Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey Thinks RB Le\’Veon Bell Is Going To Be Exceptional

Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey was a guest on SiriusXM Radio on Thursday along with his twin brother Mike Pouncey of the Miami Dolphins and he talked about the two talked their off-season and the upcoming season in addition.

As far as how his offseason is going, Maurkice, who is entering his fourth season in the league, was as positive as ever.

“It\’s going great,” said Maurkice. “We had the opportunity to have all of the offensive line get up there early and kind of get after it. Trying to build the chemistry and hope we stay injury free this year.”

The Pouncey twins are considered to be perhaps the most athletic centers in the league and both were asked to talk about their athleticism and the advantage that it gives them.

“I think we\’re blessed with athletic ability that we have in our family,” said Maurkice. “I think with our teams, they use it at a high advantage for us to get around there and get up on guys very quickly and I think it helps out our offense a lot whenever you got guys who can really move like that.

“Especially with us this year trying to go to the outside zone scheme with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think we got the offensive line to do it this year and we really plan on attacking it at these OTA\’s.”

The Steelers addressed the running game head on this offseason when they drafted running back Le\’Veon Bell out of Michigan State in the second round of the draft last month and Maurkice was asked to talk about his new teammate.

“I think its he\’s going to be exceptional,” said Maurkice. “He came in, he was 250 in college, he came into rookie mini camp at 234 and they say with him running around the edge being an outside zone player that he can be with the power that he brings, I think its really going to help us out.

“Like I said earlier, with the offensive line buying in, with the outside zone schemes really working in the NFL, you see a lot of backs are successful with it, with Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, I think that\’ll be a big help to our offense this year.”

Maurkice certainly referred to the outside zone quite as bit during his interview, and while we knew we would see more zone blocking in 2013, perhaps we will see a lot more of it.

  • steeltown

    Why not?…. the run game cant get much worse

    We no longer have Colon who was primarily a bulldozer man blocking scheme type player, with little technique, even Starks is a monster of man, he has good footwork but I don’t see him as a zone player

    Now we have guys like DeCastro, Adams and Beachum and of course Pouncey who should all excel at zone blocking, even the young guys like Embernate and Cheadle look pretty fluid in motion. As long as Foster gets up to speed the only guy im concerned with is Gilbert who is not very fleet of foot

  • Jason Brant

    I have a feeling our offense is going to be outstanding this year.

    Assuming the o-line stays healthy….

  • Lamarr56

    Le’Veon Bell has gone from the worst picki in the daft, to one of, if not the best pick of the draft in theneyesof the fans.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I’m glad willie colon is gone but I’ll always miss the moment when he “Burflictized” V. Burflict when we was playing against the Bengals.

  • Agreed. That’s why I like Ebernasty. If he can show enough to give Foster a run for his money, he plays with that attitude on every snap. If he has been able to pull to the left well in College, I would hope he can pull to the right and bury second level defenders in the pros.

  • We do too Mr. Pouncey. Especially with you out in front of him.

  • SteelSpine

    First I better couch this by pointing out fact is Maukice’s great rookie year stood on it’s own, the great prospect Bell stands on it’s own, & optimism for trying any new blocking scheme stands on it’s own.

    But as far as what source to rely on about prospects… Maurkice Pouncey is the one who pushed the Steelers to spend a draft pick on Chris Rainey whom Pouncey supposedly knew better than anyone. And fingers-crossed Gilbert will be a solid OT starter this year otherwise Pouncey will be reminded of that recommendation of draft expenditure too. So I want a healthy Pouncey for center, but not as my draft recommender.

  • steeltown


  • dgh57

    The Steelers running game has nowhere to go but up IMO after being ranked 26th last season!! Bell will be a BIG part of that improvement. I mean what’s not to like, the guy put up almost 1800 yds. rushing behind a average o-line and in only 12 games!! 51% of his yards came after contact!! He has the athleticism to leap over defenders, a nice spin move, something I don’t recall Redman or Dwyer doing last year! My only concern is with the O-line and the most important position in LT Gilbert. Does he have the quick feet needed and can he stay healthy the whole season? I have my doubts!!

  • Maybe in your eyes but I think a lot of the rest of us had him in our hopes of being drafted.

  • SteelSpine

    Ebernasty, good one.

  • steeltown

    I didn’t think the Steelers would draft him, but me personally I wanted either Gio Bernard, Le’veon Bell or Jon Franklin

  • SteelSpine

    Just regarding rookie undrafted OLinemen: Because of what happened to our last season’s rookie FA guards, I’m not gonna get my hopes up for any rookie undrafted guard this offseason. Because remember last offseason fans for months talked-up the good prospect mauler Ryan Lee & whatever other undrafted rookie OLinemen brought in & assumed they’d make it as backups, then Steelers didn’t think they were worth keeping on the 53, & it was gonesville. I read Embernate has a great attitude. But based on Ryan Lee etc last season I don’t think Steelers value guards enough to protect any undrafted rookie OL. The talk up of Embernate etc similar to Ryan Lee etc last year: unfortunately the longer the talk-up the bigger the letdown when the rookie OLineman are not on Steelers next season.

  • Obviously not my Patent Spine but I too like the nickname.

  • HarryBackside

    Pouncey didn’t push for anyone to be drafted. He was asked to provide input on guys he played with at Florida, and he gave his opinion. Colbert isn’t basing his draft picks on the desires of his players. if that was the case, Ben would have a legion of 6’5″ WR’s, and Mike Pouncey would be the starting left guard.

  • $19122620

    Yeah, I have high hopes for Embernate. I think he will eventually be our LG. It least that is what I am hoping for. His numbers were vey athletic at his pro day. Should be a good zone scheme guard.

  • $19122620

    Yeah, I was a big Franklin advocate, as well as Bernard and Ball.

    I have warmed up to the Bell pick. Especially since I do think he is more of an ideal zone runner. A. Morris and A, Foster have both shown that 40 times are pretty irrelavant when your awesome at following your blocker and making that one cut. Along with an effective zone blocking o-line.

  • steeltown

    True.. but last season we had, Colon, DeCastro, Legursky, Beachum, Foster AND Malecki all vying for interior spots along with the UDFA’s

    This season we only have DeCastro, Foster and Beachum (and Malecki) chances are one and ‘maybe’ even two UDFA’s make the 53man roster this year. Technically, as we sit here today there are only 6 OL players that are roster locks (Pouncey, DeCastro, Adams, Gilbert, Foster, Beachum) and we usually carry 9OL on roster…. if there ever was a year, its this year

  • hergieburbur

    Those were my three favorite backs in the draft.

  • Pete

    Bell won’t impress me until he can run well behind an improving OL that stays healthy. Bell’s college stats are no better than Dwyer’s stats. In fact, Dwyer had much better receiving stats and rushed for 1400 yds two years back to back. So big deal. Now it’s the NFL. I would love to have seen Bell run behind the Steelers OL last year when even the “great” 1st round pick Mendenhall could do little. He’s going to create his own holes? Maybe Bell’s an upgrade and maybe he isn’t. Of course Colbert, Tomlin and Pouncey are going to talk him up. He’s a 2nd round pick. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Me too Craig. I liked Ryan Lee last year because he was a nasty one as well. We need that attitude back on the Oline for sure.

  • Exactly! Especially the Colon Factor.

  • True and I would have been happy with either of those two as well. I do think Bell is the best candidate as a true 3 down back though which is why I liked him from the get-go. He is almost like an extra WR lining up in the backfield.

  • SteelerDave

    As I see things, Gilbert needs to be the LT, fewer people to step upon. He will also be very much the key piece. I’m confident in Adams at RT in a zone blocking scheme as well as Pouncey and DeCastro. Foster is one who is not a zone block guard and so I truly hope he and Beachum compete for the spot.

    I do love Embernate (Embernasty) and hopefully after this season on the PS he can take over at LG allowing Beachum to be the swing man and learn center. Foster is best suited as a RT/RG/LG back-up.

    If Beachum/Foster struggle at LG then my hope is that we can draft a guy like Spencer Long to play RG and move DeCastro to LG.

  • steeltown

    I agree with what you’re saying, we’ll have to wait and see with Bell

    I think Dwyer’s best football is ahead of him, he’s a good runner, problem with him was he had very little pass blocking skills or receiving skills coming out of college.. and for most of his college career he played in the spread option so its kind of hard to compare him to other RB’s playing in more pro style type offenses in college

  • steeltown

    Don’t be surprised to see one or two undrafted players make the final roster, we currently only have 6 OL players that are roster locks in my eyes… and we usually carry 9OL during the regular season

    I too see Beachum as a future emergency Center

  • $19122620

    I tell you what would be so awesome, is if Embernate comes in and wows everybody and they can’t help but play him as a rookie. Maybe somewhat of a stretch, but I know he’s pretty athletic. His pro day numbers where in line with Jonathan Coopers. So there is no doubt he is a more athletic fit for the zone scheme, and more athletic than R. Foster. I don’t think run blocking will be an issue, it will probably come down to wheter or not he would be a liability in the passing game against NFL caliber players.

  • steelirish33

    Dwyer also has that three plays and I need a breather pretty well down pat too. He’s nothing more than a serviceable backup.

  • charles

    I like the attitude. That was one of Jack Lamberts best pro qualities Where is Lee? Either way it seems the Steelers are loaded with Oline. Furthermore a big part of being competetive in todays NFL means we have to get production out our draft class in the first 4 years and the line seems to be a big asset here. In defense of Colon, not withstanding injuries, he left a few locks of hair on the last year and was the attitude on the line in the second game against Baltimore. I thought that Suggs was going for the side of his knees when Colon got injured.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Maybe have embernate as RG and have Foster be our RT and Adams at LT unless Gilbert can beat out Adams

  • Lee was plucked off our practice squad last year by the Saints. I believe he is still on their active Roster to date. He was nothing flashy but a heck of a brawler to have on the interior for depth at the very least. I would think Embernate is this year’s Lee.

  • Maybe but that would involve moving Decastro to the left. I think anyone competing with Foster is the Wildcard here.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Yeah my bad i meant Embernate at LG not RG.

  • joed32

    He’s on their 90 man roster and currently the #6 guard on the depth chart. He hasn’t been in a game yet other then preseason.

  • Chris Doakes

    Yeah bell will be a beast

  • Chris Doakes

    Well don’t be negative be positive, bell ran behind Michigan state’s line and their line was even worse then Pittsburgh line from last year so we will see