Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders Says Contract Extension Talks Are Going On Right Now

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders had an eventful off-season that included him signing an one-year restricted offer sheet with the New England Patriots. The Steelers of course matched that offer right before the deadline and now that he is under contract for the 2013 season, Sanders was asked Wednesday on 93.7 The Fan if there has been any talk about an extension.

“Of course, and those conversations are going on right now,” Sanders said.

Despite admitting that he has had extension talks with the Steelers, Sanders wanted to make it clear that those talks are not the main thing on his mind right now.

“You guys keep talking about the contract,” Sanders said. “You guys won’t let the contract go, but you know, at the end of the day, I’m telling you that I’m honest when I say I’m not worried about a contract. The contracts will come.”

As I pointed out in a post right after the Steelers decided to match the one-year, $2.5 million offer sheet that Sanders signed with the Patriots, those terms can\’t be changed, so that means an extension would only make his 2013 cap hit go higher.

Sanders\’ agent Jordan Woy said in mid April that his client is looking for a “very good deal,” and that their side is willing to play out the one year contract so that Sanders can become an unrestricted free agent next off-season.

Once Woy said what he did, I theorized that Steelers could possibly extend Sanders three more years prior to the start of the 2013 season with the total of the four year deal coming in at $26 million. That deal would guarantee Sanders $12 million in total through 2014, which would essentially mean that he would be getting $9.5 million in new money over the $2.5 million he is scheduled to earn in 2013.

Should the outline of my example deal be used, Sanders cap hit in 2013 would only increase by one million to $3.5 million in 2013 and his 2014 cap hit would only be $5.17 million after turning a $2 million roster bonus that he would be due next year into a signing bonus next March. You can read the full details of that example deal right here.

It\’s good to hear that there has already been discussion and I suspect that those talks will continue on for the rest of the summer. Thanks to release of guard Willie Colon earlier in the off-season, the Steelers will have an additional $5.5 million of cap space to work with come June 2nd, so that is the soonest that an extension with Sanders can get done.

The extension given to nose tackle Steve McLendon several weeks ago was done out of necessity, as the Steelers normally like to get extensions done a few weeks into training camp. If they are to eventually get one done with Sanders, that\’s when I would expect it to be completed.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Sign or not to sign! He has a lot to prove! Sort of like me proving I can stay sober! A LOT TO PROVE!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Dave I’m bi-polar….how do two bi-polar people great each other?….Hi-low?!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Go Penguins!

  • SteelersDepot

    you might not want to find out.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    lol! Cat scratch fever!

  • Mike Sweeney

    Why is he talking? He should be talking to his hands cuz I,saw the pill, fall out of his clutches, wayyyyyyyyyyy too much. So, Manny, shhhhhhhhhh, pretty please!!!!

  • 3 years would be perfect. And Dave’s numbers are more than fair. I hope they get something done. Can you imagine Brown, Sanders, Wheaton, Cotchery/or next years draft pick for a few more years? Number 7 trophy for sure my Friends!

  • Steve

    Don’t count your chickens too soon Shea. WR was suppose to be the strong point last year, what a flop. Everyone must prove themselves, NOTHING is a given in the NFL. With not much of a running game the Steelers were 8-8, who to Thunk it?? Steeler will always be my team but a hurt player there and a hurt player there made the offense terrible. We need to establish a running game and that will enable the passing.

  • Injuries are difficult but when you have a franchise QB salary and franchise LB salary working against your cap, it leaves little else to fill every single position including depth. I really like what I am reading and hearing so far. It was a difficult year last year for the wideouts but we have seen some of them flash greatness at times as well. Being the second year in the new offense, I think we all should see vast improvements.

  • steeltown

    Agreed.. I think we’ll see much improvement all around in the 2nd yr of Haley O

  • steeltown

    I agree.. we need to get a good rushing attack back

  • David Edward

    Not sold on the idea that signing Sanders long-term term is really the answer. I don’t really see him as a big time #2 WR. If they get him for #3 type money then ok, but I wouldn’t give him starter money. Would rather let him play the year out and see how it goes. Let someone else give him the big paycheck.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I like Sanders and was all for them doing what they needed to do to keep him, but you don’t give a guy who could only muster a $2,5m contract on the free agent market a contract that averages $6.5m/year.

    He’s a small receiver that is not a deep threat. Those guys aren’t getting huge money, 5 years/$20m, with $10-12m in the first 2 years seems about right to me.

  • drinking too much of Mike’s hard lemonade, Shea? I share your excitement but calm down. 🙂

  • Mike Sweeney

    Haley’s comet and meteorites

  • Dominic Johns

    Good prices. I could put an extra 3 to 5m on that contract and be satisfied.

  • Dan

    Agreed. If negotiations have heated up it may be that he’s looked good in OTAs. But to me he is worth the $2.5m this year to see how he does, but I’d want to see more before dishing out $26m for 4 years. If he shows he can both catch the ball AND hold on to it, maybe it will work out.

  • steeltown

    Yea.. Im sort of hesitant at the moment. He has the ability to be a solid WR, good blocker, good route runner, but do we want to sink $6+MIL a season into a guy NOW, not knowing how much production he is capable of? When its all said and done, he has 5 total TD’s for his career.

    But, on the flip side, if Sanders has a tremendous year then we wont be able to afford him when he is truly an UFA

    I’d say if we can get him at fair market value (based on his production) than Im all for it definitely lock him up, but otherwise… lets face it the Steelers have never overpaid for WR’s… plus what if Wheaton has a great rookie season…

  • steeltown

    I’d like to see the TD production increase.. I know he’s only been the #3 guy, but hell our fullback had as many TD’s last season (1) as Sanders did

    IF, and that’s a big IF they can get him for say 4yr $20MIL, then I’d say lock him up… but that wont happen, it sounds like he and his agent are looking for a bigger deal. Of couse looking at Bryans breakdown, even at the $26MIL, in his breakdown if Sanders struggles to produce or struggles with injury he could be released after 2014 with minimal dead money

  • I don’t drink but I am very excited.

  • disqus_fl8OJpXznD

    Yikes, guy was less productive than a hobbled AB and a one-trick pony headcase with the drops. I’m totally not sold he’s a capable starter in this league…maybe worth the 1 year $2.5M risk because it’s worse to start Cotchery.

  • Steve

    When they talk of a “Fractured” locker room last year, a few of the boys that departed were the problem, so good riddance. Just about every third play Wallace was in, he had an argument with someone, the guy thought he was IT! Let’s see him run his legs off this year and see how far he can go, the Turkey. His ATTITUDE will cost him, like it did with the EX-MONEY Crew. My favorite was Ward. He was not fast but would LAY you out. Anytime rules are made because of something you are doing, it’s almost a Guarantee into the HOF. He always loved what he did and let his actions talk for him. Wallace is a prima donna in my opinion. He was afraid to hit anyone and will be laid to rest in South Beach.

  • Steve

    Injuries S**t, it called Dogging it in my books. If they don’t get their Keister moving the will be moved OUT! I think that is why Hampton is gone. He would come into camp out of shape and sloppy. He was a good player but sloppyness cost his job and it will cost Woodley his job if he don’t get off his can. Timmons had a terrific year,, now if we can get Lemar to workout and get in shape maybe he can be the player they thought he may. He was the weak link last year and they ran all day over him. He was blown out so many times his side was like the indy 500 and I don’t see anyone else they had doing any better at his position, so I am glad they drafted a inside LB.

  • dave

    It all comes down to how much the deal ends up costing the Steelers..but really he has no incentive to sign a below-market deal – that would be just betting against himself. Unless it’s a good deal for him, the smart move for him is to play out this year and then hit the market next spring. (Of course, it’s also somewhat a gamble on his part that he doesn’t have a severe injury.)

    It’s sort of funny to me, if the Steelers extend him this summer, half the posts will be that the Steelers overpaid. If they don’t extend him and he has a good year and signs somewhere else next Spring, half the posts will be that the Steelers were stupid not to give him an extension prior to the season and the Rooneys are cheap…. can’t please everyone! LOL

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    This is pretty much how I feel as well. I like Manny. I would be happy with extending him. I would also be okay with letting him go. It just comes down to price.

    The one thing the Steelers have done pretty well lately is not overpaying. Now they may make some mistakes by extending guys who are too old and injury prone. But when you look at market value at the time they sign, we usually get a good deal.

    I just hate that we wait until they’ve become a rising star to extend them, rather than the year before. Manny would’ve been much cheaper last off season.