WR Emmanuel Sanders Says Steelers Expecting 70 Catches,1,000 Yards From Him In 2013

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders is making the rounds at ESPN on Wednesday and that included him being a guest on The Scott Van Pelt Show to talk about being a restricted free agent this offseason as well as what he sees for himself in 2013.

With Mike Wallace now gone via free agency to the Miami Dolphins, Sanders was asked to talk about his role in the Steelers offense will be this coming season.

“It increases,” said Sanders. “I move up to the No. 2 receiver. I\’m going from the No. 3 and I\’m looking forward to it. That No. 3, you only get three or four targets and you got to play your role. I come in on third down and I got to catch third down catches. I played that role and now I\’m coming into the starting role. They\’re expecting 70 catches for 1,000 yards and that\’s the same thing that I expect for myself. So I\’m looking forward to the opportunity.”

While Sanders talks about only being in on third downs as a third wide receiver, it should be noted that only 37 of his 94 career catches have come on that down. Semantics, but those are the facts.

As far as being thrown to on third downs, Sanders has been targeted a total of 68 times on third downs over the coarse of his first three seasons in the league and his 54% catch rate needs to improve on the money down. For comparison purposes, fellow Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has been targeted 78 times in total on third downs over the course of the same three years and he has caught 51 of those passes for a 65% catch rate.

So with Sanders expected to catch 70 passes for a 1,000 yards this season, are you taking the over or the under?

  • RW


  • Kevin Gobleck

    Being that 4/20 is behind us now, I’ll say under

  • hergieburbur

    He’s playing for a big money contract, I say over. Can it be half?

  • Lamarr56

    Haha nice one!

  • The Team could be 13-3 if he does…

  • Mike Sweeney


  • $19122620

    I’ll take over. As a full time player, I like his chances, since all he would need to do is average 2 more catches per game and 24 more yards per game from last years totals to put him over. This comes out to a douable 4 to 5 cathes for 63 yards a game in 2013. Seems like the only way he doesn’t is if he can’t play a whole season, which might be the bigger challege, haha! Yeah, he dealt with some injuries early on in his young career, but during college he really didn’t and played a full season last year. So I guess I’ll take my chances that he stays healthy again and gets over the 70/1,000.

    Let’s put it this way, if he plays a whole season, and can’t get over 70/1,000, I really don’t want him to be a Steeler past 2013.

  • Dan

    Being that we would have to earn and keep the #2 role and stay healthy all year and perform well, I’d take the under.
    I think he starts camp as the #2 guy and while it’s somewhat unlikely he lose that position, it is a bit presumptive for him to assume the position is already his. I guess confidence is good, but he should understand he hasn’t really earned anything yet. The more the merrier but I’ll be happy if he gets 50+ catches and 800+ yards.

  • Nolrog

    Gotta agree with RW. I’m between under and waaaaay under.

  • Bill Bob

    Nice , I Think the young money crew may all meet up in south beach at the 420 club and maybe Mike will take home one of those beautiful girls he tweeted about. Take his money honey.

  • steeltown

    I like the confidence

    I’ll be happy with 50-60 catches for 700-800yds, and please drastically add to the TD column

    Under, but I hope Im wrong

  • westcoasteeler

    I like that the Steelers are setting the bar high. If Manny gets anywhere near 70/1000, which is very doable, we all win. If he stays healthy.
    He also needs one of the young guys to step up, the line to gel, Ben to stay healthy, AB has to have a 1000/yrd season, our linebackers to avg 7sacks apiece…..
    I could go on.

  • mokhkw

    I think Manny is a lot like Keenan Lewis ie. the more he plays, the better he will become. I’ve said in the past that I thought that he was the most talented WR of the YMC & still believe he is. I think getting more targets will make him a more consistent catcher & with Miller likely to be slowed even if he does return by week 1 then he’s likely to see the ball coming his way even more (8-10 times a game).

  • $19122620

    I agree, man. Talent + opprotunity = production. I think all agree he has the talent, the Patriots seemed to think so, all he needed was the opprotunity. Which again I think all would agree that he would have had early if it were not delayed due to injuries. However, I think he is past those now. He played a full season last year, and in college he pretty much was healthy for his four year career. I just think he had some bad luck early on but should be good to go other than the normal aches and pains NFL players deal with throughout the season. At least this is what I am hoping will be the case for him in 2013.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    Dave: What were Mike Wallace’s and Heath Miller’s 3rd down catch rate?