling.

  • This is perfect value for what his skills and experience bring to the table.

  • nikgreene

    Good signing. I’m a little surprised ‘The Hyphen’ garnered so little interest in free agency, but I’m glad he’s a Steeler. Seems like he should be in the mix to return kick-offs and contribute some on third down. Assuming Stephens-Howling is the primary kick returner, I wonder who will be fielding punts. I kind of hope they move that role away from Brown / Sanders, and let those two focus on receiving.

  • David Edward

    Basically LSH is replacing Rainey and his role of KR and speedy back. I saw it at a nice signing and maybe a bit of an enabler for the Bell pick. Otherwise, they really don’t have a guy who can “turn the corner”…maybe Batch but that’s iffy.

  • alex

    so, now what to do with dwyer/redman after the draft…you say you dangled dwyer, probably because hes 5 years younger and would be seen having more value, and currently there are no offers…if they both have a similar skill set and nobody wants dwyer, then do you just cut redman because hes 5 years older?

    personally, i would miss either player, but this is a business right!