Steelers CB Curtis Brown Says He Trained With Purple Jesus This Off-season And Is Studying More

Like several other young players on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster, 2013 is a make-or-break year for third-year cornerback Curtis Brown, who is trying to put a disappointing 2012 season behind him and show the organization that they didn\’t waste a third-round draft pick on him back in 2011. David Todd of 970 ESPN Radio caught up with Brown on Wednesday after the Steelers first OTA practice of the 2013 season and asked him what he did during the off-season to prepare himself for 2013 and where his focus is right now.

“Working harder than I ever worked before,” said Brown. “Worked out in Houston with Adrian Peterson and a trainer. Adrian Peterson really pushed me to get my body in better shape. Leaving last year at like 180, came in off-season at 202, back at 195 right now.

“So my whole focus was actually paying attention to the craft and actually dedicating myself to this game before it\’s over. Because you know, people come in the league quick and I got an opportunity to be on this football team, and possibly have a chance to play and make a difference. That\’s my focus right now.”

Brown, who saw limited playing time on defense for the first time in his career in 2012, talked about how he failed to take advantage of his playing time last season after starting cornerback Ike Taylor went down injured.

“It happened so quick and before I knew it I was in the Baltimore game in a rivalry game and I feel that I did pretty decent,” started Brown. “Had two knockdowns that game and the next week I had a chance to come out and I was below standard. So leaving that season knowing that I had a chance to play and I didn\’t take full advantage of it – had one good sprout of a moment and then from there it just leveled out. So this year I just got to keep myself focused and be ready at all times.”

Brown told Todd that he worked Wednesday at the nickel spot without having any busted assignments and that he is playing up to speed with a better a grasp of the playbook. However, he also admitted that he didn\’t study tape like he probably should have the last two seasons, but that he is changing that this year when asked if he knew of one area specifically that he needs to improve at.

“Me, personally, it\’s straight learning how to study,” said Brown. “Going in there extra time. When I have free time up here, don\’t just run out of the building to get home as fast as possible. Just come in here and work on your craft.”

Brown has been a special teams demon for the Steelers in his first two season, which unfortunately have both been cut short by injuries late in those years. Knowing that Brown trained with Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson during the off-season is very encouraging and so is the fact that he fully understands he has to turn the proverbial corner in 2013 as well.

The Steelers are more than likely going to a need a fourth cornerback to contribute at some point during the 2013 season due to either injuries or the use of more dime packages and hopefully Brown can be that cornerback.

The Texas product sounded very humble in his interview and appears to fully understand now that it takes extra time off of the field in order to better himself. It will be interesting to see if all of the extra work pays off when we get to the preseason, but you really have to like the words that are coming out of his mouth this past week.

  • JohnnyV1

    Purple Jesus, Korean Jesus, whatever Jesus will get him to play to his potential. What takes these guys so long to figure out that they really have to work to be good is beyond me! Like Keenan Lewis taking until year 4 to figure it out, now Curtis. C’mon guy, speed it up.

  • steeltown

    Wow.. 195-200lbs.. really? Would be awesome to have C.Brown play at that weight, I always felt he seemed a little slight framed for being 6ft tall.

    I like the potential of Hawthorne, but he wont be ready this season, we need Brown to step it up and be that #4 this year.. and considering Ike only has a couple yrs left and Gay is on a 3yr deal, then hopefully C.Brown can become a solid #3 in the near future

    Make or break for a number of players this season

  • TJimmy

    What takes some of them so long? In NFL vernacular, it’s called “CONTRACT YEAR.”

  • Pesonally, if there’s a thin line between C Brown and a rookie (or second year player), I’d cut Brown for three reasons: 1) If he plays up to his drafted potential (3rd round) in 2013, he’ll expect to be paid accordingly in 2014 and beyond; whereas if a rookie can equal his play in camp or preseason (or come close) he’d be a value for the next three or four years. 2) Brown’s performance now (and in camp, preseason, and 2013) IS his upside after two+ years of development. The rookie’s upside would be untapped and undeveloped. 3) It might be timely for the team to send a message to rookies and new team members: i.e., that the time to bust their butts working our and studying film (and their playbook) is the moment they’re invited to possibly be a member of the Steelers. If they can’t be bothered to approach their profession professionally until contract time, the team will find eager new players who do.

  • Dan

    I hope he has a great year and really does prove something, but always a little suspicious of those who get motivated in their contract year.

  • NW86

    All good points. Curtis should be looking over his shoulder. After Ike, Cortez, and William, I see the other 2 CB spots on this team as a wide open competition. Brown, Victorian, Van Dyke, King, and Isaiah Green are all on pretty equal footing right now.

  • SteelersDepot

    To Jeremy Fisher above, my site is not for everybody. Please take your offended self elsewhere and never visit this site again. Please tell all of your friends to stay away from here in addition.

  • Curious…do you project Hawthorne as part of the first group or second?

  • I LIKE Steelers Depot! Great site! (…just sayin’:<)

  • StrengthOfVictory

    I still think Brown can turn the corner (no pun intended), and I’m rooting for him. Even though he’s gotten burned before, he has a very natural awareness of where the ball is (some corners are blind to this), and he’s not afraid to play aggressively on his man. Both are highly valuable skills that are hard to teach. He really only needs to play more disciplined football and not play out of position near as much.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Dave this is a great site thanks for all your hard work. No offense should be taken to you calling AP Purple Jesus….He is the best RB in the game and people should get a grip because I think Jesus had a sense of humor also lol but as you say if someone doesn’t agree with what is on the site then there are other options. I for one love the site the great info that makes this the best Steeler information on the web thanks again and keep it coming!

  • NW86

    Oops, completely forgot him for a moment! I expect him to make the team – the others are battling for 1 spot.

  • I think C. Brown is a stand up Guy and is willing to face the reality. He obviously knows this a big year for him. Lewis took a longer time to develop and he is gone now. Brown can make this happen and is worth his salary if only on ST’s for the moment. I personally have faith that he will be able to put the pieces together and become the Pro that the Steelers felt they were drafting.

  • Steve

    Brown can’t find time to study and watch film,, What does he do with his life??? He may as well quit now,,, there are plenty who will. Dave,, you give Great insite from the player prospective and I enjoy hearing what they say. I would NOT be suprized to see him flooded with cans of tape and boxes of play books, like good coaches should. If he can’t study find a job halling trash.
    I remember a few year back a QB didn’t like to study or watch film. He was a number 1 draft pick and favorite by an owner. He is gone like da wind.

  • Steve

    Athletic ability will only get you so far in the NFL. If you don’t want to study and watch film,, your a wash – BYE BYE!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    So is Brown on HGH too now?

  • Ayub

    think a lot of us forget that the corner position is a difficult position to learn. Having speed, quickness and athleticism account for half of whats needed for mastering the position. The other half is instincts, and that’s learned through experience and film. Its why the Ty Laws and Champ Baileys of the nfl can play well beyond prime years and still produce. Although Brown should have been studying earlier in his career, it’s not surprising that he’s figuring out that he needs to understand routes and coverages just as much as he needs to hone his speed. Deshea Townsend was drafted in 98 and didn’t start until 2003. Keenan Lewis was drafted in 2009 didn’t start until 2012…. Even more so these guys were not 1st round draft picks. So I’ll keep that in mind. Yet he does need to show big improvements in order to make the team.

  • 2443scott

    here is just another guy when there rookie contracts comeing to end decide well now i better buckle down and work harder ???? why not do that from start …..and if he was like wallace ok my contracts about up i am not going to give my 100% ….where is the i am here to play football mind set … a days its i will collect my pay till i have to earn it ..then you get some rookies who all they want to do is play and get injured and try and try to get back in shape to play some do some dont …it just seems to me this guy and alot like him never come to nfl to play just to collect pay check then when its taken away from them then they say i want to work harder and get better to me its more lip service so coaches see it …..if after 3 years they havent shown it the 4th and final year contract wont tell you any thing more then they know there pay checks reason they try harder

  • Steve

    Through tape study you find tendency’s in players and D’s, and you know what coming and what to do, then you can jump on the ball when it is still in the air. This is why Brown is limited in his abilities and will never be a Pro Bowl player if he is NOT willing to go the extra mile to study his adversary and know them as well as he knows his left arm. I’ll bet Troy study’s D’s and that is why he is able to read what is coming and is there before the play starts. Brown need to get with a person like Troy and learn what Troy does to prepare himself for a game. I know they play different positions. But Troy is a Pro Bowler and is there year in and year out because he study’s players and D’s so that tendacy in them will show itself to him because he seen it on tape.

  • dgh57

    I’m surprised coaches don’t see to it that players are watching film before a game!(if it’s true) It’s all part of preparing your player(s) for the upcoming opponent! C. Brown should know how to prepare for games and the fact he doesn’t (or very little) film watching show laziness on his part!! O well, it will show up in his play if he doesn’t prepare himself properly and this will be his last year with the team!

  • Robert Alaniz

    I think this is part of the thought process where the Steelers stated, they want more character guys. Its not just the needs of the team position wise, I think they want to see more into what there work habits are like also.

    That is why you have Mr bell in here now I believe. If you aren’t going to be in shape as a professional football player and it goes on a few seasons? They aren’t going to keep with Cleveland Browns “we’ll get em next year” mantra

  • Steve

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. I am sure the coaches look at tape with the players, but it is up to the players to prepare themselves for what is to come. A Good coach will take the time to show players tendency’s in who they will play, but it is the players job to go beyond and study the opponent. Pro Bowl players don’t get their magically, they strive for the best and make the extra effort to excel in their craft.

  • Steve

    With as much as these guys make, it is their job to work out and stay in shape. The average player last 2-3 years in the NFL, to go beyond that it is up to them. Bell has the best of Coaches. Kirby will open the gate for his Horse, it up to Bell to run like the wind.

  • hp

    Texas players are either boom or bust and Brown has this year to boom or he’s going to bust. I don’t think they are coached up fully at Texas. Because of all that pure talent the players and coaches assume some very big things. Truth is, the South in general has caught up to Texas, which WAS the SWC and filled teams for an entire conference. Mighty big boots.

    Everyone is rooting for Texans Hood, Brown, Sanders, Batch and Beachum.

    They have HOF and All Pro Texas examples to aspire to.
    Joe Greene, Mel Blount, Ernie Holmes, Casey Hampton, etc.

    Then again there are Bam Morris, Gabe Rivers, Limas Sweede, etc.

  • hp

    Sorry about Mel Blount.
    Wishful thinking..

  • Steve

    I don’t think it is the system. People will be people wherever they come from. The SEC is the cream of the crop right now. Morris was busted hauling drugs, We all know what happen to Gabe in his car crash in Pittsburgh. If you get too BIG for your britches God will strike you down, so you better look out!!

  • Steve

    Blount was the best. His arm work made WR quit. That is why they instituted the 5 yard rule for chucking. Ike needs to do more arm work and he may make the Pro Bowl. Revis is still the best and at 96 mil for 4 years, that’s telling you something. Ike will never make that with bo-bo’s like he did against Denver in the playoffs. Talk is cheap it’s actions that count.

  • Steve

    Hawthorne is lame right now. And until he rehabs there is no tellin where he may be in the peckin order.

  • Steve

    Opinions are like as* hol*s, everybody got one. An many Politicians got 2 or 3.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Hey Steve Not sure what you mean by that but everyone is free to express their opinion even if it makes no sense….