2014 NFL Draft – Analyst Has Steelers Picking Washington TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins In First Round

The ink from the 2013 NFL draft is barely dry and already the projections for the 2014 NFL draft are already coming out. Draft analyst Rob Rang of CBS Sports has now released his first round mock draft for 2014 and he has the Pittsburgh Steelers selecting Washington tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins with the 14th overall selection.

Seferian-Jenkins is considered by Rang to be the top tight end in the 2014 class, but it should be noted that the 6-6, 267-pounder was arrested in early April and charged with a misdemeanor DUI. What is about those Washington players drinking and driving?

Seferian-Jenkins was arraigned on April 18 and the case was set for a pretrial hearing on May 20. Washington suspended the tight end indefinitely following the incident.

In 26 games so far with Washington, Seferian-Jenkins has 110 receptions for 1,390 yards and 13 touchdowns. Below are some of receiving highlights, but I advise you to turn the audio down.

  • zyzak

    Anyone that tries to determine next April’s draft order is loony

  • Jason Brant

    The Steelers with back to back 8-8 seasons, or worse?


  • 2443scott

    lol 14th dont he know 32 is the last spot in draft next year and if any thing it be a def draft next year plus one more running back to back up bells 1500 yard season

  • r4kolb

    I think you are all misunderstanding the 14th pick senerio. We move up from the 32nd spot in a trade as the now 7 time Superbowl champs!!!

  • westcoasteeler

    Hilarious! I love reading comedy and Rangs’ short story had me cracking up! Especially in the first act where balti picks 12th and in the third act where cincy picks 29th!

  • steeltown

    Already projecting 2014 picks… spare me

  • dgh57

    He must be EXTRA loony then because I hear he’s working on the 2015 draft! NOT!! I mean why not he came this far, might as well keep going! But I do agree with you he must be a little off his rocker to be thinking about the 2014 draft!

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I will not project the picks, but I will project what I still think our needs are as an organization. I think we need RB and Oline Depth, and depending upon Sanders maybe a WR. I haven’t done the D yet.

  • hergieburbur

    I think, as it stands now, TE and OL depth are bigger than RB and WR.

  • dgh57

    I’m so glad the draft has come and gone. I was so tired of thinking of the different scenarios the Steelers might take! Will they trade down, up, who are they most likely to draft, studying draft reports, and watching film that my head was starting to HURT!! Then here you have this guy, come on give me a break already!!!!

  • Chris Ranieri

    The funny thing is, this mock draft will probably be about as accurate as ol Kiper normally is…Maybe a handful of correct drafts.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Since most mock drafts don’t involve trades, one can only assume this guy believes the Steelers will be an .500 or below team this year picking 14th. That alone discredits everything he writes 🙂

  • can he block is my question

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    He’s a rob gronkowski 2.0, to answer your question- yes but almost never was asked to. He’s got a better catching and speed than Gronkowski, to think he may be highest ranked TE ever to come out since Vernon Davis.

    However I like Brandon Coleman from Rutgers better. 6’5″ 220 lbs run sub 4.5.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    TE is only an issue if Miller either does not come back capable of playing at his previous level or Paulson doesn’t take a step to improve. Heath probably has 3 years left as it stands now. With Spaeth and Paulson in the fold, TE is not a need at the moment, and that statement comes from someone who wanted Eifert in Round 1 this year.

    WR becomes an issue if Sanders leaves, otherwise you are looking for depth not starters at this position. RB, again because we drafted Bell this year, the only way you are looking next year is depth or he totally flops out of the NFL.

    My gut right now at D is DE depth to anticipate no more Keisel, ILB to replace Foote, and a safety to play next to Shamarko. Right now my leading candidate for our #1 overall would be an ILB.

  • scott

    could have had a much better TE THIS year

  • Nolrog

    Far too much can change between now and next year’s draft to even think about this.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    C.J Mosley would be my preference, but hey that’s a whole year away we don’t even know how our 2013 pick will turn out yet. Besides I doubt Seferian Jenkins will slide to the 32nd spot.

  • If we actually finish under .500, I would very likely choose to trade with whoever has the #1 overall pick and take the top ranked QB on our board. Trade our 1st in 2014 and Ben for their 1st and second in 2014 and their 1st and 3rd in 2015. Extending Ben to a deal, given the deals recently handed out to top QBs, will cost somewhere around 20 mil/year. If we are an under .500 team, we ARE rebuilding and we’d be better served to get our next franchise QB, get the dead money off the books, and have some cap room to rebuild rather than use 2 or 3 of Ben’s remaining years with little chance of competing, having an aging QB that we need to replace with little or no trade value left in him, and having to do it while tight against the cap every year.

  • hergieburbur

    If we are including the D, which I think will take precedence over the O, I think ILB, S, and maybe DE, depending on how things go with Hood. I think Heyward would be alright filling in for Keisel, but I am not at all convinced they re-sign Hood.

  • LucasY59

    220# TE sounds more like a WR

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    He is a wide receiver…

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Lol! Our problem isn’t within talents; its system, scheme, health, and coaching. If we were to trade up, i’dgo with Clowney! Not… a quarterback.

  • I would only be trading up if we were to go under .500 and accepted that we need to rebuild. It would free up cap space. I’d only be taking a QB because I’d be jettisoning Ben because of age/money. I do not think that QB is likely to be the reason we’d be worse this year than last. Also, and this is important, I DO NOT think that we will be under .500 this year. The entire argument was hypothetical, and only would apply if Rang’s projection for the team turns out true.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Fair enough. Big ben is still developing as a precision passer so i’d have hard time seeing him being on decline until he’s 35 and even so, few years after should be still pretty good.

    To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Steelers extending Big Ben into a favorable contract. One he has is a fat one I’ll give you that.

    This ZBS and Bell is supposed to boost our offense BIG TIME and of course, that’s a project. If we feel like we have to let big ben go, i’d like us to do same with Tomlin, just saying.

  • LucasY59

    so why are you comparing him to a TE? or were you saying he should be the 1st rd pick?

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Thought I implied this but okay- I’m just simply suggesting that a receiver is needed going into next draft… hopefully a big target, hence why I came up with those names you know?

    Telfer from USC come to mind too.

    Also I’m comparing the potentials- Seferian-Jenkins can be next Gronkowskiwith more speed and Brandon Coleman is.. somewhere between Megatron and Plaxico (of course, I’m just talking about potentials, nothing realistic)