A Doug Legursky Sighting On Thursday

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown posted a very interesting picture Thursday on Twitter that included himself along with offensive linemen Doug Legursky, Maurkice Pouncey, Kelvin Beachum and John Malecki. Legursky of course is not currently under contract.

I\’m not sure where the picture was taken, but it certainly looks as if it could have been snapped at the Steelers facilities.

Through the first two weeks of the Steelers 2013 OTA sessions, Beachum as been working as the backup center behind Pouncey. However, according to Beachum on Thursday, he is going through some growing pains at the position. Are those pains large enough that the Steelers would consider bringing back Legursky? I don\’t really know.

In a few more days, the Steelers will have an additional $5.5 million worth of cap space to work with as Willie Colon will then be off the books. If indeed their intentions are to sign Legursky to compete in training camp, it shouldn\’t cost them more than the minimum this late in the offseason.

While Legursky has struggled at both guard positions over the course of the last two seasons, he is still capable of being a backup center. At the very least, he would be a veteran presence in training camp that would push the younger interior linemen currently on the roster.

You may now remove your tin foil hats and I will update this post if I get any new information on this.

  • 2443scott

    i my self like doug when he plays i think he plays at 100 % it might not equal that at times but you know when hes in there he doesnt slack off….and way the lines been droping like flys last few years i say scoop him up ..

  • Steve

    Doug steped in last year and did well. His pass blocking needs improved but he can pull, being quick and loved to take out people on the run. I never seen a center move his head like Doug does, I was suprised he didn’t get caught for drawing the D offside. He will be back in a few days and it looks like they are grooming him to return.

  • charles

    Luv Legurski but wish he was plahing for the rivals

  • Ahmad

    I only want him back if he sticks to backup center. I don’t want him playing guard unless he necessarily has to.

  • dgh57

    There was at least one time where Legursky came into the game and they had to move Pouncey to Guard! That may be why he’s still unsigned. They want more flexibility out of their o-linemen so they don’t have to move Pouncey out of position. I don’t remember which game(s) it was for sure but I think it had to do with the Willie Colon injury in the 2nd Ravens game.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Hey Ahmad I agree while Legs is a pretty serviceable backup at C he gets man handled when he has to move over to the G position

  • Michael Pearce

    Legursky is our best option at backup centre, hands down.

  • Rbleier

    Unless Antonio shaved his beard this week, this is an old photo. Video on the Steelers official site shows him with a beard in his interview after day 1 of OTAs

  • Bradys_Dad

    Lego is an unselfish, lunch pail, work-boots type of guy who may not be the best tactician beyond center but he represents everything that’s good about the Steelers – work ethic, team, attitude, durability and simply being the “next man up.” No excuses, no whiney BS here. A wise investment at the league minimum? You bet your bottom he is.

  • steeltown

    Hmmm.. interesting, I love Legursky, but I’m not too big on bringing back a guy that really only excels at one position (Center) that said, if Beachum/Malecki/Golic Jr. cant hold down /learn the backup position, we may not have a choice

  • Shea Fahr

    I saw AB in the background when Cotchery was being interviewed 2 days ago and he looked to be clean shaven.

  • steeltown

    He is that

  • Shea Fahr

    Maybe the Golic injury is a little more serious? If they wanted Legs back, you would think they would have had him in for OTA’s.

  • steeltown

    It kind of makes sense to wait till after OTA’s, that way they get a sense for what Beachum is capable of and get the extra designation money

  • Shea Fahr

    True True.

  • steeltown

    Is it just me.. or does A.Brown look like a young Scatman Crothers.. haha!

  • Buccos9

    My enduring memory of Legursky is the Super Bowl against the Packers when he got absolutely destroyed by Raji or another D lineman and blown backwards into Ben as he was preparing to throw. It led to the horrible throw by Ben from near the goal line and an interception around midfield that was returned well into Steelers territory. I have been hoping they would get a better backup and will be disappointed if this is the best they can get.

  • Shea Fahr

    a young Miles Davis..

  • I wonder whether the Legursky sighting bodes ill for UDFA Joe Madsen of WV (whom various scouting services rated between the 7th and 13th best center in this year’s draft). He’s reportedly a good pass blocker and able to play guard. Personally, even if Beachum gains consistency with his snaps, I’d prefer that the team had a ‘real’ back-up center than a jack-of-all-trades who backs up every position on the offensive line. I mean…what if TWO linemen are injured at the same time (not that it could possibly happen;<)