Steelers Rookie Camp Takes Place This Upcoming Weekend

The second phase of the offseason workouts for the Pittsburgh Steelers got underway on Monday as coaches are now permitted to work with the players for individual instruction and position drills. In addition, this the first time that coaches can also hold short position meetings with players. In phase one of the offseason program, players were limited to just strength and conditioning workouts only outside of quarterbacks being allowed to throw to uncovered receivers.

Below is the official description from the CBA as to what can now take place in the second phase of the offseason:

Phase Two shall consist of the next three weeks of the Club\’s offseason workout program. Subject to the additional rules set forth in Section 5 of this Article, during Phase Two all coaches shall be allowed on the field. On-field workouts may include individual player instruction and drills, as well as “perfect play” drills (e.g., offense or defense only, but not offense vs. defense), or special teams drills on a “separates” basis (e.g.., kicking team or return team only, but not kicking team vs. return team). No live contact or team offense vs. team defense drills are permitted. No offense vs. defense drills are permitted (e.g.., no one-on-one offensive linemen vs. defensive linemen pass rush or pass protection drills, no wide receivers vs. defensive backs bumpĀ­ and-run drills, and no one-on-one special teams drills involving both offense and defense are permitted.) Players cannot wear helmets during Phase Two.

In addition to the above the Steelers will bring all of their rookies in for the annual rookie camp that gets underway on Friday and ends on Sunday.

Looking ahead past this coming weekend, below are the dates for the Steelers OTA sessions and minicamp.

OTA Offseason Workouts: May 21-23, May 28-30, June 3-6

Mandatory Minicamp: June 11-13

  • mem359

    Last year DeCastro and Adams had to miss some camps due to their academic schedule/finals. How many of this year’s rookies will have similar restrictions?

  • SteelSpine

    Useful info, Thanks. I wonder if our 1st rd pick will hold out, not that ours will be a starter this year but seems like every year in NFL some 1st rd round picks hold out too long.

  • I am glad Dave inserts the actual CBA rules sheet as we move along thru the offseason. To many of us that have followed the Steelers/NFL closely for over 20 years, it is becoming a lot easier to understand why the development of young players is maybe not exactly what it used to be. I guess we have to be a little more patient now because of the “actual time on field restrictions”, “limited Coaching one on one’s”, “no Helmets” ect….A couple of years ago, Ben was quoted as saying “This isn’t your Grandpa’s Steelers anymore”….He is right and I have to keep reminding myself of that largely in part of the new CBA as well….For better or for worse, I am still very excited to get this season underway. Go Steelers!

  • steeltown

    The AFCNorth blogger on espn did an interesting draft analysis, he first stated its hard to criticize the Steelers for taking Markus Wheaton in the 3rd (because of recent success drafting WR in the 3rd Rd) BUT he went on to say that we passed on TE’s Jordan Reed and Dion Sims in order to do so…OK, I’m not sure how to take what he’s implying.. does he seriously think that Reed and/or Sims have more upside or a better grade than Wheaton? I have Wheaton as a 2nd-3rd Rd grade player.. while Reed and Sims are 4th Rd players at best IMO Sims is a 5th Rd prospect and both WR and TE were positions of need for us, so even using the ‘need’ argument doesnt really hold weight

  • steeltown

    I agree…, trying to limit the possibility of wear and injury in the offseason programs, is actually increasing the potential for injury in season/ in-game situations because I feel like players are not as conditioned and/or game ready… the strictly enforced limit on padded practices during the regular season is also dumb in my opinion

  • NW86

    They rarely hold out of OTA’s/minicamps. They almost never have their contracts signed at that point, but they still are there to get acclimated. The only reason any rookie (generally) would miss OTA’s would be if they are still completing their final classe/finals for school, as mem359 mentioned above.
    If anything, some hold out of the official training camp, which starts in late July, if they don’t have a contract by then. Hopefully that won’t be an issue with any Steelers players.

  • Ahmad

    I don’t think any will miss time this year but don’t quote me on that.

  • James

    You’re forgetting that Hensley is a Bum though.