Ravens WR Torrey Smith Drew More Penalties In 2012 Than All Steelers Receivers Combined

Did it seem as though that the Baltimore Ravens wide receivers drew a ton of penalty flags last season? Well, according to a recent post by Pro Football Focus, Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith drew the highest number of flags in 2012 with 16 and fellow wide receiver Jacoby Jones drew an additional seven. If you are scoring at home, that\’s 23 combined flags drawn by just those two Ravens receivers.

Now, we don\’t know exact breakdown of each penalty that both Smith and Jones drew last season, but we can guess that it included pass interference, defensive holding, illegal contact and unnecessary roughness flags. Based on those four types of penalties, I went back and researched the flags drawn by Pittsburgh Steelers last season and was pretty shocked to find out that the eligible receivers only drew four illegal holding flags, seven pass interference flags, one illegal contact flag and three unnecessary roughness flags. That\’s a total of 15 flags drawn by Steeler eligibles, which is one less than Smith drew by himself last season.

If you are curious as to the breakdown of those 15 flags drawn by the Steelers last season, I have included the play-by-play of each below and please let me know if you find that I missed any.

  • WEEK 1 (Broncos) – B.Roethlisberger pass incomplete deep left to E.Sanders (R.Moore). PENALTY on DEN-R.Moore, Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards, enforced at PIT 20.
  • WEEK 2 (Jets) – B.Roethlisberger pass short left to H.Miller to PIT 50 for no gain (Y.Bell). PENALTY on NYJ-Y.Bell, Defensive Holding, 5 yards, enforced at PIT 50 – No Play
  • WEEK 2 (Jets) – B.Roethlisberger pass short left to E.Sanders to NYJ 27 for 19 yards (D.Harris). PENALTY on NYJ-L.Landry, Unnecessary Roughness, 13 yards, enforced at NYJ 27.
  • WEEK 5 (Eagles) – B.Roethlisberger scrambles up the middle to PHI 41 for 4 yards (T.Cole). PENALTY on PIT-W.Colon, Offensive Holding, offsetting, enforced at PHI 45 – No Play. PENALTY on PHI-M.Kendricks, Illegal Contact, offsetting
  • WEEK 5 (Eagles) – B.Roethlisberger pass short right to C.Rainey to PIT 19 for -2 yards (N.Allen). PENALTY on PHI-N.Asomugha, Defensive Holding, 5 yards, enforced at PIT 21 – No Play.
  • WEEK 6 (Titans) – B.Roethlisberger pass incomplete short left to A.Brown. PENALTY on TEN-R.Mouton, Defensive Pass Interference, 10 yards, enforced at TEN 11 – No Play
  • WEEK 10 (Chiefs) – B.Leftwich pass incomplete deep right to E.Sanders [E.Berry]. PENALTY on KC-J.Arenas, Defensive Pass Interference, 22 yards, enforced at KC 47 – No Play
  • WEEK 10 (Chiefs) – B.Leftwich pass incomplete deep right to J.Cotchery [J.Houston]. PENALTY on KC-A.Elam, Defensive Holding, declined. PENALTY on KC-T.Hali, Roughing the Passer, 14 yard
  • WEEK 11 (Ravens) – B.Leftwich pass incomplete deep left to M.Wallace. PENALTY on BLT-C.Williams, Defensive Pass Interference, 42 yards, enforced at PIT 20 – No Play
  • WEEK 11 (Ravens) – B.Leftwich pass deep left to E.Sanders to BLT 23 for 20 yards (E.Reed). PENALTY on BLT-E.Reed, Unnecessary Roughness, 11 yards, enforced at BLT 23.
  • WEEK 12 (Browns) – C.Batch pass incomplete deep right to P.Burress. PENALTY on CLV-S.Brown, Defensive Pass Interference, 25 yards, enforced at CLV 26 – No Play
  • WEEK 14 (Chargers) – B.Roethlisberger pass incomplete short left to A.Brown. PENALTY on SD-A.Cason, Defensive Pass Interference, 7 yards, enforced at SD 28 – No Play
  • WEEK 16 (Bengals) – B.Roethlisberger sacked at PIT 33 for -4 yards (D.Peko). PENALTY on CIN-L.Hall, Defensive Holding, 5 yards, enforced at PIT 37 – No Play.
  • WEEK 17 (Browns) – B.Roethlisberger pass incomplete short middle to E.Sanders. PENALTY on CLV-E.Hagg, Defensive Pass Interference, 12 yards, enforced at CLV 13 – No Play.
  • WEEK 17 (Browns) – B.Roethlisberger pass incomplete short right to P.Burress. PENALTY on CLV-J.Parker, Defensive Offside, declined. PENALTY on CLV-J.Haden, Defensive Pass Interference, 12 yards, enforced at PIT 36 – No Play.

  • Stephen Dale

    all is forgiven when you win a championship . I doubt Baltimore cares- they got the title..

  • r4kolb

    i think you misunderstood the header as i did a first. it’s the penalties the defenders had called on them while covering them. not penalties on the receivers themselves.

  • mokhkw

    I think these stats are a byproduct of how the Steelers CBs play physical coverage. Ike is very physical while the Ravens CBs tended to play off & protect vs the deep ball.

    You can’t compare these stats between teams imo. You really have to go by each game played & how the Officials decide to let things play out. Each game is interpreted differently depending on how the 2 teams approach things.

    If Ike is bumping & putting hands on WRs downfield & not getting flagged then by the same token you can’t expect our WRs to get many flags thrown to their benefit.

    Lets say there’s a game between Jets & Steelers. Both teams play physical coverage so you’ll likely only see the obvious PIs called, not the “technical” ones.

    One the other hand , if its Ravens & Pats with both teams playing soft in coverage, you’ll likely see the “technical” & the obvious PIs called – resulting in more flags thrown.

  • r4kolb

    Dave not sure where you were going with this. Were you saying the reffs gave them more calls or were you saying they were hard to cover thus causing penalties? Me personally think it’s the latter.

  • steeltown

    Interesting to see that E.Sanders drew the most penalties of the group.., we need A.Brown to draw more

  • steeltown

    Agreed. Its the latter

    I think Bryan was just bringing this to fruition. We need to get more calls or in other words our WR’s need to play more physical. Pass interference calls are huge and can completely change field position.

  • r4kolb

    I agree. Also I wonder due to the fact that the Haley “O” is a Dink n Dunk type vs the Ravens who seem to like the deep ball is that part of it. My concern is do we even have the type of receivers who can play physical? I don’t think we do.

  • T R

    Actually i think it how unaccurate Flacco is and he just throws the ball up when he gets in trouble, but difference is. that Torrey, Jacoby and Boldin, worked pretty hard to get under or back to flacco thrown up ball and thus cause penalties

  • steeltown

    I think you kind of hit it on the head, we need a few plays a game were the WR just runs deep and Ben just slings it even if its overthrown, if the WR’s can get behind the DB’s the chances they hold or grab is high…. and definitely agree regarding the 2012 Ravens, they looked like the 2010 Steelers when Ben was just deep balling it every other possession.

    Speaking of slinging it, how dangerous are the Houston Texans going to be now with Andre Johnson AND DeAndre Hopkins to go along with Arian Foster.. tough matchups for any Team

  • r4kolb

    Trust me I hate the Ravens, but if Flacco was as inaccurate as you imply no way they win a Super Bowl.

  • JC

    This statistic is a reflection of the offensive scheme. Baltimore threw the ball more downfield than the Steelers. By no means do I think that Torrey Smith or Jacoby Jones are harder to cover than Mike Wallace or Antonio Brown last, they just weren’t asked to run the go ole fashioned 9 route last year as they did under Bruce Arians.

  • hergieburbur

    I think you misunderstood the post.

  • Dan

    Finally the refs are catching the squeelers the way they always play. If they cant cover they hold. Referees are finally seeing how they cheated year after year. Just jealous the Ravens have been there past few years and they can’t go no where. Time to retire half their team that can’t play anymore.

  • mem359

    That TD pass to tie the Denver game never should have happened, in which case the Ravens don’t even make the Super Bowl. (Even out of position, that safety should have pushed the receiver out of bounds instead of stumbling while making a half-assed jump at the pass.)

  • mem359

    How many penalties did the Steelers draw the year before, when Wallace was more of a deep threat (and BA-ball was still going on) ?

  • steeltown

    “they cant go no where”… means they are going somewhere

  • Dan

    Well it didn’t they win, go to SB and win thats history fool! Just like a squeeler to make another penalty no matter what! Oh wait they didn’t make the playoffs ,they just watched everyone else play even Cincy.

  • Dan

    Yeah to the bottom as they been heading each year

  • Dan

    Yeah Baltimore don’t care about the squeelers, but over 250,000 fans show up for the parade to welcome home the champions this year. Oh wait that was a week day which means everyone took off that day to support how much they love their team.

  • steeltown

    Haha typical misinformed Ravens fan… since ’07 the Steelers have won the AFCNorth more times then the Ravens and have been 12-4 3times (which is more than the Ravens) been to more SuperBowls then the Ravens and if we go back a couple more seasons we could add another SuperBowl (victory)…. so, basically topping them in all catigories
    One bad season doesn’t make or break you… just like one good one also doesn’t.

    If you guys win another Championship, then in the long run maybe just maybe you can be mentioned in the same group as the big boys

    …enough said

  • Dan

    Enough aint said you have only won two super Bowls since ravens has been in the league. Which also means the Ravens have the same super bowls since weve been in the league.

  • mokhkw

    You’re the Browns in a different uniform – never forget that. And when the team does badly & moves to Buttfuck, Idaho don’t be surprised.

    Browns – 2nd Expansion Browns
    Ravens – Relocated Browns
    Bengals- 1st Expansion Browns

    3 Browns teams & you can still only manage 2 SBs.

    1 Steelers team = 6 SBs. Original team at original location.

    Something Baltimore fans probably know nothing about. Any bets on how long it is before the Ravens follow the Colts out of Stabsville? 😉

  • Dan

    I just like how all you squeeler fans always use the 6 rings statement when your team is losing. Always bashing everybody to direct the attention away from their losing team. Ravens are not going no where we are just begining. Too bad the Browns couldn’t do anything in Cleveland. Thats why Art move them, just like the colts. If the Steelers keep on ther pace they will move too. Niners will soon beat your 6 ring statement , way before you make your next.

  • steeltown

    Again, “not going no where”… means they are going somewhere

    Also, let me point out that YOU were the one coming on here “bashing”

  • charles

    Seattle recievers will draw the most flags this year…

  • Isaac Reveles

    hes just a typical rat bird fan. im curious what he will have to say when the steelers smash the ravens this season and his team goes 6-10