Steelers T Guy Whimper Contract Details

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed free agent tackle Guy Whimper on Monday and the contract details are pretty simple and not taxing cap wise.

According to an agent, Whimper signed a one-year qualifying contract that includes a base salary of $715,000 and no signing bonus. Being as it was a qualifying contract, the cap hit for Whimper will be $555,000. Thanks to displacement in the top 51 salaries, the Steelers only used $75,000 of cap space to sign Whimper.

Being as Whimper received no signing bonus, he will not cost the Steelers anything in the way of dead money to release should he not make the final 53 man roster out of training camp.

In addition to Whimper only receiving the minimum, he was also issued jersey No. 61, which means that the numbers of Max Starks and Doug Legursky, No 78 and No. 64 respectively, are still available.

The Steelers reportedly have $298,432.00 in available cap space after the signing of Whimper and another undrafted free agent that received a signing bonus of $666.00.

  • steeltown

    Well good… I was wondering if they would offer the 65K signing bonus that most vet qualifying deals include.. I’m glad they didn’t, no dead money

    He’ll most likely be a camp body, I REALLY doubt he makes the 53man

  • TrueSteelerForLife

    Who is the undafted free agent?

  • Garvin out of WV..a Hybrid LB/Safety type.

  • CW

    Like him as a Strong Safety prospect more than a linebacker. He’s about the same weight as Polamalu and is very good at tackling.

    Could be the next Donnie Shell, who was also a college linebacker turned safety in the Pros.

  • I think Lake was a LB turned Safety as well. He has a very slim chance but slim is better than none.

  • steeltown

    Strange body type is why he went undrafted… too heavy and slow for Safety and too small for a 3down LB… he’s very athletic though

  • steeltown

    Im not sure what they would do with Garvin, he’s 6’3 and 225lbs
    Too heavy & slow for Safety and too small for LB, but he was pretty productive in college, I bet he’s a great special teams player, but I just don’t see where he fits in a 3-4 pro system

  • Tom

    Good to hear that he can be cut with no cap hit. With his abysmal sack allowed rates, the signing was a bit puzzling. I’d be surprised if he makes the 53 man roster.

  • CW

    Same knock on Donnie Shell coming out of college. Too slow and heavy for safety, too small for a linebacker.

    Same weird week late undrafted free agent signing too.

    I’d just like to see it work out the same way.

  • steeltown