Report: Former Steelers NT Casey Hampton Still Wants To Play In 2013

The Pittsburgh Steelers second OTA session of the 2013 season got underway on Tuesday and veteran free agent nose tackle Casey Hampton still remains unsigned. However, Will Graves of the Associated Press reports via Twitter on Tuesday that Hampton recently told fellow nose tackle Steve McLendon that he still wants to play and that he “can” still play.

As far as we know right now, Hampton hasn\’t received any serious interest from other teams so far this offseason. That being said, he probably isn\’t too upset that he is missing out on the early summer practices.

With Hampton not being around this offseason, the Steelers coaching staff has gotten the opportunity to see what they really have in back up nose tackles Alameda Ta\’amu and Hebron Fangupo. By the time the third and final OTA session is completed next week, they should have a pretty good idea whether or not they need to re-sign Hampton for one more season to solidify their depth at the position.

Should the Steelers ultimately decide to bring Hampton back, he shouldn\’t cost more than the minimum at this stage of the offseason and him missing the first the first three OTA sessions will be very easy to overcome thanks to his many years in the Steelers defense.

  • steeltown

    I don’t have a problem with bringing Hampton back, but only if Ta’amu (or Fang) is a complete mess in camp.. because I don’t want to waive young prospects for old players that will be gone again next yr, only to be in the exact same situation with no depth in 2014

  • John A Stewart

    Well said

  • The fact that AT or Fang are not getting second team reps seems very interesting.

  • Fu-Schnickens

    The real question should be…When and if he Snack comes back, how much is he gonna be pushin’? 350…400? Sky’s the limit if the past is any indication.

  • Old skool Steelers

    Get them ready.. I’m tired of John Mitchell and his “break down to build them up” excuses. That is why no one is ever ready to play until their contract is up for’s to late then !!

  • Steve

    You got it, Snack needs to get in shape, if he wants to come back. Coaches need to put a “Stipulation” in his contract about being overweight. He was a pro bowler in his prime but ate his way outta a job.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    If we are going younger Hampton should not be brought back. Only if our NT depth proves to be awful and then I still would look closely

  • JohnnyV1

    Won’t know what they have until camp, preseason games, at the earliest.