The Age Old Steelers Mount Rushmore Discussion

Pro Football Talk is doing a 32-part series this month that features a Mount Rushmore for each of the NFL teams. This question has been beat to death over the years, but in the case of the Pittsburgh Steelers, it always produces great discussion as there are so many members of the organization that one could argue as a candidate to be one of the four faces of the franchise.

I think that everyone would agree that Art Rooney Sr. has to be one of the four faces on a Steelers Mount Rushmore. If you disagree, make your argument for leaving him off below.

Once you get past “The Chief, however, that\’s when you really start to see fans differ in opinion. You can\’t leave Chuck Noll or Joe Greene off a Steelers Mount Rushmore, can you? If so, how?

Ok, now it\’s your turn. List your four faces of the Steelers organization below and also list a second version of a Steelers Mount Rushmore that only features former players.

  • Mike Foster

    The Chief, Dan Rooney, Chuck Noll, Mean Joe. The original Steel Curtain of Green, White, Holmes, Greenwood would be a good old players only one. A generational one would be Stautner, Green, Lloyd, & Polamalu as I. Think they’re the most important players of their generation.

  • alex besinque

    The Chief for being the Chief. Coach Noll for molding and guiding the franchise into success. Joe Greene because he was the cornerstone of the franchise for years and providing nastiness that has been the hallmark of the team since. Terry Bradshaw for being the offensive counterpart to Greene, not in nastyness or individual ability but for the perserverance and toughness he showed.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    I agree with the 3 named above. For the fourth, I would add Bradshaw because he was QB for their first 4 Superbowl wins.
    For my second version consisting of former players, I would select those who played their entire career with the Steelers and have the greatest number of combined first-team all-pro honors and pro bowl selections (based on Thus, my second list would include Lambert, Ham, Greene, and Webster.

  • Gary Thomas

    The chief…chuck Noll who defined this team……joe green……terry.bradshaw….The rocks of the foundation this team stands

  • RyanW

    Chief, Mean Joe, Noll and Bradshaw cause he was the teams original franchise quarterback and even tho statistically he wasn’t remarkable dude was about clutch as they come not too mention one tough SOB

  • Chief, Noll, Mean Joe & Bradshaw.

    An argument can be made to add others, but not to remove any of those 4.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    The Chief, Franco, Chuck Noll and Lambert (Got to have that toothless grin on the mountain)

  • $19122620

    1.) Art Rooney, Sr. “The Chief” (The founding owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise). Enough said!

    2.) Terry Bradshaw (1978 Super Bowl MVP, 1979 Super Bowl MVP).

    3.) Franco Harris (1974 Super Bowl MVP, Steelers all time leading rusher, Most TDs scored among Steelers players outside the QB position).

    4.) Joe Greene (Most pro bowls in Steeler history – 10-time Pro Bowler & 5-time First-Team All-Pro).

    A more modern list would probably look someting like this:
    1.) Jerome Bettis
    2.) Hines Ward
    3.) Ben Roethlisberger
    4.) Troy Polamalu

  • Russian Steel

    Amen. Finally someone with a brain…the top four is obvious. You HAVE to have The Chief and Dan Rooney…people that leave them out are morons. Chuck Noll is third followed closely by Mean Joe.

  • JC

    1.Art Rooney Sr.
    2. Chuck Noll
    3. Joe Greene
    4. Terry Bradshaw
    (These 4 are the founding fathers of this franchise)

    Players Only
    1. Joe Greene
    2. Terry Bradshaw
    3. Franco Harris
    4. Hines Ward
    (These players define the Steelers)

  • dgh57

    Ver. 1: The Chief,
    Chuck Noll,
    “Mean” Joe Greene,

    Ver.2: Lambert,
    Greg Lloyd(what can I say I loved his disposition & attitude in the way he played)

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Rooney Sr., Noll, Cowher, Tomlin. 4 heads that have provided many SB’s and playoff victories.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    Excuse me for being so ignorant….And Greene too….there has to be 5

  • Nolrog

    What a wonderful problem to have. So many Steeler greats, it’s hard to pick the top 4.

  • David Edward

    I see this as fairly easy. The fist one would be:
    1. The Chief – self explanatory
    2. Dan Rooney- basically took over the organization in late 50s and made it one of the most respected in all sports
    3. Emperor Chas Noll- took over the worst team and made it the greatest ever
    4. Mean Joe – the definition of what it means to be a Steeler
    Right beneath the heads would be a Terrible Towel in honor of Myron Cope…double yoy!

    Then a former players one would be:
    1. Mean Joe – see above
    2. Lambert – that legendary toothless grin picture of him IS the face of the Steelers
    3. Franco – Immaculate reception was only just the beginning of things to come for him and the Steelers
    4. Bradshaw – the Blond (bald) Bomber didn’t always get along with Noll, but the two formed the greatest QB/coach combo ever

  • RW

    Hard to leave Bettis off the list. Mine would be The Chief, Chuck Noll, Mean Joe and Bettis. Can’t believe I don’t have a LB on there, though…

  • Intropy

    V2: Stautner, Greene, Lambert, Woodson

    V3 (which has 2 D and 2 O): Greene, Woodson, Bradshaw, Dawson

    V4 (spread out in time): Stautner, Greene, Woodson, Polamalu

    Hard to do with 4. You could make plausible arguments for any of these guys as the GOAT for his position:
    Greene, Lambert, Blount, Woodson, Dawson, Polamalu, Anderson, Hampton, Smith.

    Quite a list.

  • Seriously have to consider Stautner.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    uhhh there are to many players to decide on just four.

  • Whelk

    Art Rooney Sr founded the team and guided it through almost 40 years of not quite mediocre play. Dan Rooney took over day to day operations in1966 and began operating the Steelers like a professional franchise. So the Chief is out, Dan is in.

    I’ll add Chuck Noll who turned around the team on the field, Joe Greene who did so much to start it all, and finally Myron Cope who invented the terrible towel and who did so much to energize Steeler-naion.
    Players only, I’m not sure we can really limit it to just 4. I suppose Joe Greene, Terry Bradshaw, Rod Woodson, and Ben Roethlisberger.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Greene( Argubly the best steeler)
    Harris (Immaculate Reception)
    Jack Lambert( Face of the Steelers )
    The Chief

  • Sven_Hunkstrom

    Rooney Sr.

    First runner up, with highest honors, is Mel Blount. Most likely a better player, and certainly more historically significant to the game (they had to change the rules of the sport to negate his dominance, which might be the highest possible compliment an athlete can receive) than Lambert. But Lambert’s enduring mystique, making him in popular imagination the symbol of the greatest team in history, gets him the nod.

    Ham and Bradshaw on the ballot, and then, in my opinion, a considerable gap until everyone else. If Roethlisberger wins another one he might merit similar honorable mention. But I’m not sure there’s much feasible anyone could do to crack the top five.

  • nicolaisim

    Chief, Noll, Mean Joe, Lambert..

  • Jet life till the next life

  • SteelerFanInMD

    I agree with Art Sr., Noll and Greene. I would add Bradshaw to that first monument because he was QB for the first 4 Superbowl titles.

    For my second Mount Rushmore of retired players, my criteria is players who played their entire career with the Steelers, and have the greatest number of combined first team all-pro and pro bowl selections. Thus, my second list has Ham, Lambert, Greene and Webster.

  • Marcus

    Dick lebeau???

  • David McCune

    AQ Shipley ,Frank the Tank Summers, Chris Rainey, Stefan Logan. Lol

  • Ian DeArdo

    If there is room for a team exec, it would have to be Dan Rooney. The
    team turned around on his watch. Art Sr was a bumbling fool, but a wonderful

  • Okay there is little doubt it should be Art and Dan Rooney, Noll and Greene. If it were just players id say Stautner, Greene and, Ward. The fourth spot would be tough…id consider Ham, Lambert, Bradshaw, Woodson, Lloyd, Bettis Harrison and Polamalu. The reason Ward is there, I just feel he was the tempo setter for the second championship Era. He united the offense with the defense. His heart lead the way. Stautner is the representative of the first 40 years and Greene well thats a no brainer.