Steelers RB Le\’Veon Bell 2012 Directional Rushing Stats & Other Splits

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie running back Le\’Veon Bell rushed for nearly 1,800 yards last season at Michigan State and I wanted to have a look at his splits in order to get an idea how he ran directionally.

Being as there isn\’t a site that has those stats, I was forced to scrape them myself from the play-by-play on Yahoo, as they are the only site that I know of that list run directions. Unlike the NFL, however, they only use right, middle and left.

After scraping these stats, I had the right amount of carries, 382, but the total yards are off by 7. This could be that Yahoo might list fumble yardage differently, but it really isn\’t worth tracking down 7 yards.

The directional stats are pretty straight forward and Bell actually had well over a 5.0 yards per carry average to the left.

As far as other splits that I was able to collect after the scrape, Bell only had 21 carries that resulted in negative yardage last year and a total of 40 runs that failed to gain positive yardage, period.

As far as runs of 5 or more yards, Bell had 135 of those. He also had 34 runs of 10 or more yards and 13 runs of 20 or more yards.

In addition to the above, I am also including the distances of his touchdown runs.


  • dgh57

    Thanks Dave for the time & effort put into this!

    I see his avg. is higher running to the left. Isn’t that the way DeCastro likes to pull is to the left? It will be interesting to see how it all translates to the NFL! I’m optimistic of what lies ahead for Mr. Bell.

    Wow!! Only 61 total carries were for no gain and a loss!

  • Jon Crissinger

    It was only 40 total for no gain or a loss

  • dgh57

    Okay I see, thanks! I was adding the 40 & the 21. It only makes it more impressive of a stat to me! 40 carries out of 382 for no gain or negative yards! NOT BAD AT ALL!!!

  • dgh57

    Our RBs probably had 40 carries for negative or no gain yards before 8 games!! Maybe just 1 RB!! If the above stats hold up for Bell in the NFL I can’t see why our running game can’t improve!

  • Rodger J Scarbeck

    Best all rounded back in the draft! And has flashes of excitement if he can break free! GL