Report: Steelers S Ryan Clark Trying To Get His Contract Extended

A few weeks ago, Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark served as an intern at ESPN, as he wants to pursue work in the media when his playing days over. Being as 2013 is the final year of Clark\’s current contract, it\’s easy to speculate that those days could be coming soon, but the veteran suggested otherwise in a Friday report by Jim Wexell of Steel City Insider.

Wexell reports that while bantering with Clark about his potential upcoming media career during the third and final practice of the Steelers first OTA session of the 2013 season on Thursday, that Clark told him he still loves the game and that his agent is currently trying to work out an extension with the team.

Clark, who is entering his 12th year in the league, will turn 34 years-old in October and that is an age that is general not conducive to getting an extension from the Steelers. Clark is, however, not showing any signs of slowing down, and he even set a career high in tackles (102) in 2012 and earned his first trip to the Pro Bowl, albeit as an alternate, as a result of his solid season.

The Steelers started to make their move to youth at the safety position last year with the addition of undrafted free safety Robert Golden and continued that movement last month in the draft with the selection of Syracuse strong safety Shamarko Thomas in the fourth round. That all being said, safety Troy Polamalu, Clark\’s counterpart in the secondary and best friend off of the field, is still under contract through the 2014 season, so it\’s easy to see why Clark might at least want to play that long.

Keep in mind that the Steelers will face tough decisions next off-season with a few other of their veteran players such as cornerback Ike Taylor and linebacker Larry Foote due to their ages and 2014 salary cap constraints, so if Clark does wind up getting an extension between now and the start of the season, it won\’t be a long or lucrative one.

As I posted during the week that Clark interned, I thought he represented himself well in his numerous appearances, and I feel like he will be a natural fit as an analyst when that day comes. As far as an extension with the Steelers goes, I could see that going either way right now, so we\’ll just have to wait and see if it eventually comes to fruition later in the summer.

  • dgh57

    If Clark feels like he can still play at a high level at his age I’m all for him resigning! But the key word is “can” he? I don’t think he would of said what he did if he thought(felt) otherwise!

  • TrueSteelerForLife

    No thank you, I would prefer youth with potential even if it means a little inexperience.

  • steeltown

    Yes, no doubt, he is still playing at a high level and he’s relatively cheap compared to others like Ike and Troy, if he has a solid 2013 then yes sign him to a one yr extension and let him play with Polamalu through 2014, by that time Golden and Shark will be nicely groomed and ready to roll

  • emac2

    If we can tack on an extra year with a nice low 2014 base it would be more than he would make on the radio and would also drop this years cap number while giving us a known quantity for 2014 at safety.

    I wouldn’t give him another year at 4 or 5 right now but 1 mil or maybe even 2 might work.

  • Stephen Dale

    There aren’t many older vets who don’t think they can still play. Clark may one guy who can actually do so but I’d be hesitant to add anymore than 1 yr onto his contract . The extra time would allow for a better evaluation of Golden’s growth as a player and give the Steelers more time to find a starter if Golden doesn’t develop.

  • alex

    uno mas por favor

  • Hmmm, interesting. I thought for sure he’d retire after this year. I wouldn’t mind seeing him around for another year while we draft his replacement.

  • Ahmad

    If an extension is worked out I wouldn’t want it going past 2014. Clark has a good 2 years left in him and despite his physical style of play he has stayed relatively healthy.

  • Anthony G

    I think it would be a great move. He’d likely be the starter for ’13 then play a transitional role in ’14 while Thomas comes into his own.

  • Mike Sweeney

    definitely. he’s a student of his craft, still. he knows, what being a Steeler is all about. he’s still putting people to sleep and is always amped, and always stays positive. there’s a shark looming in the tank and Clark and Troy, can and will create a monster, in this secondary. 1 more year please.

  • Steve

    Clark and Troy are solid if we don’t play in Denver. Cryptonite (Denver) is dangerous even to Superman. Clark is one of our hardest hitters on the D. One more year outta do him. Then we can move to Shark or Goldy.

  • joed32

    I think Thomas will be a strong safety, Ryan plays free.