Steelers Undrafted NT Anthony Rashad White On Injured Reserve After Being Waived Injured

On Monday, we passed along word to you that the Pittsburgh Steelers had waived undrafted free agent nose tackle Anthony Rashad White, but according to the official league transaction sheet put out daily by the league, the 6-1, 335-pound, White was waived injured.

White has since cleared waivers and has now reverted to the Steelers injured reserve list as a result. He does not count against the 90 man roster.

We don\’t know the exact nature of the injury suffered by White and his stay on the Steelers injured reserve list will likely depend on the seriousness of his injury.

The Steelers might decide to pay White an injury settlement at some point if he is expected to be sidelined for more than a few weeks, so we will just have to watch the transactions moving forward to see what ultimately happens with him.

In 2012, White started 12 games at nose tackle for Michigan State and recorded 23 tackles (11 solo, 12 assists). He also was the recipient of the team\’s President\’s Award (senior lineman) for perseverance.

UPDATE: Bob Labriola said on Steelers Live that White showed up in very poor condition for rookie camp. Like I mentioned above, the official transaction shows him being waived injured and reverting back to the Steelers injured reserve list. Make of this what you will.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    How do they determine what he counts against the cap?

  • SteelersDepot

    not in the top 51 salaries right now, so only his very tiny signing bonus counts

  • dgh57

    I like Bob’s choice of the word “very” before poor condition!!

    Some of these players that are invited to rookie camps amaze me! They seem to be clueless about the physical conditioning needed for these camps, OTAs, or whatever!

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    How would they determine an injury settlement? My understanding is if they waive him injured, they are on the hook for the minimum wage in the number of games he would be expected to miss because of his injury since he is on their IR? That money would essentially become dead money. If its something like an ACL that is a full season of a minimum salary down the drain when the season starts and all salaries count. They already will be paying $500K to Spence. It looks to me like every penny will count come September. Am I wrong to think that there are likely to be a few salary cuts in late August?

  • SteelersDepot

    They are paying him now. Based on what I am hearing, it is a short term injury/conditioning problem. Maybe even just a hammy (guessing). Should that indeed be the case, he will be gone in a matter of days or weeks. It’s not costing as much as you probably envisioning. In addition, you have likely forgot that $5.5 million in cap space will be freed up come June 2nd once Colon comes off the books and the draft picks should only use up $1.6 million of that after displacement. Outside of maybe possibly Cotchery (big maybe), there isn’t likely to be any more big name cuts.

  • steeltown

    Right? How do you get injured, that seriously, in a 3day rookie mini camp wearing shorts? I know stuff happens, but damn man that about as easy and as light of a practice you will get in the NFL