Steelers Defense Still Oldest In NFL In 2013

Even though they chose not bring back defensive starters James Harrison, Casey Hampton and Keenan Lewis this off-season, the Pittsburgh Steelers defense still ranks as the oldest in the league, according to a study done on all 32 teams by Mike Sando of

While Sando doesn\’t give the average age for the offensive or defensive units of each team, it\’s not hard to figure out that the average age of the Steelers projected starters on defense in 2013 is 29.2. That really isn\’t that surprising being as five of those 11 players, Troy Polamalu (32), Larry Foote (32), Ike Taylor (33), Ryan Clark (33) and Brett Keisel (34) are all 32 years old or older.

However, on the other side of the football it\’s a different story, as Sando has the Steelers starting offense ranked the third youngest in the league now that Max Starks, Willie Colon, Rashard Mendenhall and Mike Wallace are no longer in Pittsburgh. With Starks now gone, Ben Roethlisberger officially becomes the oldest starter on offense at the ripe old age of 31.

As I previously noted in a post last weekend, the Steelers started their first OTA session of the 2013 season this past week without 15 players that were on their 2012 roster. So despite their defense still being the oldest in the league, the youth movement is certainly well underway In Pittsburgh.

The defense will likely get even younger in 2014 should Clark and Keisel, both of whom are entering the final years of their current contract, are not retained. In addition, both Taylor and Foote could quite possibly be playing their final seasons in Pittsburgh. Assuming Polamalu is allowed to play out the final year of his contract in 2014, he figures to be the only starter on defense over the age of 30.

2013 Projected Starter Age Rankings Per
Team OFF DEF All
Bears 11 3 1
Falcons 13 4 2
Texans 2 11 3
Redskins 19 2 4
Broncos 3 13 5
Patriots 7 9 6
Cardinals 15 7 7
Steelers 30 1 8
49ers 9 12 9
Giants 12 10 10
Saints 1 25 11
Ravens 14 8 12
Cowboys 5 18 13
Chargers 4 24 14
Eagles 8 17 15
Lions 6 23 16
Colts 21 5 17
Panthers 10 22 18
Dolphins 25 6 19
Jets 16 26 20
Jaguars 24 15 21
Raiders 20 20 22
Buccaneers 18 27 23
Vikings 28 14 24
Titans 17 30 25
Bengals 26 19 26
Packers 29 16 27
Bills 23 28 28
Seahawks 22 29 29
Chiefs 31 21 30
Rams 27 31t 31
Browns 32 31t 32
  • Steve

    Every year our D is over the hill, woop Te Do,, cause they are also ranked at the top, so does this really matter?

  • It’s not old age, it’s called experienced.

  • 2443scott

    so steelers are oldest team in nfl ……who was number 1 again last year maybe news media might like it better if they were all in there teens and still living at home i am tired hearing the reporters on nfl channel talking about this …just count the darn trophies in trophy case maybe thats what there prob is the steelers got more then any of those teams they love to talk about and keep throwing dirt on steelers ..but heaven forbit if one those teams were number 1 then thats all you hear and they get on their knees and act like they were gods

  • Stephen Dale

    Hopefully all of the defensive guys mentioned can stay healthy and enjoy the upcoming season. It would be a nice way for them to retire…

  • steeltown

    A nice mix of old vets and young prospects

  • Ahmad

    Yeah no surprise here. We may be the oldest defense but watch that defense finish #1 again.

  • Josh

    I think the more interesting stat (if it were ever possible) would be to see which is the most over-hyped franchise – i.e., the ratio of hours of coverage (even if just on the NFL Network) a team gets compared to their wins. Dallas and NYJ would DOMINATE the rankings.

  • Bob Loblaw

    They get criticized for having such an old defense, yet each off season when they inevitably let some of those older players go it’s suddenly a question of how the team will ever make it without those players. Bit of a double standard.