Would The Steelers Consider Drafting John Simon And Have Him Move Inside?

By now, you all are pretty well aware how enamored I am with Ohio State linebacker John Simon and Penn State linebacker Michael Mauti, and I am hoping that at least one of them is a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers by the time the day is done.

As far as Mauti goes, I don\’t think that I need to explain his situation again. He might even go undrafted thanks to all of the knee injuries that he has suffered. If he can make it back and eventually play the BUCK position, that would be great. If he can\’t, that\’s how it goes.

Simon, who has played on the Buckeyes defensive line as well as the LEO position, has had me intrigued most of the offseason and even more so after reading what Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau said about him while in attendance at his private pro day.

“I know that this is a relentless football player, and a strong character too. He\’s going to be an asset wherever he goes,” LeBeau told The-Ozone. “I would just be looking to see where the best place for him is, to give him his best chance to play, and what we would be asking him to do. I\’ll continue to look.”

As I have mentioned about Simon previously, he is likely too undersized to play defensive end and doesn\’t necessarily have the classic build and bend of a 3-4 outside linebacker, which the Steelers no longer need anyways after drafting Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones in the first round. Outside of offensive linemen, who can sometimes make the move inside to guard from the tackle position, I am not a big fan of drafting players with the idea of asking them to play a total different position than the one they played in college. With Simon, however, I wonder if he could make the move inside and play the BUCK position.

The Youngstown, Ohio native is very strong, smart and possesses, as LeBeau says, a relentlessness. He is a workout warrior and a leader both on and off the field.

As one of my readers pointed out, as far as his measurables go, Simon\’s numbers match up with those posted by inside linebacker prospects, Arthur Brown, Manti Te\’o, Alec Ogletree and Khaseem Greene, to name a few. As far as character and football smarts go, I am willing to bet that Simon outshines all four of the aforementioned players in that area with ease.

Simon, like Mauti, is a football player and a team such as the Steelers can never have too many of those. I am not going to hold my breath that he will be drafted by the Steelers on day three, but if he is, it wouldn\’t surprise me if they tried to move him inside either. I bet he can do it.

  • steeltown

    Agree with all said… would love to have him (Simon)

  • What about moving Jason Worilds inside? They talked about it last year.

  • reg38

    I think they will draft a ILB from this group (Michael Mauti, Vince Williams, Marvin Burdette, AJ Klein)

  • Eric MacLaurin

    I’m hoping for Greene in the 4th myself.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    Though there are still a few Offensive linemen on the board I might take first.

  • RW

    This I might not like. We’ll see. High character, high motor guy, but if a guy like Mauti is there why not take him? I don’t know, just food for thought.

  • mokhkw

    Love him & want him. This is the type of player you take even if you’re not sure where to use him as he’s a football player, pure & simple. Worst case scenario is that he ends up as Captain of your STs.

    Can he play ILB? I’ve no doubt he can & would be the thumper we’ve missed since Farrior’s heyday.

    No, he doesn’t have much bend to him, but if you look at our last 2 LOLBs who have made the Pro Bowl ( Jason Gildon & Woodley ) they don’t have any bend to them & relied more on power than speed. ROLB is a bit different to LOLB in terms of having to deal with TEs and angles taken, Harrison of course had a great bend to him & so did Porter to a lesser extent.

    Mostly though, I want his relentlessness and high character in the locker room.

  • zyzak

    In a New York minute

  • I liked mauti too, until I was made aware of all his knee problems and then watched a tape of his game against ohio st., no matter who was blocking him, he got thrown around like a rag doll, to be sure the tape was only about 20-25 plays but it was supposed to be his high lite tape, his knees may be worse than thought.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    When you say “a team such as the Steelers” do you mean a football team or is there something special about them that attracts them to football players?

  • Jollyrob68

    Will Simon be there in rd 5 or 6

  • Jollyrob68

    Mauti has a risk with multiple ACL tears but in rd 6 or 7 you draft him. Simon is a beast but undersized for most positions. However moving Inside should be a Great move.

  • David Edward

    I think you don’t take him at the risk of losing a good Safety prospect…Shamarko or Philip, but if you can get him and one of those two, then sure why not? This leads back to my points about being creative…if they were able to pick up and extra 3rd or 4th, how good would that look right now?

  • Ahmad

    If he’s there after the 4th round then yeah take a chance on him.

  • Mike Foster

    Simon is a Bruschi/Vrabel clone & was coached by Vrabel. He could probably back up Foote & both OLB spots!

  • Mike Foster

    He also wears #54 like Bruschi