Tedy Bruschi Thinks Ben Roethlisberger Might Want To Consider Seeing More Ghosts

On Monday, Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark said on NFL Live that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sees ghosts when under pressure against man-to-man coverages. On Wednesday, former Patriots linebacker turned ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi came to the defense of his former teammate and even suggested that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger should perhaps start seeing more ghosts himself.

When Brusci was asked to give his reaction to Clarks\’ ghost remark, he let it rip.

“It\’s a defensive term,” started Bruschi. “Ryan\’s a safety and I\’m a linebacker, and he calls it seeing ghosts, but I call it protecting the franchise, because you want your quarterback every week to be there for you 16 weeks out of the regular season

“I\’ve seen Peyton Manning do it. I\’ve seen Eli Manning, those quarterbacks that know they\’re more important than this down, this particular down right now. So live to fight another day and get down and save the franchise.”

Bruschi at that point turned his attention to the often injured Roethlisberger in order to drive his point home.

“I\’ll talk about Ryan\’s quarterback Ben Roethlisberger,” continued Bruschi. “He\’s only played 16 games one time in his entire nine year career. He\’s missed eight games in the last three years. It\’s hard to win without your franchise quarterback and its taken me a little bit of time to realize this post retirement as an analyst.

“Quarterbacks must think differently than linebackers, than safeties. They must know that that position is of the utmost importance and they need to stay alive, and stay healthy, and be there through the entire regular season, and the entire postseason.

“That\’s the way I see it. So, he calls it seeing ghost, but I think a lot of fans of the Steelers, of the Washington Redskins, with Robert Griffin III, you would think that they would protect the franchise a little bit more regularly.

Now, Bruschi certainly makes a good point about the health of Roethlisberger, but holding onto the football and extending plays is what has made him so successful over the course of his career. A byproduct of that, unfortunately, along with of course inferior offensive line play, is that it has led to him taking quite a few sacks and missing games as a result.

Last season, the Steelers brought in new offensive coordinator Todd Haley with the hopes that his style of offense would lead to Roethlisberger taking less sacks and technically it did as Roethlisberger\’s 2.31 sacks taken per game average was the lowest that it has been since 2005, his second year in the league. Even still, it didn\’t prevent him from missing three games last season thanks to the sack he took in Week 10 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

So, is Bruschi right? Does Roethlisberger need to start seeing more ghosts, or perhaps does he just need a better running game and better pass protection instead?

  • zyzak

    Good for him he’s a punk, maybe thses guys need to take off their uniforms when they go into TV

  • grw1960

    What I think is;
    Roethlisburger needs to embrace Haley’s offense, take the shorter throws and use check down passes to his Wrs, RBS out of the backfield more and save the heroic extending plays for last chance drives.

  • I generally crank up the Death Metal when Teddy speaks so I cannot hear him…Ben does not believe in the paranormal anyway.

  • r4kolb

    Hey Teddy it’s called smashmouth football. It’s a Burgh thing you wouldn’t understand.

  • steeltown

    I agree that Ben holds onto the ball too long.. and he tends to get inured often, BUT that style of play, that sandlot style, has helped the Team get to 3SB

    That said, now that he’s in his 30’s I agree with ‘grw1960’ in that Ben should embrace this new offensive philosophy and style, he did take far less sacks in ’12 than in previous seasons and was being mentioned in the MVP race. Im not saying do away with the backyard football altogether, that will always be in his back pocket if and when the play breaks down, but if at all possible he needs to protect himself… if that means throwing it away one-two seconds sooner, then so be it

    Also cant help but mention having a solid run game is the best protection for a QB

  • Isaac Reveles

    i think the OL is gonna be pretty good this year so that should help on its own and then combine that with what should be a very good running game. that will take the pressure off of ben to carry the team and he can go through his progressions with out the pocket collapsing on him

  • JDR

    the offense was never the problem and should not have been messed with….when you’re lucky enough to have a QB like Ben, you tailor the offense to him not force him into yours

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Sheesh. Heaven forbid any player bring ANY other opinion to a sports show without some talking head ripping their opinion a new one. I almost forgot that if you didn’t hear it on NFL “The Pats are the early Super Bowl favorites” Live, it must not be true.

  • mem359

    There is a difference between getting rid of the ball in a timely manner, and still holding onto the ball while ducking phantom rushers. Ben does not need to see “ghosts”.

  • TheBlitz

    Ben is almost 31 years and it’s time to play smarter and extend his playing career by a few more years. Otherwise he will not last very long. He is not 22 years old anymore and it’s foolish to think he can keep up with that style of play forever.

    Did you really think the sack he took against the Chiefs was that hard of a hit ? Well it almost cost him his life because his body is so banged up.

    Haley style of play almost got him got him MVP consideration. If I’m correct he never came that close in 9 years.

    I’m not suggesting to transform him into a completely different QB (that’s impossible anyway at this stage of his career). Rather what I’m suggesting is to give him the tools he needs to succeed and play longer. One of those tools is to teach him how to release the ball quicker and just take what the D gives at times and live to fight another play.

  • JDR

    Brewski will be seeing ghosts after i punch him in his stroked out side of his head… now that Ray plea bargain out of facing a murder trial Lewis is retired, i can say i definitely hate the cheating pats* more than any team, and probably always have… they arent even the most popular team in their own town… realisticly they are probably 4th after the red sox, celtics, and bruins

  • JDR

    i’m supprised espmz doesnt make him wear his old jersey… i absolutely cant stand espn, and havent watched a second of that channel that is not a live game since their public campaign to vilainize Ben using half truths and other total bullshit

  • JDR

    almost doesnt mean shit, nobody plays team sports just for winning individual awards, SB’s are what its about not personal awards like mvp, he may not of won an mvp and i doubt he cares, he has 2 sb rings that mean more than anything in a TEAM sport… he is who he is, his style is what makes him special and different from any other QB….without playing with reckless abandon, fast break football, he is just another guy…he needs to play his style as long as he can and when he cant, retire…no big deal… its not up to us, and not letting him play his way is a waste.

    you cant even believe that bullshit you just spewed about the sack that got him hurt… one 300lb guy picked him up off the ground, slammed him to the ground while landing his full weight on him along with another 300lber…thats 600 pounds or so falling on top of you after you were already slammed off the turf…thats not supposed to hurt? and the position he was in and part of his body that hit the ground first just isnt made to be able to take that much force…hell, just falling and hitting the ground shoulder first like what happened will easily break your collarbone(one of easiest to break) and separate a shoulder, and thats without the other 600 lbs landing on top of that.. smh

  • Nateron85

    The Patriots have won superbowls with Tom seeing ghosts and the Steelers have won some too with Ben getting pressured. Ben’s style needs to change some because the offense calls for it but his style is only a portion of his injury history. Give Ben Tom’s protection and Ben’s probably got another ring.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    The thing that makes great players “great” is that they constantly strive to improve. They watch film obsessively, they work on technique relentlessly. They don’t settle for their natural God given abilities. They challenge themselves to get better.

    This same principle applies to Ben. He was blessed with great abilities to improvise. Quick reaction time. Slippery movement skills. Etc. He must also strive to improve on those abilities. Not get rid of them.

    Here is the key… There is a time to get rid of the ball quickly. And there is a time to stick with the play. (It is not one or the other.) Ben won the Super Bowl against the Cardinals on the final drive because he slipped blocks and kept plays alive for 5-7 seconds. He also could’ve won more games if he had taken the short safe quick throws the defense gave him.

    Ben’s challenge is to improve on his decision making. When to throw quick. And when to keep the play alive.

  • Alberto

    Bruschi is such an asshole, he needs to hold on to his patriot days to have purpose….he can’t speak w/o saying “the patriot way” a 100 times…get a life (after football) loser.

  • steeltown

    Agreed. I watch live sports and I watch the draft on espn…. that is all

  • steeltown

    Well.. you can never fully take away the danger, never take away the possibility of being injured, BUT look at Brady and Manning and little Manning and Brees etc. these guys have good quick release and its effective and it keeps them upright and allows them to play entire seasons.

    I said before, Im not saying do away with the backyard football altogether, its been successful and that will always be in his back pocket if and when the play breaks down, but if at all possible he needs to protect himself at this point in his career…. In the end, we need him on the field

  • SteelersDepot

    Enough with the language, please. You can make your point without it.

  • Gabe Evins

    I believe Ben is Ben and I do not not know how many times i have sat there in my chair in amazement by what Ben just did and I say “Ben being Ben” . With that said I think maybe Ben does need to maybe not try to extend every play and just realize that he needs to just get on the ground or throw it away. A healthy Ben not extending plays every down is better then an injured Ben extending plays or our back up QB playing because Ben can’t. I think this is all what Bruschi is saying and I actually agree with him. Ben will not change this is how he plays and why I would not trade him for any other QB in the League.

  • 2443scott

    tedy bruschi whos this guy ….oh yeah hes one the guys who used video tape to win superbowls and when it was taken away from him and his team they never won again …maybe ben hadnt played every game like his good friend tom brady who is given every call known to ref heaven ….ben plays football the way it was made to be played tedy bruschi …..ben won his superbowls by playing he wasnt given the playbook like you and your team were …..i think about your comments tedy bruschi just as much as i do of warren sapp which isnt any thing …..tedy bruschi has a right to his opinion but this is mine ..him and his team cheated to win there superbowls and his opinion on other players is worthless cause he couldnt play on a even field ……

  • Jeff

    Last I checked, Ben has 2 rings playing the way he’s played. I think this is just a case of a former teammate forgetting that he’s on the set, not in the locker room.

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Thank you Dave!

  • r4kolb

    Michael your such a brown noser 🙂

  • JohnnyV1

    Bruschi is an idiot. He needs a big glass of shut the hell up! He adds nothing to ESPN, he won’t be around long!

  • alex

    everybody is right…it all starts and stops with the QB…to use a poker term, they need to know when to ‘fold’ on a play in order to fight another day…BUT do they fold by throwing the ball to the sideline(Manning), throw an INT(Sanchez), or take a dumb sack(Rivers)?

    then there is BEN, who, has, countless times, saved the day on third and whatever, with his extension of plays…and then there are the injuries…!?

    if we werent two for three on SuperBowls with him, we might think differently…!

  • Michael Mazanowski


  • He has a point, but he wasn’t smart enough to go into it properly. Ben needs to know when in a game extending the play is worth the risk. Too often the injuries have come against bad teams that we should have or would have beat anyway without trying to extend every play. Time and a place for everything.

  • Totally agree with you Kris.

  • disqus_wdLdx4W76r

    I love Ben ..but Teddys right. The last 2 injuries that put him on the sideline the last TWO years were basically his fault..trying to make somethin out of nothing way after the play broke down. Now we all know that’s what makes him who he is but THATS not smart football. He’s never been the best at reading coverages especially pre snap or getting out of bad plays when he sees a blitz comming. With the injury history and sub par O-Line play he needs to play smarter or he’ll be done in 2-3 years by taking unnecessary shots every week.

  • Philip Namy

    Let’s no blow Clark’s ill-advised comment out of proportion. More quarterbacks should see “ghosts” if that what Brady sees.

  • Now let’s talk about the o line. Ben’s Injuries are almost ALWAYS domino affects from guys like Max Starks, Willie Colon, Mike Adams, the list goes on. When was the last time the same o line started for more than 3 games? Ben is smart. 43, he was completely calm, if you saw the mericas game, he said that he forgot it was the SB. hasn’t changed a bit from mindset. o line? Crumbles like a batch of grammas cookies. 06 07, 99 sacks. All from LBs swarming at him. BEN NEEDS TO BE SMART!!!!!! says the person who doesn’t know what an offensive line is. Without it, it’s 11 on 1 for Ben. Stop blaming the QB for everything just because he is the ring leader of the team. And stop living in Patrick Star’s basement. Good day sir

  • wanna talk about the o line now teddy bear?