Steelers Unlikely To Keep Both Dwyer & Redman After Drafting Bell

Now that the Pittsburgh Steelers have drafted Michigan State running back Le\’Veon Bell in the second round of the 2013 NFL draft, there is now a decent chance that either Jonathan Dwyer or Isaac Redman won\’t make the final 53 man roster.

Both Dwyer and Redman were restricted free agents this offseason and each signed one-year tenders worth $1.323 million, which are not guaranteed.

There was a report on Saturday that suggested the Steelers were attempting to trade Dwyer during the draft, but that never came to fruition, as expected. The Steelers former sixth-round draft pick would likely be considered more marketable than Redman is, but it now appears that he is set to at least battle at training camp for a roster spot.

In addition to drafting Bell on Saturday, the Steelers also signed free agent running back LaRod Stephens-Howling to the roster. The fifth-year running back was deemed a different kind of back than Bell is by Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who more than likely sees the former seventh-round draft pick of the Arizona Cardinals as a third down and change of pace back. A plus for Stephens-Howling is the fact that he can return kickoffs, and that is something that neither Dwyer nor Redman do.

Should either Dwyer of Redman ultimately be released or traded, the Steelers will be able to save just under another $1 million in cap space following roster displacement. While it would be nice to be able to keep both this season they won\’t have the room on the roster to keep two power backs as backups that each earn well over a million. Somebody has to go.

  • hergieburbur

    No Surprise here, although what did surprise me is the reports that it was Dwyer, not Redman, that they were trying to move. I get that he is more marketable, he is also a better back for them to hold on to.

  • Who would you rather them keep Dave? I liked redman initially but I’m honestly sort of surprised they tendered him and didn’t risk it like they did with Sylvester. I would love to see a depth chart like this. Bell, Dwyer, Stephens-Howling, Batch. I think Redman has to go because as you said him and Dwyer are too similar and make to much to keep both.

  • Crazy Bone

    Redman has actually done some things for the Steelers (especially in the playoffs). Dwyer can’t even come into camp in shape. Get rid of him.

  • LouPGH

    I’ll preface my thoughts with this: I follow Batch and Dwyer on Twitter, and from what I can tell from that small glimpse into their personalities, I like them both.

    Batch is going to need to show whatever it was he showed during training camp in his rookie season before he tore his knee up. Last year he did less than either Redman or Dwyer.

    Dwyer, especially, says all the right things. While they were shopping him on Saturday he was welcoming Le’Veon Bell to the team. Last season he came to camp in shape and at the end of this season he signed his tender quickly to demonstrate he wants to be in Pittsburgh. So I would say he is doing all the right things too. He flashed last season, but with injuries to the line and all our other problems on offense, it’s no wonder he wasn’t able to put it all together.

    As for Redman, he is a known commodity. I like the way he runs, and he has made some great catches, but I think we’ve seen him at his best. He, like all our RBs, could benefit from a healthy offensive line though.

    No matter who is in the backfield, I am expecting better things from our offense this season. If not, Tomlin and Haley might have a yinzer riot on their hands.

  • hergieburbur

    I see two distinct “battles” as it were here:

    Dwyer/Redman and Batch/LSH. Given our roster, I think only one of those battles has a winner and we keep three out of the four. That is where it gets tricky. Like you said, since the injury, Batch has shown little. On other other hand, Bell/Dwyer/Redman are all similar backs, and I would rank them in that order. It’s of course WAY to early to tell, but it’ll be interesting to see if the keep the 4 most talented regardless of style, or if they even it out a bit.

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    It’s difficult to dislike Redman, but he simply lacks the abilities that Dwyer has. I don’t think either of them have been judged fairly, however due to the inconsistancy of the OL play. If the line can stay healthy this year, the Steelers should have every reason to return to ranking as a top rushing team.

  • hergieburbur

    I think, come camp, Redman will be the one on the outs, but like Dave said, Dwyer was more likely to get a bite on a trade over the weekend.

  • SteelersDepot

    Keep in mind that Batch is indeed the better special teams player, but I admit, he needs to show more as a running back.

  • hergieburbur

    Dave, I haven’t seen, does Stephans-Howling play Special Teams at all?

  • Busforever

    I remember how Dwyer signed his UFA tenders quickly just to prove he was dedicated to the team. NFL is not a charity club… Behind Bell, i think Larod Stephens howling is safe to have a roster spot, cause he is the only real change of pace RB. If money didn’t count, i suppose baron Batch would be quickly cut: burried in depth chart, injured, and didn’t have real impact on the field.

  • steeltown

    I don’t see it that way…. I see Batch as the odd man out, he hasn’t shown much besides one good training camp.

    We keep 4RB’s on roster… Bell, Dwyer, Redman and Stephens-Howling seems like the best depth chart to me

  • hergieburbur

    That was my initial thought, but Dave made a good point below, Batch is the biggest ST contributor of the group, so unless LSH can play ST, Redman may be out.

  • That is essentially what he does..Special Teams

  • steeltown

    True.. S.Howling can play ST, so can Batch… they seem better, depth wise
    At his point, due to age and injury history, if I have to choose one of the two.. Dwyer is easily the better choice (younger and more upside)

  • steeltown

    Redman cant play more than 2-3 games in a row without hurting his ankle.. or fumbling, Dwyer is 5yrs younger and has way more upside

  • steeltown

    Howling returns kickoffs… when healthy he’s pretty dynamic

  • hergieburbur

    That I knew. I didn’t know about coverage. I should have been specific.

  • SteelersDepot

    totaled 857 yards on 36 kickoff returns and had four special teams tackles in 2011 alone

  • hergieburbur

    Thanks, I wasn’t sure if he played coverage.

  • Due to age, upside and the fact I think the kid is finally growing up, I would keep Dwyer and let Redman go.

  • dgh57

    I agree with your 4 names and that Batch is the odd man out! Batch’s playing time last season tells that story.

  • Henry

    Well considering they now HAVE to resign Doug Legursky, I’d like to use that savings from cutting one of them to sign him.

  • dgh57

    Steelers value Dwyer more because he hasn’t spent time on the PS(or at least I don’t recall him being on the PS) whereas Redman has and Dwyer is younger. It depends on whether we have a trade or cut when it comes time to move either RB. Trade Dwyer(more marketable) or cut Redman. If you cut Redman then you get nothing in return whereas you trade Dwyer you may get draft picks in return. If they can’t find a trading partner for Dwyer he stays because he is younger! So in the end I would say Redman would be the odd man out as regards those 2 specific backs!

  • Bill Bob

    Curtis McNeal if he shows anything and stays healthy will make the team he is a good zone runner with vision and cutting ability and is hard to bring down plus he is so small he gets lost in the OL and then shoots out. six yards per carry average in college

  • hergieburbur

    You can say that about anyone though, if they show enough, they will make the team. Nobody expected Parker to make it years back, and a lot of people were high on Frank the Tank. Two opposite examples. McNeal is a bit intriguing though.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    They should have only tendered one of the 2. You’re right, they would have had a great chance of getting either of them back for less than the tender.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I would love for the trade talk to inspire Dwyer to come into camp in shape, but we will see. I think the key here is, Dwyer allows some time for Bell to be on the field. For instance, he runs 3 plays, Bell runs a couple. Then you come back with Dwyer. You can do that with Redman, but I don’t think you need to and therefore the coaching staff may be reluctant to do so.

    I think the ultimate question is what kind of running back do we want. NE hasn’t had a lead guy in years, yet run the ball effectively with a committee. I have no problem with that.

  • charles

    Haley was unhappy with Dwyer because he kept having to spell him, said that he wished Dwyer could stay in the game for three straight rushing plays

  • Shannon Stephenson

    We normally keep 5 HB’s. We had Batch, Dwyer, Redman, Mendy and Rainey last year and do not think that will change much. We did bring in McNeal as a UDFA and he averaged over 6 yards a carry at USC so I think he may factor into it. If we got rid of Dwyer it would be a travesty since I believe he has very good running skills.

  • Lamarr56

    I think it’s a no brainer we should let Redman go. Trust me, I love Issac as much as the next guy but he is so much older than Dwyer and is his play is only going downhill from here. Dwyer is very young and showed flashes of being a great back last year.

  • Pete

    I can’t see them getting rid of either Redman or Dwyer. I agree Dwyer has more present value than Batch so if you were to make a trade Dwyer would be the one traded. But I could see Batch and Howling as battling for the last spot if they run with 4 backs.

    If Bell looks like the man, it will be Bell, Dwyer, Redman, Batch or Howling if they go with 4 RBs. If 5 then it will be Batch and Howling rounding out the RB position. Redman and Dwyer are cheap and good value for the money. Howling has done nothing in his 4 years. He’s not beating out any of the top 3 backs.

  • LucasY59

    they signed 5 guys that could be the same as Legursky and they already have Malecki, If anyone is re-signed it would be Max Starks, but they probably don’t HAVE to sign either (unless there is a big injury to one of the Starters)

  • LucasY59

    Batch has had one good training camp and two season ending injuries, I think even McNeal has a better chance than him (neither likely)

  • LucasY59

    I thought the same thing when they didn’t offer a tender to Sly. There was no benefit to tendering Redman, he was undrafted so there was no extra draft pick to be earned and if another team was interested they would just have to outbid the Steelers. By not offering the tender they would’ve been able to sign him back for minimum just like Sly. (and could afford to keep both Redman and Dwyer for one more year)

  • David Edward

    With the way Steeler RBs tend to get injured, I don’t see why all 3 (Bell, Dwyer, Redman) wouldn’t make the final 53man. LaRod is basically Rainey’s replacement and has a good shot at being the KR. There’s the 4 RBs plus Will Johnson at FB. Like some have said, I see Batch maybe as odd man out. That being said, I think everybody other than Bell will be battling for a roster spot. The thing that hurts Dwyer and Redman is that they aren’t great ST players…particularly Dwyer.

  • Jollyrob68

    Batch cost less money is something to also remember. I say Redman unless they trade Dwyer

  • Jollyrob68

    Hayle trust Howling, Batch cost less, Dwyer is younger.Udfa cost less than Batch

  • Jollyrob68

    NE RB have a role and they play it well.

  • Jollyrob68

    Doubt they re-sign him should look to sign a veteran

  • Jollyrob68

    He would be in Arizona if he wasn’t tendered. Arians found him as a udfa

  • Jollyrob68

    Agreed Tender Dwyer only would of been smart then they could of sign FA. lineman

  • Jollyrob68

    Plus cheaper and a zone runner

  • I agree, Dwyer has a much higher ceiling, plain and simple. If it comes down to it, cutting Redman should be an easy decision.

  • Mark Davis

    i think they may also be able to put Batch on the practice squad still

  • steeltown

    Its normally 4RB’s on the 53man roster… last yr was alittle different because Mendy was still recovering from injury at the start of the season and Rainey was kick returner and emergency WR as well as a RB
    I think with the emergence of the Fullback Will Johnson makes it easier to carry only 4RB’s, unless someone gets injured in preseason

  • Milliken Steeler

    Don’t forget, Mr Bell is great at catching the football too. Our offensive coordinator likes the short passing game, so i can see swing passes or just dumping the ball of when needed. I’m excited about the running game for the first time in a while. Keep Mr Dwyer as hes younger, in better shape now and he has more upside to spell Bell.

  • I think Batch is their best pass blocking RB so not so sure about that.

  • mike b

    I think money will b a factor. Its easy to say Batch is the odd man out, thats the logical choice. But he doesn’t make what Redman and Dwyer does, & the Steelers are cash strapped at this point. So I agree with the writer that ultimately it will come down to which 1.323mil they get rid off.

  • mike b