Steelers 2013 Rookie Camp – Report Suggest LB Jarvis Jones Needs Some Girth

The first day of rookie camp for the Pittsburgh Steelers has come and gone and several members of the media are now weighing in with their thoughts after observing the Friday practice.

Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that first-round draft pick Jarvis Jones appeared to him to be undersized and that has been one of my own concerns all along about the former Georgia linebacker.

“First-round pick Jarvis Jones looked tremendously undersized especially compared to Woodley and Jason Worilds,” writes Kaboly. “Now, his speed, that’s just fine. Jones showed that off a couple times in getting around tackle Mike Farrell, but my goodness he needs to put on some girth.”

Jones weighed in that combine back in February at 6023, 245 pounds. During his pro day in late March he only managed to do 20 reps on the bench.

There is no doubt that Jones was productive in college, as his 28 total sacks and 44 tackles for loss speaks for itself. He did, however, struggle at times during his college career at setting the edge outside against the run, especially against better quality teams, and it appears that he really could use a year in the weight room in order to get more sand in his pants.

Jones, according to Kaboly, is not the only player that looks small as he also notes that second-round draft pick, running back Le\’Veon Bell, should in no way be considered a big back like he has been advertised. Kaboly reports that despite Bell being listed at 244 pounds, the running back stated that he is more than likely around 230.

As far as a few of the other draft picks go, Kaboly reports that quarterback Landry Jones struggled with his throws on Friday and that safety Shamarko Thomas, cornerback Terry Hawthorne and defensive end Nick Williams, who he thinks is the most physically mature guy out there, all passed the eye test on day one.

The Steelers rookie camp will resume on Saturday.

  • steeltown

    I appreciate the feed back from these guys that are on scene, but jheeez give them some time guys.. we all know Le’veon shed weight for the combine (Colbert said he’d probably play at 240lbs) so he’ll be asked to gain 5-10lbs

    Regarding Jarvis Jones.. of course he’ll be getting in the weight room and with the nutritionists, and over the next season or two will put on some lbs of muscle, BUT lets face it, Woodley and Worilds are converted college DE’s…. Jarvis is not

  • TheBlitz

    I agree with you. These guys are rookies. They will be taught this weekend the ins and outs of being an NFL pro football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers and what’s the franchise expectations for them.

    Let’s not be too critical of where they currently stand. This is only the beginning of a long process.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Exactly! Once they get JJ on a regimen he will gain some weight!

  • Better to have to gain than have to lose…ask Mr. Woodley what playing with too much Girth will do to your performance. 240-250 sounds about right, he still has to cover for pete’s sakes.

  • Dominic Johns

    I’m a little worried about jar is. I was concerned about drafting him because he is not a workout warrior and is undersized. That’s is not a good combination. Hopefully he can bulk up without losing speed

  • $19122620

    I’ve been saying this since before they even drafted him. Personally you can tell that he doesn’t spend a ton of time in the gym. It is evident in all his pictures. His physique is just not rocked up.

    He could easily put on 20 pounds of lean mass to his frame. Since he is not a lean ripped 245, he could easily add 10 pounds on the scale, but essentially be adding 20 pounds of lean mass in total (shedding fat while adding muscle). In other words, it would be like him losing 10 pounds of fat but adding 20 pounds of muscle. He would then weigh 255. However, that’s not an easy accomplishment but there is no doubt it would help his game. The only way this is happening, however, is hard work and consistent dedication in the gym. If he doesn’t he will never reach his true potential and could risk being an underachiever for his career.

    On a positive note, a lot of players come into the league still growing into their frames. So many pictures you see of guys coming out of college compared to them currently, there is a pretty noticeable difference in their added muscle.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Get JJ on a Dorito regimen. . .it has helped me gain 10 lbs this past winter! It’s made me faster too! Like a cheetah! Tape a cheetah to JJs back! What?

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Lol! Too much girth! That’s what she said!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    What a shocking story. . .a kid comes out of college and needs to put weight on to play in NFL! Earth shattering news! This kid must not be serious! Cut him!

  • rn

    While I despise the way Clay Matthews plays the game, I can’t say that he’s much bigger than Jones so i’m not gonna get too down on him. He’ll get bigger over the year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s considerably bigger by november.

  • $19122620

    Yeah, I don’t know, Clay Matthews is considerably bigger than Jones. That’s not to say I don’t like the potential of Jones but there is no doubt added lean mass will make him even better.

  • philipag

    Too thin? You mean like Jack Lambert?

  • Mike.H

    Long before this article printed; I said to myself Jarvis Jones looked rather thin, both in the legs and biceps area, especially in uniform.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Not a good comparison. While you are right, ClayMatthews isn’t considerably big but he’s an athletic freak… this allow him to play within his athleticism where jarvis jones rely on his limited athleticism, so… I don’t know. If he hit gym harder I can see him being a Joey Porter but right now I’ll give him a Carlo Emmons grade. Stellar starter but not a pro bowl-quality linebacker.

  • Nolrog

    I know that’s the knock on him, but he’s also supposed to be working out with Tom Shaw. If he really wasn’t a work out warrior, why would he go work out with him (I realize that just working out with Shaw doesn’t make one a work out warrior, but if he really wasn’t one, he’d probably have stayed closer to home I would think.)

  • WilliamSekinger

    Eh the kid does what he has to do to compete on the field. If he needed more weight to play in college he would have added it, but he didn’t need it then. He’ll put it on to compete in the NFL.

    Be glad the kid isn’t built like Harrison/Woodley/Worilds coming out of college or he would have been #1 overall pick material and the Steelers would never have been able to draft him.

  • SteelersDepot
  • zyzak

    Clay Matthews 6 3 240 at draft

  • Brutal…I will wait until late August before I decide but I see where you are going…First day on the job so I will give him a small break this time.

  • Dan

    Oh wouldn’t that be great? If he performs 80% as well as Lambert we’re in good shape. I would venture to say Lambert might have had a tad bit better supporting cast.

  • charles

    Not just that , Woodley has seemed to be overweight these last two years, frankly this seems to be a contributor to his injury woes. Worilds also seems too heavy. The weight would be nice against the run, but not so great for pass rush which is where we are hurting.

  • charles

    Jones is a freak athlete. That is his pro quality, besides Harrison was only 240 wasn’t he? Jones does not need weight training he needs strength training.

  • TheBlitz

    Lol! Love the sarcasm

  • sean mcmartin

    Letting JH go was a huge mistake.. The best pass rusher is gone.

  • Perfect, Worilds starts on the right side and does a decent enough job. Meanwhile Jones has a year to play on ST, a year in the weight room, and learning from the bench. perfect world.

  • Also @ 23 Jones is still developing. Plus Jones was working out with Shaw, so maybe he has a new out look for his physique and strength overall.

  • r4kolb

    They were just reporting what they saw. Sure it will take some time in the weight room and proper nutrition to beef some of them up. Putting on muscle will not happen overnight or even before the season, that will take time. Beefing up will not be a problem though unless they get in the food line behind Casey when he gets back.

  • Intropy

    He’s smaller then the other OLBs for sure. But part of what you’re seeing is lack of pads. He’s in a helmet and jersey so your expectation is a guy who looks like he’s playing a football game. But those pads add a lot of apparent size. This is something I have to remember every time I see Marc-Andre Fleury do an interview.

  • mlc43

    Well, while there is that “miracle period” that happens when a fat person lifts for the first time, there is no way to put ON muscle and take OFF fat. That’s a myth. Anyway, he does need to put on some mass and I’m sure he will, given some time, as you said, there are many players that come into the league needing to fill out their frame more.

  • philipag

    Just a tad…;o)

  • David Edward

    Yes, Jarvis will need to spend some time in the weight room, but actually strong legs and back are key for a LB. Harrison was a monster in the weight room particularly with squats and dead lifts. As they say “curls are for girls”. Chicks dig the guns (biceps) but it does little for you on football field. Shoulders are important for tackling so military press is a great exercise there.

  • Superdriller316

    Just remember we’re used to seeing Ta’amu’s big butt wearing 95. Big difference. He does need to put muscle on though.

  • Mike.H

    Since season begins September 8th; Jarvis Jones has 4 months, 120 days to hit the WEIGHTS, eat high protein; and gain mass, get stronger I’m sure the Steel brass are on this.

  • LOL, I always love when someone says, “oh, but what about how this Hall of Famer did?”.

  • Shoulda drafted Cordarrell Patterson.


    Joey porter wasn’t as big as Harrison or woodley either.

  • mokhkw

    Woodley & Worilds are at the right weight & size for how the Steelers want them to play OLB. They’re not speed-rush guys like Clay Matthews, their games are more to do with power & leverage than speed.

  • which pass rush would you rather have, clay matthews or what we get from woodley and worilds?

  • mokhkw

    Every athlete is different, and tbh Jones looks more than big enough to play OLB already. Greg Lloyd played at around 230 most of his career and Shawn Merriman played at around 265, both were very effective players when healthy. Jones best assets seems to be his hands, I’d be inclined to keep him at his current size so he doesn’t lose that hand speed which was what seemed to favor Greg Lloyd in his hey-day. There’s also the flexibilty to keep in mind, Woodley & Worilds don’t have much bend around the edge and for a ROLB, where Jones figures to play, having quick hands & a bend is more important than having the girth a LOLB needs.

  • mokhkw

    For 3rd & long – Mathews

    For every other down – Woodley & Worilds.

    It’s not a knock on Matthews, but there’s a reason why we’re usually ranked Top 5 vs the run and the Packers are ranked in the middle or lower.

    Stats wise, Matthews has 42.5 Sacks in 4 seasons, Woodley 52.5 in 6. If you discount last season (4) and his rookie year when he played part-time(4), Woodley has 44 Sacks in 4 years.

    Both are excellent players but also different in the way the Coaches scheme them to make an impact.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    ? Please enlighten me where he has numbers that’s anywhere close to Shamarko because Shamarko who isn’t top-notch guy but having almost every numbers in top 2 at combine. I’m not comparing a safety to linebacker but its a pretty damn good sample to measure a player’s athleticism when Shamarko who is a safety, has numbers for what would be considered a top-notch linebacker.

    Only real pro-quality I see in Jarvis Jones is his ability to get to quarterback. Doesn’t give plays up. That’s it.

    Carlo Emmons 2.0, especially on right side (he’d be much better when playing inside or on leftside)

  • Clint Martin

    Don’t we all need some more girth! LOL

  • Clint Martin

    Enough already.

  • lol it was a joke. Just thumbs down me and move on, Clit.

  • That’s what she said.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Lol! I’ve never heard of Cordarrell Patterson! Does he play ILB?

  • steeltown


  • JDR

    from what I saw of Jones on tape, speed was more his thing… looked like greg lloyd really quick off the edge to the ball…. thats what i had a hard time figuring out, was Jones making plays because nobody blocked him or was he so quick like Lloyd that he made it look like nobody tried to block him?
    Lloyd wasnt exactly large for his position either, but I’d love to have another player like him in the black and gold

  • JDR

    Worilds looked to me better playing LOLB playing against a usually slower footed tackle on the offense’s right, who says it wont be Worilds and Jones starting by the end of the year.
    woodley can move back to DE or nickle DT like Kirkland’s last few years in the league

  • NEVER happen. one bad season and you want to move him for Jason Worilds?!? That is pure crazy imo. Yes Worilds is better on the left side but Woodley is there. period, case closed end of discussion. you don’t learn this defense over night… Do you know the story behind James Harrison?

  • JDR

    2 bad out of shape seasons
    spare us the football is now somehow rocket science…did you ever play?
    so when you get there you no longer play by reading your keys, like the guy trying to block you and what direction he is trying to go? so its no longer about beating the man in front of you and getting to the ball? they’re still playing football, right?
    what story about Harrison, the one when he was a rookie who got cut after getting 3 sacks in a quarter in Detroit?
    the Harrison who should have been paired with Porter instead of scrub Haggans… you telling me they couldnt have put him out there in obvious passing downs and tell him, chopper sick balls?
    Harrison must have threatened a coach or something of that sort in the beginning to get cut as much as he did…or maybe he had to slap somebody around for telling him football is some kind of scientific wonder too complicated for a graduate of a MAC school to understand.
    you want to make a game sound like it is writing your thesis for a phd… speak for yourself, not everybody is stupid and gullible enough to believe that you have to be an engineer to play a kids game… it all comes back to man against a man, kick his ass and you will do well

  • JDR

    it was half joking about moving Woodley to DE, but he just might eat his way there, just like Kirkland

  • so they pay those coordinators and coaches for no reason?

  • JDR

    some of them, the names Joe Walton, Kevin Gilbride, and Ray Sherman come to mind, but I’ll cut them some slack…Walton had Todd Blackledge and Bubby Brister doing their QB imitations, and Gilbride and Sherman had a WR forced on them playing QB