Steelers Waive NT Anthony Rashad White From Injured Reserve List

A week ago we reported that former Michigan State nose tackle Anthony Rashad White reverted back to the Pittsburgh Steelers injured reserve list following him clearing waivers after being waived injured on May 6. On Tuesday, White was waived from the injured reserve list which means that he is fully recovered from whatever injury he may have had.

White was signed as an undrafted free agent immediately following the 2013 NFL draft, but according to Bob Labriola of, the 335 pound nose tackle showed up to the Steelers rookie camp extremely out of shape.

We have yet to find out exactly why White needed to be waived injured and likely never will unless he is asked about it in the future. All that matters at this point is that he is off the roster now and that the team is not on the hook for his salary. White had a very small dead money charge, well under $4,000, associated with his release due the signing bonus that was given him.

  • dgh57

    Anthony “Clueless” White sounds more like it!!!!

    Some of these College players amaze me in that they don’t seem to have a CLUE what is needed in the way of being physically fit and prepared for the next level of playing in the NFL!!! You would think that a strong desire to play in the NFL would motivate these guys to be in shape!

  • Guest

    There’s a difference between not and not doing. Trust me on that

  • Ryan Lee, turn your ringer on…

  • LouPGH

    I have a strong desire to play in the NFL, and yet here I am

  • steeltown

    I think when Terence Garvin was signed he basically took the open roster spot that White’s release created, but I agree even if we need to release someone like OG Hubbard or CB King or Isaiah Green… I would rather have an added prospect to battle for OL depth, especially considering he has a full training camp and half a season on the Steelers PS under his belt

  • dgh57

    Obviously, and he chose the latter of not doing!!!

  • Shelob9

    There must be a reason why the Steelers and whatever other team he played for were willing to cut him.