Dolphins WR Mike Wallace Insinuates Former Steelers Teammates Weren\’t Hungry

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace sure has been vocal about his former team ever since signing a $60 million contract with the Miami Dolphins on the first day of free agency this past off-season and this past week it appears that he took a few more veiled shots at the team that drafted him in the third round of the 2009 NFL Draft, according to Adam H. Beasley of the Miami Herald.

“Everybody has a college mentality around here,” said Wallace about the vibe surrounding the Dolphins right now. “It’s a lot different than where I came from. Everybody’s hungry. Everybody wants to get better, get to where we need to be — that’s a winning record.”

Wallace certainly makes it sound like his former team wasn\’t hungry, nor were they wanting to get better. In addition to those comments, the 26-year-old wide receiver also insinuated that he had the short-timer disease while in Pittsburgh.

“In Pittsburgh, I knew I was [in] a six-month lease every time, a furnished apartment,” Wallace said last week, according to Beasley. “I’d just bring my bag and be ready to go. Down here, I have to buy me a house, get settled in.”

It is no secret that Wallace was unhappy last season with both his contract situation and the way that he was used in the offense, but now that he\’s gotten paid, is it really necessary for him to take these shots at his former team? I think not.

On the flip side, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who Wallace thinks might not be able to throw the ball as far as his new quarterback Ryan Tannehill can, has had nothing but good things to say about his former offensive weapon ever since he signed with the Dolphins. Several times this off-season Roethlisberger has been quoted as saying that the team will miss Wallace.

The way that Wallace is running his mouth this early about his former team, I cant wait to hear what comes out of his mouth the week leading up to the Week 14 game this season in Pittsburgh.

Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin had a huge distraction in the locker room last off-season in the form of wide receiver Chad Johnson, but cut ties with him prior to the season beginning. Philbin won\’t be able to do that this year with Wallace, however, so I suspect he calls his new offensive weapon into his office pretty soon to have a little talk with him.

Until Wallace starts living up to that money he was paid back in March, he probably ought to keep his mouth shut and stop taking shots at his former team as well as the sexual preferences of others.

  • TJimmy

    Actually I sensed the same thing Wallace did. The team, particularly the offense, seemed so lethargic last year.

    I think Ben and some of the offensive players were upset over losing Arians, and weren’t sold on the effectiveness of Haley or the new offense. A team has to have confidence in the game plans for them to be good enough to make it to the playoffs.

    And if you listen closely, you’ll notice that Ben likes to send hidden messages during his interviews. Last year he was saying that he could see the field better than Haley so he can call the plays more effectively. This year we see it in his statements that this year’s offense is better because other coaches besides Haley were involved it’s development. He didn’t care for the dink/dunk short passing game at all.

    There was, and maybe is an undercurrent for sure. Wallace saw it, Batch alluded to it, and I have seen it as well. I’m glad that the attitude seems to be better this year and Ben feels confident in the offense again. He has a strong arm and is really effective at 15-25 yard throws. Hopefully we see more of that while seeing the line protecting him a lot better. Time will tell

  • dgh57

    Wallace, are you sure it wasn’t Dropsy Disease you had last year?!!

  • Kirby Hogenmiller

    Or maybe Mike Wallace and Rashad Mendenhall were the reasons why we went 8-8 last year and were cancers to our locker room. I cannot wait when we beat the dolphins and chant WALLACE SUCKS.

  • Steve

    Mikey was a cancer in the locker room and on the field. His return in week 14 WILL be a memorable one. Someone needs to break his jaw, maybe that will quiet him. Money can buy you a lot, but it can’t make you happy.

  • Rosco

    Ryan Clark needs to give him the treatment Victor Cruz got last year!!

  • Jeff Bennett

    i have been a dolphins fan since 1969 and will be till the day i die, as for wallace it’s your loss and our gain. we look forward to having him on our team. he wasn’t happy in pitt for what ever reason and it works out to our favor for a change, now you want to take shots at miami? who is showing no class? who you gonna blame for your disfuntion this year? good luck this year and i hope we see ya more than once this season, look at your coaching staff to see where your problems are..

  • Chris Doakes

    Let me tell you something my boy I can guarantee you that your team will be 6-10 or even worse it’s all about chemistry ask the Eagles when they had a so called super team and our loss well we already replaced talk too me after we spank y’all ass week 14 lmao

  • Is there not a Dolphins Depot blog you can go comment on? I really do not get your point. Are you taking shots at a coaching staff who have been to 3 SBs in the 8 or so years?

  • Kenneth Wilt

    So the lethargic team went 8-8, yet your new team is more hungry, had a worse record at 7-9. Other than a couple of interceptions by Ben, the Steelers team even lacking focus could have made the playoffs at 10-6. The Dolphins had basically no shot despite being more “hungry”.

    Explain to me why it was so hard to complete a 5 yard slant to Mike last year. Personally, I thought he dropped to many give me completions last year.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Ryan Clark is going to pound this guy.

  • mem359

    Wallace just said that Miami’s pro team had a college mentality, and that winning was something unusual, to be excited about. He meant it in a positive way, but there should still be concern.

  • David McCune

    Our gain is our loss of Wallace. He is your distraction now Jeff Bennett you douchecock . Do not post on here AGAIN BOY

  • dgh57

    Look at your own coaching staff! You guys have had more coaching changes in the last 4 years than we’ve had in 40 years, with 6 SB Trophies, and we’re far more likely to get more than you are!!! You have gained nothing but a headache case and on top of that you overpaid for it, you will see!!! We have lost nothing as we already have his replacement in Markus Wheaton!! They’ll be no dysfunction as you’ll see in our history we always bounce back after a less than stellar season! You better hope you don’t see us twice in one season as you’ll be facing a seasoned veteran team who has playoff experience and on our field!!!! SO GO HOME TO YOUR OWN DEPOT!!!!!!!!

  • Buccos9

    This is the same guy who saw fit to avoid preseason practices and games and felt too “injured” to play in the last game of the season, and he has the nerve to suggest that others weren’t hungry enough? That’s laughable. Wallace was hungry all right – for a lot of money. That’s his right, but he has no right to criticize the attitude of other players.

  • Mike Sweeney

    Jeff, I don’t know if your friend or significant other is a Steelers fan but you have no business, striking the keyboard about the flippers on here. Like Shea mentioned, goto the flippers depot, sir! Go enjoy your banter there about fairy tale land, playing us twice. Go blab about a winning possibly a handful of games like they do most of the time. We don’t do the college mentality around here. .500 record here is a travesty here. Here’s the kicker, Steelers draft well, at pivotal positions every year. Also, they aren’t active if FA because they like continuity for years, not part time help like the flippers, Jeff. Remember Steeler nation Jeff. not 20,000 leagues under the sea, where flippers, starfish and mermaids play. Have a great day!

  • Joe in Chicago

    Maybe Mike Wallace feels disrespected because the Steelers didn’t give him what he thought he was worth. This isn’t the first time a former employer and employee disagreed over compensation, and it most definitely won’t be the last.

    What doesn’t make sense to me is that Wallace is taking subtle shots at his former teammates. It’s a hard sell for him to infer that his former team wasn’t hungry enough after he held out until Week 1 and had a poor attitude during the last year and a half of his tenure in Pittsburgh.

    When you add it all up, Wallace’s commentary clearly shows that he and the Steelers are both better off without one another.

  • Crazy Bone

    Hey, he got his money and is thrilled that someone was able to pay him. I would feel the same way because god knows teams cut you when you get hurt or can’t help the team anymore. Does he have to take shots at the Steelers? No, but it is fun so he is doing it. No matter what happens, he finally got his money. Hope he is smart enough to manage it. Keep your circle small MIke…get rid of the people who want to get in your pockets.

  • Don

    I don’t know, I think this is pretty contrived. Yes, he could be more elegant with his public statements, but come on, he’s talking up his new situation. What do you want from him? To mope around complaining about his new teammates? Short of direct accusations, why don’t we give him a little more leeway, move on, and concern ourselves with the new guys in the fold.

  • lefnor

    This is bullshit.
    When Keenan Lewis, his old friend pointed at him (although smartly not named him specifically) as a distraction in the locker room last season, well, it was more than enlightening for me.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Really if his College team mentality is all that he should be posting on a Dolphins blog and not trolling the 6 time super bowl champs blogs or maybe your here trying to get a feel for what its like to be a winner….I mean let’s get serious when was Miami even relevant???? Go find your own blog and leave us winners alone Miami or should I call the dolphins the “U” of the NFL lol

  • Douglas Andrews

    I Agree Don he’s in a new situation with new teammates your right what is he supposed to say. I think we can real a lot in some of his comments but agreed it’s time to move on . Who cares what he says at this point lets focus on the Steelers 2013 season with the players on the roster currently. I thought Wallace was okay i’m glad the Steelers didn’t over pay for him but the Dolphins did so go luck Mike now lets all let it go

  • WilliamSekinger

    What do we want from him? Well…nothing. His current fans should want him to stop talking so much and do something on the field this season though. What is he supposed to say? Nothing would be a great idea.

  • costanza2k1

    Eff him

  • 2443scott

    what a mouth this is why steelers knew they couldnt keep him ..i wish steelers didnt have to play dolphins this year cause i dont want to hear wallaces name every 30 seconds for a whole week leading up to game …but by week 14 wallace and his so called hungry team will be who they are ..and thats no where by week 14 wallace will be a after note by then ….what had he done really as a wr nothing he did that stands out where he won a important game every one remembers santonios catch in end zone where are wallaces catches like that sure he got alot yardage here there but did any of those catches mean any thing in post season …let him shoot off his mouth that his route running and hands cant cash like his big over payed mouth can …he is one reason steelers had prob with wrs he held out and when he came in he took catches away from some one who really was hungry to win and play not like him who was even put second string part the season cause his play ….but he has nerve to complain about steelers and act like dolphins are second coming of the big bang ……i hope he reads these comments by the fans who took him in when he joined the steelers ..just goes to show you where his mind was and is in the nfl bet wont go a year you see him sitting on side lines collecting his pay check cause he has a hang nail or his nose is runny …..does any one remember brandon marshall who played for dolphins whos a better wr then wallace is what did he do there and how long did it take him to leave that team and here is wallace with a big mouth saying crap that his team has to cash …..

  • Matt Lipner

    Everyone BUT the terribly run teams and their fans realize what a foolish strategy it is to spend big money in free agency. Enjoy Wallace now that he has stuffed pockets and even LESS motivation to try. I’ll take the Dolphins UNDER 7.5 wins this year.

    Legitimate question: who do Dolphins fans blame for your dysfunction EVERY year??

  • $19122620

    The only thing Wallace was hungry for was money! If he was hungry to win and get better he wouldn’t have sat out of the majority of the off season! I mean really, they were trying to install a new offense and he sits out the majority of the off season. Yeah, he was the one that was committed to winning and getting better, how did I not see that! He apparently doesn’t realize how inconsistent his comments really are!

  • Jason White

    If by “not hungry” he means his teammates weren’t attempting to hold the team hostage in an attempt to get more money than they were worth then yes they were “not hungry” If he means they made too many mistakes and “dropped the ball” on a consistent basis then yes they were not hungry but then he was leading the way.

  • Intropy

    Wallace is a big gain. He’s a good player, and he’ll probably play well. But, man, that’s a big salary. I don’t know there’s a receiver in the league who could live up to it.

  • Intropy

    When has Wallace ever come across as subtle? I think he’s just trying to ingratiate himself to his new team and their fans and isn’t terribly thoughtful about how he goes about doing it.

  • Yes and when he said he lost focus and still wanted big money, that told us all something right there.

  • Dan

    Dave is absolutely right that Wallace would be better served to tone it down until he actually earns some bit of that big contract. That being said, he is not totally incorrect that we may have had some attitude problems in the locker room. The 12-4 team from 2011 somewhat overachieved and the 8-8 team from 2012 underachieved. And certainly the dischord and motivation issues were part of that. But how did these issues come about? Probably the loss of some of the old guard, e.g. Ward, Farrier, etc played a part of it. Ben vs Haley was part of the equation. And of course Mr. Wallace’s disatisfaction with his contract effected his effort. His performance last year proved we were right not to give him the big bucks (though we don’t really know what was on the table last year). If he never felt at home enough in Pittsburgh to buy a house or set any kind of roots, well that’s his decision. At the end of the day we got 3 out of 4 decent years out of him and his plan worked. He showed enough potential to get the big pay day, now he can just relax and coast along down in South Beach.

  • Dan

    Welcome to the Steelers board! In all seriousness Wallace is a talented guy and he has the ability to make real contributions to an offense. It won’t be at all suprising if he has a couple of good years, maybe even a very good years. And he will probably make a few highlight clips here and there. But it also won’t be suprising if he has some off the field issues, an injury or simply doesn’t click with the team and never gives you a full season of productivity. What is fairly certain is that he will never live up to and will not play out his full contract. I’ll eat my hat if he does. He was way overpaid. A Revis-esque overpay.

  • steeltown


  • Shannon Stephenson

    We were not hungry thus why we were 8-8. The hunger is back this year but is the talent?

  • Teeman

    Lets be real, I’m willing to bet the Steelers won’t be dumb enough to leave Ike or Cortez on an island with him. Say what you want but they fear Mike’s big play ability. As usual, I expect to see Troy or Clark helping over the top. So dead all of that “see you Dec. 8” talk. They will double him to take him out the game. If not, it’ll be a long day for whoever covers him.

  • Rob

    Mike you will get to meet Troy and Ryan in a new way or if the injury bug has hit our secondary you may get to meet one of our rookies that likes to hit. I have a hunch you will feel like someone that has run into a tree in the dark.

  • Busforever

    I remember Santonio Holmes kind of taking shots at the Steelers during his first training camp with the Jets (he was caught in Hard Knocks, something like ”in Pittsburgh, you never knew where the ball was thrown”). I guess he wishes he still was in Pittsburgh now. Maybe Wallace is in the same way.

  • dave

    LOL how did wallace work for you? I am watching him this year for the vikings and looks like they made the same mistake you made. Oh yea guess you never made the playoffs 3 years ago when you wrote that post. Hahahaha

  • dave

    They both couldnt match what we have now

  • Pat Hutchison

    Enjoy your “college environment” Mike. Only professionals in Pittsburgh. Every Steeler fan I know was happy to see you go, cuz it means more opportunities for talented players like Antonio Brown. We can find someone else to run down the field and drop deep balls.

    (Update: since writing this, Wallace has proven he can’t cut it even in a city where very little is expected like Miami. You can now find Mr. Wallace dropping passes and complaining about his role in Minnesota.)

  • Pat Hutchison

    Enjoy paying 12 million a year for a guy who runs one route and doesn’t do it that well. Our loss and your gain? I don’t think so. Take him with our gratitude.