Steelers T Mike Adams Resigned To The Fact He Will Be On Right Side In 2013

With five OTA practices now in the books for the Pittsburgh Steelers, I think it is safe to say that there never was a competition for the left tackle spot.

Following the Wednesday practice, Mike Adams talked to the media and pretty much summed up who will be playing where this year with two short and sweet answers to direct position questions he was asked.

Adams was first asked if he expects to play on the right side.

“As of now, yeah,” said Adams. “Just getting ready for that.”

Following that nine word response he was then asked if he has worked on the left side at all.

“No I haven\’t, but if I do need to, I\’ll be ready,” said Adams.

It\’s pretty clear that Adams is disappointed that he isn\’t getting a shot to play on the left side this year, but the Steelers obviously feel like he fits better on the right.

I have pointed out several times this offseason how good Adams\’ run blocking was during his five game stretch as a starter last season and perhaps that is one of the main reasons the Steelers want to keep him on that side in 2013.

At some point during training camp and the preseason games we\’ll see Adams get work at left tackle just as a precaution, but I think we can safely say right now that Marcus Gilbert will be the starting left tackle in 2013.

  • Ahmad

    So it will be Gilbert, Foster, Pouncey, DeCastro, and Adams just like I projected. I like it.

  • TrueSteelerForLife

    At least Gilbert and Foster had good chemistry two seasons ago! And Decastro with Adams should be two awesome run blockers on the right side!

  • 2443scott

    sounds like a little hissy fit in adams replys ….i dont know if i am getting paid millions of dollars i be happy to be standing in endzone or being the water boy …..maybe he rather be on left side at mcdonals fliping burgers for 7 bucks a hour

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I watched that interview and did not notice anything in his reply that would constitute a ‘hissy fit.’ Also, I think anyone would be disappointed if they were eligible for a top position and were relegated to take a lesser position. A lot can change, but he will likely make about half as much over the course of his career at right tackle vs. left.

  • Arthur Branch

    Those millions are drastically different between playing Left and Right Tackle. This guy is getting paid millions for the discipline and hard work it takes to develop his talents into a NFL football player. . The same reason people go to college to maximize their earning potential. He should be upset hopefully it fuels him to work harder this year.

  • charles

    Only thing better would have Starks and Beachum as backups. We all have to recognize that if the above starting lineup plays to their potential then Colbert and Tomlin have done an amazing job and if they gel the Steelers could be real nasty in the trenches.

  • Shea Fahr

    Real competition will happen once we get into July/August…but I am comfortable with the projected starting line up at the moment.

  • Pete


  • westernsteel

    For the first in a long time I feel pretty good about the starting five!

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Congrats on your projection. I’m projecting that the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

  • zyzak

    Lets hope that Gilbert can play LT, I think he will have problems there. They still need a quality LT, because Gilbert stinks

  • steeltown

    Exactly.. was just going to say that he didn’t seem too upset in the interview

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Marcus gilbert always had been a good pass-protector. Probably better than max starks. His main issue was playing in the power scheme, the scheme is different and he got caught skating on field. Having Ramon Foster ought to help too, Foster is somebody who doesn’t get pushed back and it’ll allow Gilbert to use his athleticism to mirror any defensive player.

    I’m not implying that he’s next Kalil or Joe Thomas but there is more positive outcome to look at than negative.

  • Steve

    Your sun never shines!

  • disqus_fl8OJpXznD

    2 firsts and two second rounders out of five? Please don’t give too much credit there…the credit goes to the units that play well without top draft choices, like WR and most of our secondary.

  • PA2AK

    right…because 1st and 2nd round choices are guarantees. Certainly give credit to the other units as well, but there was a need for a revamped OL…they met the need very well. *shhh* it’s OK to give credit to Tomlin. *shhh* don’t tell anyone, but not all of Cowher’s 1st and 2nd rd. picks panned out and he also had some down years.

  • PA2AK

    wow…you sound like you work for pittsburgh media or something. let’s take this comment out of it’s original context and turn it into a controversy. I hear Adams is going to start pulling look-out-blocks to prove a point! He probably has a bad relationship with Haley or something!

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Your a proper cunt!