Steelers CB Cortez Allen Enters Jump Year As A Starter

While he only played just over 560 snaps on defense last season, Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Cortez Allen certainly made the most of them as he registered two interceptions, three forced fumbles and 10 passes defensed in 2012, his second season on the league.

The Steelers thought highly enough of Allen that they allowed fellow cornerback Keenan Lewis to run off uncontested to the New Orleans Saints as a free agent. Lewis, while he didn\’t register any interceptions last season, did have 23 passes defensed to go along with one forced fumble and 71 total tackles.

2013 will mark Allen\’s third year in the league and his first as a full-time starter. The third year is normally considered a jump-year for cornerbacks and wide receivers and below is a list of cornerbacks and their stats that they put up in their third year in the league dating back to 2000.

Knowing what you already know about the Steelers defense and Allen heading into 2013, what kind of numbers are you expecting from him in his third year?

GamesSacks & TacklesDef Interceptions
RkPlayerYearAgeDraftTmLgGGSSkTklAstInt ▾YdsTDPD
1Samari Rolle2000242-46TENNFL15151.5353714010
2Kyle Arrington201125NWENFL16140.06223792013
3Duane Starks2000261-10BALNFL15150.0454612500
4Dre\’ Bly2001242-41STLNFL1640.02826150210
5Aqib Talib2010241-20TAMNFL11110.0381691111
6Brent Grimes200926ATLNFL1680.0564617013
7Leon Hall2009251-18CINNFL16160.05213647024
8Darrelle Revis2009241-14NYJNFL16160.04776121131
9Patrick Surtain2000242-44MIANFL16161.044955500
10Chad Scott2000261-24PITNFL16160.064654900
11Deltha O\’Neal2002251-15DENNFL16140.0591057029
12Dwight Smith2003253-84TAMNFL16160.0621253010
13Antrel Rolle2007251-8ARINFL1680.052105231310
14Renaldo Hill2003257-202ARINFL14142.047115119111
15Devin McCourty2012251-27NWENFL16160.06019553013
16Lito Sheppard2004231-26PHINFL15151.05245172215
17Rashean Mathis2005252-39JAXNFL16160.0609579115
18Charles Tillman2005242-35CHINFL15151.085115172116
19Cortland Finnegan2008247-215TENNFL16161.058125100117
20Lardarius Webb2011263-88BALNFL16151.05915581121
21Terrell Thomas2010252-63NYGNFL16161.08120556021
22Charles Woodson2000241-4OAKNFL16160.0661343600
23D.J. Moore2011244-119CHINFL1310.0311343118
24Vontae Davis2011231-25MIANFL12121.039446008
25Fred Smoot2003242-45WASNFL15150.050843509
26Jerametrius Butler2003255-145STLNFL16150.0657472010
27Daylon McCutcheon2001253-62CLENFL16152.0676462111
28Eric Wright2009242-53CLENFL16160.0578474014
29Tramon Williams200926GNBNFL16101.03910494014
30Nick Harper200329INDNFL16130.083144121114
31Andre Dyson2003242-60TENNFL16160.05411462214
32Terrence McGee2005254-111BUFNFL15140.06013497115
33Kareem Jackson2012241-20HOUNFL16140.0456471116
34DeAngelo Hall2006231-8ATLNFL16160.05174131116
35Antoine Cason2010241-27SDGNFL16150.05710451017
36Alphonso Smith2011262-37DETNFL1110.022236416
37Stanford Routt2007242-38OAKNFL16140.035733107
38Dwight Lowery2010244-113NYJNFL1432.015338727
39Nate Clements2003241-21BUFNFL16160.0511135417
40Nathan Vasher2006254-110CHINFL14130.0331231108
41Sherrod Martin2011272-59CARNFL16160.0471831608
42Demarcus Faggins2004256-173HOUNFL1620.041434719
43Phillip Buchanon2004241-17OAKNFL14140.050936919
44Sam Shields201225GNBNFL1081.0224332010
45Kelvin Hayden2007242-60INDNFL16160.07112317010
46Joe Haden2012231-7CLENFL11110.04011364010
47David Barrett2002254-102ARINFL14140.05717340011
48Chris Johnson2008297-245OAKNFL1570.0312368012
49Chris Gamble2006231-28CARNFL15131.05313331112
50Gary Baxter2003252-62BALNFL16161.07112341012
51Roderick Hood200524PHINFL1660.0402317015
52Asante Samuel2005244-120NWENFL15150.04410315016
53Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie2010241-16ARINFL16160.0422386217
54Terence Newman2005271-5DALNFL16161.0573316017
55Leigh Bodden200524CLENFL13110.0471136017
56Patrick Robinson2012251-32NORNFL16161.05211399118
57Champ Bailey2001231-7WASNFL16160.0492317018
58Fred Weary2000264-97NORNFL12122.048722700
59Reggie Howard200225CARNFL14141.075921900
60Terry Fair2000241-20DETNFL15150.046112000
61Mario Edwards2002276-180DALNFL15150.053422900
62Morgan Trent2011266-1793TMNFL1220.012721704
63Kevin Barnes2011253-80WASNFL1510.023323004
64Phillip Adams2012247-224OAKNFL1530.01022005
65Jerraud Powers2011243-92INDNFL12120.0331821916
66Ricky Manning2005253-82CARNFL1630.034822006
67Ellis Lankster2012257-220NYJNFL1511.02452006
68Tim Jennings2008252-62INDNFL16120.049152907
69Sean Smith2011242-61MIANFL16160.051102708
70Tarell Brown2009245-147SFONFL1640.026625208
71Alterraun Verner2012244-104TENNFL16160.0591821109
72Jason David2006244-125INDNFL16160.048721609
73Antonio Cromartie2008241-19SDGNFL16150.060426619
74Ronald Bartell2007252-50STLNFL16121.063421009
75Duane Hawthorne200125DALNFL16110.05112228010
76Antoine Winfield2001241-23BUFNFL16160.0691220011
77Brian Williams2004254-105MINNFL16160.06313214011
78Leodis McKelvin2010251-11BUFNFL16130.0509210011
79DeJuan Groce2005254-107STLNFL15150.045420011
80Jason Craft2001255-160JAXNFL1680.045624011
81Dunta Robinson2006241-10HOUNFL16160.0701329112
82Josh Wilson2009242-55SEANFL12121.04052126213
83Jason McCourty2011246-203TENNFL15151.08520252013
84Brice McCain2011256-188HOUNFL1600.0241248113
85Brandon Flowers2010242-35KANNFL15150.0569233114
86Will Allen2003251-22NYGNFL12120.0357223014
87Mike McKenzie2001253-87GNBNFL16160.05410238116
88Sheldon Brown2004252-59PHINFL16163.06623233016
89Kelly Herndon200428DENNFL16161.05614217023
90Ralph Brown2002245-140NYGNFL1620.024611903
91Travis Daniels2007254-104MIANFL1650.020812904
92Jason Allen2008251-16MIANFL1520.01931204
93Asher Allen2011233-86MINNFL1290.04341304
94Michael Adams200924ARINFL1610.025311704
95Travis Fisher2004252-64STLNFL10100.032313005
96Jerry Azumah2001245-147CHINFL1652.042711405
97Tyrone Carter2002264-118MINNFL1670.048911306
98E.J. Biggers2012257-217TAMNFL13121.03991007
99Kevin Dockery200824NYGNFL1310.031614409
100Brandon Carr2010245-140KANNFL16160.0461110023
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  • StrengthOfVictory

    While it stinks to lose a guy like Lewis just when he’s turning that corner (no pun intended), you can’t get into a bidding war with the (home) team that Keenan clearly wanted to join anyway. If he had six interceptions to go with the 23 passes defended, OK. Different story, then.

    But I think Allen will have a strong year. He’s as ready as he’s going to get.

  • Just for fun, I will predict Allen to have 6 ints, 28 pd, 2 FF, 1 sack and 67 tackles.

  • Kysteeler

    I’m all about Allen.. High hopes for him this year. I for one didn’t want Lewis back as I feel Allen has way more upside.

  • Intropy

    17 interceptions,
    4 passes defensed,
    7 forced fumbles
    15 sacks,
    111 tackles (83 for loss)

  • steeltown

    Love this kid

    For fun i’m going with – 70tackles, 19PDs, 4INTs, 2FF….. and hopefully a new long term contract after the season

  • steeltown

    Could also see William Gay getting a sack or two this year.. on some designed blitzes

  • r4kolb

    Sad thing is if the case is he does get better he too will just walk at the end of his 4 year contract because someone will overpay him and it will be yet another good pick by the Steelers gone.


    65 tackles, 26 PDs, 5 Int’s, 1 sack, 3FF

  • steeltown

    Possibly.. but the good thing about this situation, in relation to Keenan Lewis, is that Cortez will not be a UFA till 2015.. so the Steelers will get to see him start and they’ll know after this year whether or not to sign him long term before 2015, where as with K.Lewis he didn’t start till his final contract yr, before that the Team didn’t know if he was worth re-signing. This time around, they can let Cortez start this year and then still hopefully get an extension worked out next year

  • hergieburbur

    I think with the time they have to see what he’s got, if he shows anything they will make moves to lock him up prior to him ever hitting FA.

  • hergieburbur

    Seems about right. I wouldn’t be surprised with another INT or so and a few less PDs.

  • hergieburbur

    All does have way more upside, but I wanted Lewis back because of Ike’s age.

  • hergieburbur

    To be fair, if he’d had 6 interceptions, as they say “the price of poker just went up”, and we couldn’t afford him anyway.

  • WilliamSekinger

    That was the thing about Keenan Lewis. He developed late, and the Steelers could not realistically take a chance on signing him long term early because he simply hadn’t shown enough. Cortez however seems to be developing much faster and the Steelers have this year to watch and make the determination of signing him long term BEFORE he becomes an UFA

  • rizzo29

    Is that for week 1

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Woo! Chad Scott!

  • hergieburbur

    Ugh! Why did you have to go there?

  • alex

    is see a chain of teacher-pupil growth continuing from Lake AND Ike to Lewis, now Allen, and soon to be Hawthorne (sorry Brown)…as long as we can keep Lake around…

  • hergieburbur

    I hope so. And I agree Hawthorne, even at this early stage, is the likely next guy, as Brown has yet to turn the corner and time is running out.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    What I think the Steelers SHOULD do… Lock him this off season after the June 17th money comes free.

    What I think the Steelers WILL do… Wait to see how he does this season. Then let him play under a 1st round tender. Then pay him a larger extension contract.

    They’ll probably save enough money the next 2 years to offset the increased future salary on the long term deal.

  • $19122620

    I can’t believe some of these PD projections! If he gets higher teens he will have done a fine job and I’ll be happy. 15-20 PD in a season is doing a good job as far as PD in a season is concerened.

    In addition, I do suspect him to get more INTs then we have had by CB in a long time. Which shouldn’t be hard considering it would require him to get more then 3 probably, pathetic!

  • Printez O. Stroman

    That’s why I think he’s one of the better nickelbacks in the NFL, cat can blitz from the slot.