Steelers Rookie LB Jarvis Jones Won\’t Dare Compare Himself To Former LB James Harrison

The first day of rookie camp for the Pittsburgh Steelers appears to now be in the books and first round draft pick Jarvis Jones talked to members of the media following the practice.

According to Aditi Kinkhabwala of the NFL Network on Twitter, Jones said that following him being drafted by the Steelers, LaMarr Woodley, Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor all called him draft night to welcome him to the team.

“I’m going to get up on those guys wings and learn everything I can,” said Jones, who just so happened to work out with renown trainer Tom Shaw this offseason down in Florida, presumably with Taylor and a few other Steelers players.

As far as Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau getting on him during his first practice, Jones said that wasn\’t the case.

“Nah, he’s more chill, he’s more laid back,” the outside linebacker said.

Jones was also apparently asked at one point how his game compares to that of former Steelers linebacker James Harrison, who was released by the team back in March, and he wisely didn\’t take the bait, according to Kinkhabwala.

“I don\’t compare myself in no way to James Harrison,” said Jones, via the Twitter report. “He\’s a great player. Respect him. Never met him. But I love his game. I wouldn\’t mind being an impact player like James Harrison.”

We will pass on more of what Jones and the other Steelers draft picks had to say later on in the day, but it appears that the Steelers first-round pick said all of the right things following his first official practice.

  • steeltown

    Yep, Jones is NOT Harrison… just like Wheaton is NOT Wallace. They will make their own way and take their on paths, hopefully they can be productive players in the League.. I see good things on the horizon

  • walter mason

    Sounds like a smart guy


    I wish him the best of luck with the Steelers. Seems like a real good guy.

  • HarryBackside

    Jones is, or at least was, working out with Ike.After Jones was drafted, he said in an interview that Ike had been teaching about the Steelers history, and that he viewed Ike as a mentor.

    One thing you have to love about Jones is that he appears to be drinking the Kool-Aid

  • SteelSpine

    Yep good answer. But his pass rush style is completely opposite of Harrison. Harrison rushes while leaning very forward low, which is the ol’ textbook for D linemen & pass-rushing LBs to get under blockers. Jarvis in college ran upright & ping-pong bounced his way off blockers into QB, Polomalu style, including knifed into openings, beating other defenders to QBs who had rolled out. I’ll be curious to see if Steeler coaches change Jarvis’s style to run lower with more lean.

  • SteelerDave

    If Jones allows himself to coached to improve upon some aspects of the game and he gives 110% every game he may well have a nice career with us. However, I am concerned his career could be short.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Why would he compare himself to Harrison? No one in their right mind would do that! JJ is a first round pick! He has to prove himself! What James Harrison did really is amazing! Even if JJ has a career like Harrison’s, JJ was a first round pick so it was expected of him! Therefore, no comparison could truly be made! One could argue spinal stenosis…poor 40 time…nothing compares to Harrison being cut several times and him overcoming adversity. Plus he arguably made the best damn play I’ve ever seen in a SB!

    If Adrian Robinson gets cut several times, plays for the enemy and gets cut, and gets resigned by the Steelers only to become Defensive Player of the Year once or twice, wins a few SBs with the Steelers, and saves a bay from drowning–just threw that in there, only then can we compare a player to James! I’m just saying. . .he is in a league of his own! HOF LB!!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Let’s not compare. . .let’s hope the Steelers win 3 SBs with Jones and he leads the league in sacks for the next 5 years!

  • Michael Mazanowski


  • Michael Mazanowski

    Steeltown I golfed for the first time this year! I have a lot of energy now (could you tell)! By the way, I’m horrible at golf! The only thing I’m good at is drinking and eating! But it felt so good to be out there away from my computer and my job!