Steelers 2013 Draft Picks & Undrafted Free Agents Get Their Numbers

We already knew that Pittsburgh Steelers first round draft pick Jarvis Jones would wear No. 91 this season, but now we know the numbers of the other eight members of the draft class, as well as the undrafted rookies. Second round draft pick Le\’Veon Bell has been given No. 26, while third round draft pick Markus Wheaton will wear No. 10, which of course was once worn by former Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes. Undrafted wide receiver J.D. Woods gets the honor of wearing No. 17, which of course belonged to Mike Wallace.

Don\’t get caught up in the duplicate numbers, because with a roster of 90 players, there are bound to be those. I also strongly urge you not to rush out and buy a jersey other than that of Jones right now, as there remains the possibility of number changes once the final cut downs take place. If the Steelers sell it on their website, however, you should be good to go.

The Steelers rookie camp gets underway on Friday in Pittsburgh.

UPDATE: Jones has opted to change to No. 95 from No. 91. I hope you didnt buy a No. 91 jersey.

Draft Picks
95 Jarvis Jones LB
26 Le\’Veon Bell RB
11 Markus Wheaton WR
29 Shamarko Thomas S
3 Landry Jones QB
30 Terry Hawthorne CB
15 Justin Brown WR
44 Vince Williams LB
95 Nicholas Williams DE

Undrafted Free Agents

13 Reggie Dunn WR
17 J.D. Woods WR
39 Curtis McNeal RB
45 Alan Baxter LB
48 Luke Ingram LS
51 Ivory Wade C
61 Nik Embernate G
67 Mike Golic Jr. T
67 Cordian Hagans DE
69 Brian Arnfelt DE
69 Joe Madsen C
71 Mike Farrell T
71 Omar Hunter DT
72 Anthony Rashad White DT
74 Chris Hubbard G
  • RW

    26 seems like a strange number for a RB. Maybe I’m wrong. Also don’t think 44 will stick for Williams.

  • zyzak

    Preston Pearson and Rocky Bleier first year

  • Rosco

    Jones should wear 92 since he used to be 29

  • Mike.H

    There are two 71’s — Ferrell & Hunter. 44 for a LB??? WR’s used to be in the 80’s. Now the trend is in the teens… 17, 13… a big running back 26? Topsy Turvy, these numbers…

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I think Bell would be better of in 38 for some reason

  • David Edward

    Well, I posted my guesses on these and actually got a few…LSH 34, Wheaton 10, Hawthorne 30, Hubbard 74. I thought 44 would’ve been better for Bell. Shamarko pretty much was going to be 26 or 29. Looks like Parker-Wilson switched to 4 and then Landry took 3. Vince will change to something else once he makes the team…either 92 or 55 if Sly gets cut. Looks like Ta’amu switched to 74 so Nick Williams got 95. Also, right now they have three 69s…Arnfelt, Madsen and Fangupo. Maybe Fangupo is switching to 98. The interesting note is that no one has 64 or 78, so maybe they are intending to bring back Legursky and Starks.

  • Rubem Dornas

    Dwyer is 27, no problem.

  • Danny

    I thought the exact same thing!!!

  • joed32

    Nice catch! It does leave open the possibility.

  • Finally a player we can get behind wearing 29.

  • steeltown

    I like Wheaton wearing #10

  • reg38

    Jarvis Jones chose # 95.

  • Alan Felicia

    I still have a 26 Jersey w/o Woodson’s name on the back

  • Mike.H

    I just realized a few numbers are sacred within the STEELERS organization:
    — 12
    — 58
    — 75
    — 59 Jack Ham??

  • David Edward

    32 Harris
    36 Bettis
    52 Webster
    63 Dawson
    70 Stautner (only retired #)
    86 Ward

  • David Edward

    Yeah Jones is now channeling his inner Greg Lloyd. So, Nick Williams now has the 91 and Fangupo 92. 64, 78, and 98 will probably stay open for the possibility of a Legursky, Starks, and Hampton return…with Starks being the most likely

  • David McCune

    You said Jarvis would wear 91 but you have him wearing 95 on your list. What gives????