Dolphins WR Mike Wallace Takes To Twitter To Clear Air About Recent Quotes

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace has taken to Twitter Monday evening in attempt to clear the air about several comments that he made this past week to the local media that were easily perceived to be shots at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Wallace, as you can see in the attached tweets, wanted to make it known that he is forever grateful for the opportunities the Steelers organization gave him and that he still feels as though the players on the Steelers roster are his brothers.

In his most recent comments, that were reported by the Miami Herald, Wallace suggested that his new team is much more hungrier than the team that he was on in Pittsburgh and that he had a bit of the short-timer disease last year in addition.

These were not the first comments that Wallace has made since signing with the Dolphins in March that could be taken as him taking shots at his former team, however, as just a few weeks ago Wallace suggested that his new quarterback Ryan Tannehill could possibly throw the ball down field further than his former quarterback Ben Roethlisberger could.

Is this all much to do about nothing? Yes, it certainly could be, but Wallace should be informed that he has not been very good with his choice of words. There is absolutely no reason for him to speak about his former team or teammates unless it is 100% edification. Using the Steelers or his former teammates as a means of comparison to his new team or teammates should be avoided by Wallace at all cost.

I would suggest that Wallace only use the standard professional athlete clichés moving forward as anything else that is likely to come out of his mouth or Twitter account will only wind up getting him in trouble.

  • costanza2k1

    Looks like the agent took over…

  • TJimmy

    Good advice Dave. Athletes need to learn how to keep negative opinions about other teams and other players to themselves, as their every word is picked apart and analyzed.

  • Douglas Andrews

    I understood what Wallace might have been trying to say. He’s trying to endear himself to his new teammates but he doesn’t realize the message he sending to his old team. Poor guy just doesn’t get it better to keep your mouth shut than to open it and dispel all doubt!!

  • 2443scott

    well here comes the spin from some where my guess is from the dolphins cause its bringing bad light to them and all the flack is starting to hit home i am sure they told him to knock it off ….it wont do any good they created the monster now let them deal with his over sized wallet and ego every one knows what he was saying he was dishing the steelers …as you noticed he didnt mention any of the players or fans he mentioned the steeler organization ..this is another reason i suspect the dolphins told him to knock it off cause some one from steelers was takeing it serious enough to mention it to them …..or maybe some one who was going to market him told him to cool it … in my opinion he said it and he ment what he said he can go get a new spin doctor to try and convince others cause he isnt convincing me …..i think it be interesting to know what was being said before he pulled his 2 cents out his pocket ..or if it came out the blue …..either way his mouth cashed the check he used to spit on everyone at steelers and fans which i am one ……and i for one dont except what he tweeted


    yawn…. this is making something out of nothing. offseason is so long

  • Steve

    Brothers have disagreements, but they don’t “Air” there disagreements in public. Mikey will get what he deserves, da Boy need to watch what he says. His legs are his livelihood but his mouth got da best of him.