Steelers Set To Open First OTA Session Of 2013 Minus 15 Players From 2012

Change is inevitable in the NFL as there is turnover on rosters each and every year. When the Pittsburgh Steelers first OTA of the 2013 off-season gets underway on Tuesday, they will be short 15 players from last season.

Of those 15 players, seven of them were perceived as starters with the offense losing four and the defense losing three. Those 7 players logged 6,666 total plays on either offense or defense of a possible 23,107, so that works out to be 29% of player contribution that the Steelers lost this off-season.

WRMike Wallace852
TELeonard Pope82
TMax Starks1086
GWillie Colon727
GDoug Legursky417
QBCharlie Batch132
QBByron Leftwich105
RBChris Rainey152
RBRashard Mendenhall104
NTCasey Hampton503
LBJames Harrison837
LBBrandon Johnson2
CBKeenan Lewis943
SWill Allen432
SRyan Mundy292

  • steeltown

    Its pretty clear to see how dependable Starks was last season… wish he would sign with us, we need the depth

    Its funny, offensively he’s the only guy on the list that I’ll miss

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I am always more fascinated with looking at how these guys were replaced, not necessarily who is gone.

    Mike Wallace – Markus Wheaton
    Leonard Pope – Matt Spaeth
    Max Starks – Guy Whimper
    Willie Colon – “no replacement yet”
    Doug Legursky – “no replacement yet”
    Charlie Batch – Landry Jones
    Byron Leftwich – Bruce Gradkowski
    Chris Rainey – LaRod Stevens-Howling
    Rashard Mendenhall – Le’Veon Bell

    The offensive line depth IMO is really a mess. I hope the FO has a plan.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Casey Hampton – Ta’amu will play, also brought in Fangupo
    James Harrison – Jarvis Jones
    Brandon Johnson – Vince Williams
    Keenan Lewis – William Gay
    Will Allen – Shamarko Thomas
    Ryan Mundy – Golden will get more reps.

  • Kenneth, I like your lists here. I would put Cortez in for Lewis though since Gay is the Nickel. The thing about it is, when I look at who we had and who we replaced them with, I cannot help but feel very excited. I think Hamp may make it back at some point but I believe the FO does have a plan when it comes to the O Line depth.

  • dgh57

    Yes I will miss Starks also! To me it’s even worse because I feel Starks should be starting ahead of the 2 OTs we have now (if he was still with us) even though he’s not a perfect fit in this new zone blocking scheme!! Adams/Gilbert need another year of seasoning and should fight it out for the RT position! Guy Whimper isn’t the answer to either OT position as I feel he’s only a Jonathan Scott clone!!!

  • steeltown

    I think between Foster and Beachum, between those guys Colon’s departure is an afterthought, the Tackle position on the other hand is another story, its my biggest concern for sure, but obviously Whimper was not signed to replace Starks

  • I like him too. I am just not sure he moves well enough for where the O is headed. On top of that, he wants to Start and make Starter money. It takes at least two to come to an agreement…not happening until one gives.

  • dgh57

    I agree that Starks isn’t the fleetest of foot but at what point does durability figure into the equation? Foster is a little better at his footwork but they signed him to a 3 year deal! We may not be able to get all the pieces together upfront the 1st year of switching to this new zone scheme. I think if Starks isn’t signed by someone by training camp that he will change his toon!

  • I know and I agree but I think this is a lot more of Max’s decision and not the Steelers. They drafted a couple Tackles in the last couple years in early rounds and perhaps in their eyes, it is time for these young men to step up and earn their money. I would love having Starks in here to compete as well. I just think it is more his decision on how to go about it than it is the FO’s. I hope his tune does change as well.

  • Nolrog

    Two questions. What happens at the OTAs and does being unsigned have any impact on the rookies and what they can do at them?

  • David Edward

    I think the Steelers view it this way…

    Wallace – Sanders – Wheaton
    but Wheaton may replace Sanders next year
    Starks – Gilbert/Adams
    with Whimper as swing OT
    Colon – Foster
    Legursky – Malecki

  • David Edward

    and they view it…
    Hampton – McClendon
    Harrison – Worilds with Jones as the future
    Lewis – Allen – Gay

  • Kenneth Wilt

    In both of these cases, I was truly just doing a Player left vs. Player added comparison. There was no real effort to look at overall roll or depth chart.