Steelers LB Larry Foote Says There\’s A Whole Different Mindset To The Off-season

Like most NFL players, Pittsburgh Steelers inside linebacker Larry Foote is very passionate about his alma mater and he recently gave an interview to Go Blue Wolverine to give his thoughts on Michigan and their upcoming season.

Foote, who made sure to voice his hate for Ohio State during the interview, was also asked to give his thoughts on the Steelers missing the playoffs in 2012 and what the team is doing this off-season to get back there in 2013.

“We’re pissed off we didn’t make the playoffs,” said Foote. “On top of that, our rival won the Super Bowl. I know guys are taking it personally. It’s just a whole different mindset to the off-season. I know guys are ready to get back where we need to be.”

While it certainly wasn\’t a long response by Foote, who enters his 12th season in the league after setting a career high in tackles with 133 in 2012, it was straight and to the point. It\’s also not the first time that we have heard that players have a different mindset this off-season, and while that is certainly good to hear, their actions will have to speak louder than their words.

Foote, who will turn 33 years of age in June, is one of the oldest players currently on the Steelers and the leader of the defense. The Steelers signed him to a new three-year contract earlier in the off-season in hopes that he can hold on a little while longer until his replacement can be groomed. That replacement very well might have been drafted in the sixth-round of the draft last month in the form of Florida State linebacker Vince Williams.

Williams has already reportedly showed during the rookie camp a few weekends ago the leadership skills that he had in college, so hopefully Foote can impart some of his wisdom on him in the OTA sessions and training camp that is yet to come.

It\’s a good thing that Williams went to Florida State and not Ohio State, however, as I am not so sure Foote could take it. During his interview he was asked if there is a lot banter between former Buckeyes and Wolverines now in the NFL.

“Absolutely! Especially in the locker room,” said Foote. “We got a couple Ohio State guys. The only Buckeye that I ever liked is Dick LeBeau. He gives it to me all the time. When the big games come up, Mike Tomlin will highlight it that Saturday night (with a) speech before we play our game on Sunday. It’s a lot of trash talking. A lot of money gets exchanged, pushups, dinners, all types of stuff.”

  • steeltown

    I like Foote, very solid player and brings a good veteran presence..
    Farrior played and was productive till he was 35yrs old, not saying Foote will be as productive when he is 35yrs old, but I think he has atleast one more good season in him

  • zyzak

    Foote is one of those players that performs above his athletic ability, I think he gets a lot more enjoyment playing than some other guys do.. Just a good person. Pershing “Doughboy”

  • TJimmy

    If being the team they “need to be,” reflects a “whole different mindset” this year, it helps to explain why they went 8-8 last year.

  • 2443scott

    wow finaly some one speaks of the game for once and how rivals get after each other its so refreshing to hear ….not all that trash talking other team members and people who spit on there old teams i know now a days its all about the mighty dollar from nfl to players i know the games going away from where it came up from and what drew me to it i have missed games and thought to my self i missed that game but did it matter later no i saw score …i even fast forward the games i do record ….so yes i am looseing that desire to want to see the games…..but thank god foote said what he did he sure made it sound good and felt good …

  • hergieburbur

    Yeah, he is very good at using his head to compensate for his lack of athleticism.

  • charles

    Ask Wallace why we did not seem focused.

  • SteelSpine

    I hope that doesn’t mean our D was not mentally fired up for the start of last year. LeBeau & Co seemed to sleepwalk thru the first handful of reg season games instead of make adjustments. Having been in a SB prior to then is no reason not be fired up, because they were getting paid. & not having Troy & Harrison for start of last season better-not have caused the D to not be fired up, because Troy’s unfortunately gonna get hurt again, & Woodley/Worlids are far from a lock to not get hurt. Based on how bad our offense was down the stretch last year, Steelers cannot afford to have our D start out slow this year.

    I commend Foote’s comments. Of course talk is cheap. Foote or not, I think Steelers D: will be in top 5 NFL defenses this year, & will have to carry our team this year, & I think our D will carry the Steelers this year.

  • JC

    I’m almost glad they finished 8-8 last season. It might have brought these guys back down to reality. Plus, I think they embrace the underdog role.