Steelers Announce More Changes To Player Personnel Department

On Monday, it was announced that Joe Greene was retiring from the player personnel department of the Pittsburgh Steelers. On Thursday, the team announced a few more changes to the department.

According to the release on the official team website, Phil Kreidler has been named the team’s college scouting coordinator, replacing Ron Hughes, who will be staying with the organization as a senior assistant, college scouting. Kreidler has spent the last 22 years in the Steelers’ player personnel department.

In addition to that change, the team also announced that Dave Petett will now be a pro/college scout and Mark Bruener will be a college scout. Bruener had previously been part of the BLESTO scout team. BLESTO is better known as the Bears, Lions, Eagles, Steelers Talent Organization and it was orginally formed in 1963.

Additionally, Dan Colbert, the son of Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert, has been hired full-time as a college/pro scout and Mike Butler has been hired as the team’s BLESTO scout, presumably to fill the spot that Bruener had.

Bruener, as you well know, was drafted by the Steelers 27th overall in the 1995 NFL Draft. He played tight end for the Steelers for nine seasons before leaving in 2004 to play his final five seasons in the league with the Houston Texans. Bruener was originally hired as a scout by the Steelers in 2010.

Kreidler is probably best remembered recently as the scout that unearthed fullback Dan Kreider and wide receiver Nate Washington.

Butler is the son of Steelers Hall of Fame defensive back Jack Butler.

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    Kreidler found Kreider

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    Finkle is Einhorn

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    Finkle and Einhorn… in it together.. How!?.. Why!?

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    Haha at this whole thread.

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    nepotism with Colbert’s son on board ????????????

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    he found captain winky

  • Bruener is back?? Loved him during his days as a Steeler! Nice Move!!

  • ..and was clueless that he was part of BLESTO!


    who exactly owns this team? The Rooberts?

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    No, I doubt it, he is most likely qualified

    Say what you want about Colbert but we’ve been to the playoffs 8times, won the AFCNorth 5times, 3 Conference Championships and 2 Super Bowls in his 12yr tenure with the Steelers…… if his son brings some of his fathers knowledge as well as fresh perspective, then I welcome it