Report: Steelers Rookie LB Jarvis Jones Back On The Field Tuesday

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie linebacker Jarvis Jones was limited last week in the first set of OTA practices with a hamstring injury, but according to Jim Wexell of Steel City Insider, Jones practiced on Tuesday and even received a few reps with the first team defense.

Jones said last week that he had aggravated a hamstring that he believes he originally injured at his Pro Day back in March while running the forty-yard dash. Despite being limited last week, Jones still insisted that he did a lot.

Even though Jones played in a 3-4 defense at Georgia, he admitted to Wexell that what the Steelers do in their 3-4 is a lot more complex than what he has ran in the past.

The big news here is that Jones is back on the field again. The rest of it will come as long as he is able stay out there. The Steelers second OTA session of the 2013 season will wrap on Thursday.

  • Guest

    Reps with the first team defense, or against the first team offense?

  • Shea Fahr

    Good News! The young guys need all the reps/coaching they can get prior to Training Camp.

  • steeltown

    Good news.. I wonder if A.Robinson switched back over and played more on the left side, seems to me with Worilds and Jones we have the right side solidified, what we need is solid depth behind Woodley

  • TrueSteelerForLife

    I think the plan might be for worilds to switch over and for jones to come in if Woodley goes down

  • steeltown

    That would be ideal, so yea in that case A.Robinson would be backup on right side and Carter could remain on the left, makes sense

  • Steve

    Throughout the season Jones will get his chance. The Creme will rise to the top. What he does with them chances will tell us who will take James’s spot.

  • 2443scott

    i hope this hamstring isnt the thing that leads to more hamstrings and ankles ……this team seems to be affected by this year after year either the trainers arent do a good enough job or they dont know what to do to prevent this so i hope steelers get this under control..even the brass mentioned this sorta thing when season ended last year …it might be time for a change in the trainers dept too ….

  • Chris Ranieri

    First team D

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Yes, given his slight build the coaches thought they’d play him at WR for a bit against the 1st team D.

  • mem359

    The original article had some awkward wording. It was edited after I posted, and before you replied.