Steelers CB Ike Taylor Hopes To Improve In 2013 By Trusting His Ability More

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor is entering his 11th season in the league, and apparently he\’s still learning a thing or two from defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau during OTA practices.

“I was just sitting there talking to Coach LeBeau at one of the OTAs, and we was like, \’Ike you got it; you just don\’t trust your ability sometimes,\’ Taylor said Tuesday on Trib Live Radio. “That\’s what he told me. I was like dang; I thought I was good, but if I could trust my ability, I could be great.”

Taylor was then asked by host John Harris to further explain and clarify what LeBeau was trying to tell him.

“When you see it, go for it,” said Taylor. “You see the play. You know the play. You\’re so instinctive. You played 11 years, man, go for it. Go for that play.”

Throughout the years, Taylor has developed the reputation of being a cornerback with hands made of stone, and he said LeBeau told him the problem wasn\’t with his hands, that instead the problem is he doesn\’t trust his ability.

While LeBeau\’s words of wisdom to Taylor will most likely never show up on a motivational poster, I do believe that Taylor has become a victim over the years of trying too hard at times. Especially when it comes to making interceptions. Putting it plain and simple: Taylor fights the football.

Sometimes it is the little words of wisdom that can make a good player, better. Taylor knows the Steelers defense inside and out and there isn\’t a soul that will question his conditioning. Sure, he has had his moments over the years, but there isn\’t a cornerback in the league that hasn\’t. Outside of not having the interception numbers, Taylor has been solid for several seasons now, and he shows no signs of slowing down at 33 years of age.

After being present for the Steelers first OTA session last week, Taylor chose not to attend this week because he had some business that needed to be taken care of back home in Orlando, Florida. Taylor did say, however, that he will be back in Pittsburgh soon, and we can only speculate that when he returns he\’ll be working on trusting his ability more in practice.

  • TJimmy

    A lack of Confidence has hidden many a man’s ability. Hope that is the case here

  • Christopher Wilkes

    lol, I’m a big fan of Ike, but he’ll never be more than a solid CB because he doesn’t intercept balls. That’s what CBs do, and I think it’s a bit late in the game to expect that to change. That’s exactly why K. Lewis was not even offered a contract.

  • dgh57

    Why wasn’t he given these(so called) words of wisdom a long time ago?!!!!!

    We’ll see if these are indeed words of wisdom by what kind of a year Ike has in the INT dept.!!

  • Zach Clary

    Keenan Lewis wasn’t offered a contract because of the salary cap situation and because they like Cortez Allen enough to give him a chance. Ike Taylor is far more than just a solid CB. He’s been a damned good player for our defense for years and is one of the more underrated corners in the NFL IMO. Lebeau is correct though that Taylor just needs to trust in his instincts.Go more with instincts now instead of being so mechanical. The interceptions will come. I have a feeling.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Ike has bad hands.

  • SteelerDave

    Going back to when I played in high school…. lining up at WR I had good hands, made hard catches look simple but when I played CB I was so much like Ike, solid in cover but almost never could get an interception. Playing corner is a different mind-set and being able to snare the interceptions along with being solid in coverage is a skill that few have. Most corners are much, much less solid in coverage as Ike but gamble (and get burnt more) and get more interceptions. I think Ike just needs to be Ike. He is so underappreciated around the league.

  • 2443scott

    taylor isnt one of the guys i look or like on steelers he holds to much gets beat over top plus he cant tackle to good he doesnt hit that hard ..he does ok but he isnt what i like or look for back there on def…..hes better when he has help but left on his own he falls off alot and talent wise he cant recover so gets beat..

  • Isaac Reveles

    yeah, if you could just stop commenting that’d be great.

  • Michael Rudd

    Have you been paying attention the last 11 years? He had a little trouble a few years back and Cowher benched him for it, but other than that he is as good as they come.

  • Steve

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. LeBeau made the HOF because of his interceptions and playing abilities. He’s telling Ike through experience. Yoda da Jedi Master (LeBeau) says “let it flow” (Let the instincts kick in).

  • Steve

    When your instincts kick in the interceptions will come. Ike is on an Island, it is him and the WR. He needs to read and study his opponent through film. Plays don’t change, just the date and time.

  • Steve

    He was, da nucklehead is thick!

  • Christopher Wilkes

    I’m not sure about your definitions, but to me a damned good player = a solid CB. You basically disagreed with me than said the same thing. I also doubt money and C. Allen were the only factors in why K. Lewis was not signed. Of course it was part of it, but he didn’t make plays on the ball, and I’ll bet the Steelers didn’t think he was as good as some of the fans did.

  • dgh57

    Why don’t you try telling Coach LeBeau all that?!!!!

    In the meantime I’ll take both Carnell Lake’s & Coach LeBeau’s opinion first!! Obviously, they don’t share your opinion because Taylor doesn’t cover the other teams best WR just for the hell of it!!!!!

  • Alfredo Reveles

    He holds too much? Wth are you talking about? Lol.. Ike matches up against the opponents’ best WR week in and week out. How is our defense #1 against the pass if he is so bad?