Steelers WR Antonio Brown Says There Were A Lot Of Unfocused Players Last Season

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was a guest Tuesday morning on 93.7 The Fan and during the interview, he was asked if there were more than a few guys who didn\’t take last season seriously.

“I think a lot of guys took it seriously, but I don\’t think that the focus was just there to win ball games,” said Brown. “I think we had a lot of situations to where guys focus was with other places other than where it was at. So I just think that we need to make sure that all guys are locked in where they\’re at and what we\’re doing at that point and time.”

Brown was then asked what things those other players were focused on instead of winning ball games.

“I mean different guys got different scenarios and different worries,” said Brown. “Guys worried about contracts – are they going to be here. Some guys worrying about playing time. This year we just need to focus all-in on the task, the task at hand. The walk-through that\’s right now The practice that\’s right now We got to take that approach with everything we do. We just have to focus on what\’s important right now.”

Brown\’s remarks on not surprising and they match the remarks made by former Steelers safety Will Allen, who signed with the Dallas Cowboys this offseason, during his interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio a few weeks ago.

While neither player pointed a finger, it is obvious that wide receiver Mike Wallace could indeed be one player whom they both were referring to. Running back Rashard Mendenhall, who has since signed with the Arizona Cardinals, quite certainly could be another player who had his focus elsewhere.

I admire Brown trying to take more of a leadership role this offseason, but I really wish that he would back off of all the interviews that he has been doing recently. He is way on down the list of players on offense that should be doing the talking right now with only three seasons under his belt. If I were him, I would leave the offseason interviews to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who has been nothing short of exceptional in his interviews as of late. He is the leader of the offense, not Brown.

Talk, as we all know, is cheap anyway. Leading by example, however, is another thing, and that is exactly what Brown should be doing right now.

As far as fellow wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders goes, Brown admitted that he didn\’t think the Steelers would match the one-year, $2.5 million offer sheet that he signed with the New England Patriots, but he is glad that they did.

“It was a great decision by the team to bring him (Sanders) back and keep an experienced guy around,” Brown said.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I like Brown but it is time to put a clamp on his lips. He is talking too much.

  • steeltown

    I agree.. I like that he wants to be a leader, but honestly I would also like to hear from Ben and Pouncey and Heath, those guys are and should be the true leaders on Offense

    In regards to what he said, of course that was a huge problem last season, Wallace and Mendy both. I think you could also add Sean Kugler to that list, he had one foot out the door mid-season

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Honestly I think a lot more of steelers players are more motivated this time. When you become really motivated, sometime you let your mouth goes off but it is not an implication of lacking leadership but more of guys seeing the same problem and want to do something about it. Being leader isn’t about age or mileage; its the will of becoming a villian before being a hero and accept the role gladly. I truly think Antonio Brown is that guy.

  • Ahmad

    I love AB to death but time to put a seal on those lips bud. Like Dave said, leave the talking to BB.

  • $19122620

    If he keeps it up, he’s eventually going to rub some players the wrong way and alienate himself to a degree (which he may have already accomplished this some, who knows). However, I agree he just needs to set the example and play football. We don’t need to head into training camp with tension existing among players, so it’s best he just be low key! I mean we probably weeded out some of this garbage by getting rid of some players that stirred the pot from last year, lets not open a new bag!

  • zyzak

    Hey Brown better do a much better job this year or you’ll be out of here too. He just can’t keep his mouth shut and does he have to take every interview?

  • Maurice_hill_district


  • Maurice_hill_district

    Right on.

  • Chad H

    We have missed on draft picks since Tomlin became the coach. Now he has lost the locker room. Not bashing him but if things don’t turn around it will get worse and we will be looking for a new coaching staff.

  • On the field AB, it seems, is all about “me” when he excels, like look at me give me accolades and then when he falters he tries to simply disappear while he’s standing right there (like that old TV character who used to wave his fingers in front of himself to make himself invisible). Possibly in the locker room he may be about, look at me I’m a team leader, when actually he is being disruptive. If he would simply concentrate on his abilities on the field he would be leading by his actions- like Heath, maybe its just a maturity factor, I sure hope so.

  • I don’t see a problem with it. He’s stating the obvious. Besides Ben never calls anyone out anyways. If he did he would have been went off.

  • David Edward

    Agree Alexander…I know exactly what you are talking about. You and I are former football players and we know guys like Brown. He’s that naturally outgoing guy who wants to get everybody else motivated too and is more likely to err on the side of being too candid. I see no reason why he can’t be a leader on this team…he’s the #1 WR and playmaker and one of the hardest workers.

  • Hey, who else on the Steelers current offense has their jersey in the Hall of Fame? If he wants to talk then let him talk. The stuff he talks about is no different than any other team in the NFL. That’s why these guys have coaches, and that’s where the blame lies.

  • David Edward

    Another good point

  • I agree with you, but you can’t compare a wide receiver to a tight end. One’s a diva, and the other’s a skinny offensive lineman that can catch.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    You do understand that this is an entertainment industry don’t you? What’s the problem with speaking honestly?

  • Eric MacLaurin

    I think we need to have someone step up and hold people accountable or we are going to end up with a repeat of last year. I’m not concerned if one of the better players and hardest workers on the team questions anyone he doesn’t think is doing what needs to be done.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    What would you define as bashing?

  • David Edward

    Actually have to disagree with those who think Brown isn’t or shouldn’t be a leader on this team. Ben is the obvious leader, but after him I don’t see many guys stepping up which is something that was lacking when they lost Hines and Farrior. Yes Heath is a leader by example and he’s one of my favorites, but he isn’t a natural vocal leader and shouldn’t be asked to play that role. After him on O, I think Brown and Pouncey are the guys. Joey Porter was a vocal leader of the team very early in his career too. On D, Troy and Timmons aren’t really vocal leaders, but Clark, Foote, and Keisel are. Sad part there is they will be gone soon…so which young guy is going to step up on D the way Brown has?

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Yep! Why should he be shunned for having such strong personality? I know I do. When playing football, we (you, me, and others) become pasionate and would like to express ourselves in anyway- better this than Jeff Reed beating up a bathroom, right? Ha

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Sorry but that’s much like saying leaving the leadership and speeches to players like charlie batch, Byron Leftwich only because they have more mileage in this league. Being leader and a conversationalist doesn’t require age and experience; it require the desire to be one. Antonio Brown is displaying the desire, let’s hope it translate into this season and that’s all we can do.

    Would you like to be shunned by a guy a year older when expressing yourself just because he have one more year longer of mileage in total compared to you? Didn’t think so.

  • Guest

    He needs to shut his mouth. i am getting sick of him speaking about his teamates. The steelers have changed so much that now they blast their opinions over the media about their teamates. They suckef last year. They roster lost, we’re in cap trouble and on top of it this dickhead has something new tp sayu every week. I will not be surprised if the steelers are at the bottom of the division this year.


    He needs to shut his mouth. i am getting sick of him speaking about his teamates. The steelers have changed so much that now they blast their opinions over the media about their teamates. They sucked last year. The roster lost, we’re in cap trouble and on top of it this dickhead has something new to say every week. I will not be surprised if the steelers are at the bottom of the division this year.

  • Pete

    I like Brown talking and trying to set the tone for the new season. He’s obviously stepping into a void left by Hines Ward and that vacuum had a negative effect last season. It’s great to see he doesn’t want a repeat of last season and is trying to show leadership among a young group.

    Brett Keisel and Polamalu said at one point that some younger players were not taking preparation seriously for each game. Brown seems to be echoing the same sentiments. Hopefully, they can set the tone in the locker room and have it spill out onto the field during practices and games.

  • Jollyrob68

    Agreed time for him to stop talking.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I’ve got a different point of view than most fans on this issue. I like that Antonio is becoming a leader. Sometimes he says stuff that he probably shouldn’t. But the benefits outweigh the detriments IMO.

    The Steelers have a serious lack of VOCAL leadership. In years past we has guys like Porter, Bettis, Ward, who literally led the team. In the locker room. In the media. On the field. They kept the other players in line, and focused. We have lost that recently. That is part of the reason WHY we had all of this distraction. I think losing Ward had a huge effect on Wallace.

    Antonio proved to me he wanted to be a leader when he came into camp in the best shape on the entire roster. He proved he wanted to be a leader when he signed that low guarantee long term contract. He is a pretty straight forward guy with a good heart. I have no problem with him calling out slackers (if the situation calls for it).

  • alex

    Wallace, Mendenhall, Colon, Allen, Mundy, Harrison, Lewis, and probably Starks, and Hampton…thats 8 starters lost…who else is left to step-up and motivate the team…?

  • zyzak

    When you are on a team things should stay in the room.

  • If guys were not focused, the time to open your mouth is when it occurred not five months later. It serves no purpose, last year Brown was the second best receiver on an 8-8 team. People need to let their play talk.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    Some things should but I wonder if you know why?

    This is about winning not survival so if someone needs a public flogging to put down the crack pipe/video game/strip club I’m good with that.

    Things stay in the locker room until you start slacking or pulling crap that costs me and then I could care less about your feelings.

  • Tom

    Brown needs to shut up, act like a professional, and make plays. His hot dog act against Washington last year pretty much tells me what he is above the shoulders.

  • Busforever

    I understand what AB is doing, trying to be a leader. But from what I see his leadership is not established. I remember last training camp when he fought TWO TIMES with veteran Ike Taylor. We didn’t know why, maybe that was just the heat of the field. But I feel it was one of those times when a young guy, with a fresh and big contract under his belt, start to act like the new sheriff in town and has been given a lesson in humility by a veteran. I think Brown need at least another great year on the field to be respected as a leader. I wish Hines Ward was here to take care of the boys…