A Look Back At The Steelers The Last Time The Pirates Were 20 Games Over

The Pittsburgh Pirates incredible 2013 season continues on and on Saturday they increased their recorded to 50-30 with a 2-1 win over the Milwaukee Brewers.

That win put the Pirates 20 games over .500 for the first time since 1992. If my research is correct, they originally hit that mark on September 2nd of that year, which was just four days before the Pittsburgh Steelers opened up their 1992 season on the road against the Houston Oilers.

To best illustrate how long ago that was, Bill Cowher was in his first season as the Steelers head coach. The Steelers offensive coordinator was Ron Erhardt and the defensive coordinator was Dom Capers. As far as other coaches on the staff that season, Dick LeBeau was the defensive backs coach and Marvin Lewis was the linebackers coach.

So what did the Steelers 47 man roster look like for that Week 1 game against the Oilers? Below is a table that shows the roster from the official gamebook. Back in those days a team consisted of 47 players on an active roster and they could only dress 45 for a game.

The Steelers won that game against the Oliers in the Astrodome 29-24 and went on to go 11-5 that season. They made the playoffs but lost in the Divisional Round to the Buffalo Bills 24-3.

As far what happened to the Pirates back in 1992, I don\’t think I need to remind you. Let\’s just hope that their great season continues on and that they make the playoffs this year. The city of Pittsburgh deserves it.

Steelers 47 Man Roster For 1992 Week 1 Game Versus Houston Oilers

Adrian Cooper TE Donald Evans DL
John Jackson LT Gerald Williams DL
Duval Love LG Jerrol Williams LB
Dermontti Dawson C Bryan Hinkle LB
Carlton Haselrig RG Greg Lloyd LB
Tunch Ilkin RT Rod Woodson CB
Eric Green TE Larry Griffin CB
Dwight Stone WR Sammy Walker CB
Neil O\’Donnell QB Darren Perry FS
Barry Foster RB Carnell Lake SS
Merril Hoge FB Richard Shelton CB
Warren Williams RB David Little LB
Kendall Gammon TE Alan Haller CB
Ariel Solomon C Kenny Davidson DE
Justin Strzelczyk T D.J. Johnson DB
Charles Davenport WR Aaron Jones DE
Jeff Graham WR Elnardo Webster LB
Darrick Owens WR Levon Kirkland LB
Russ Campbell TE Joel Steed DT
Ernie Mills WR Solomon Wilcots DB
Leon Searcy T Gary Anderson K
Bubby Brister QB Mark Royals P
Leroy Thompson RB
Hardy Nickerson LB
Jerry Olsavsky LB

Steelers 1992 Draft

1 11 Leon Searcy T
2 38 Levon Kirkland LB
3 67 Joel Steed NT
4 94 Charles Davenport WR
5 123 Alan Haller DB
7 179 Russ Campbell TE
7 188 Scottie Graham RB
8 203 Darren Perry DB
8 206 Hesham Ismail G
8 215 Nate Williams DT
9 235 Elnardo Webster LB
10 262 Mike Saunders RB
11 291 Kendall Gammon C
12 318 Cornelius Benton QB
  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Wasn’t justin strzelczyk eventually an offensive tackle? Impressive to make that transition in professional league!

  • SteelersDepot

    being as you are not smart enough to know that was a typo, I have no choice but to remove you from the grid.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I wasn’t old enough during his tenure to know whether it was typo or not. Chill out, what grid?

  • Kolie Oak

    Holy Crap Perry was an 8th Rd. pick and made the starting lineup!!!

  • dgh57

    Thanks Dave for this post and video as it brings back memories for sure! Please do more of this!

    WOW!!! Did I hear that right in the video that it said we had 12 INTs in the first 3 games of Cowher’s first year!! How many did they have for the whole year? What was their pass defense ranked that year? I bet Rod Woodson had the biggest share of them. I think we had 10 INTs for all of last season. Still we had the #1 pass defense!

  • kakello34

    I remember when this team could actually get a few interceptions. I also remember that Barry Foster kickoff they were talking about against the 49er’s. I was about 16 at the time.

  • Steves

    Was at the Game in the Astro Dome with Neil ODonald as the Steelers QB. He was a Bafoon and gave them the 1st score. I always wonder how much the bookies paid ODonald to throw the Superbowl Vrs the Cry babys? Bet he made a mint. I was glad he went Bye-Bye after that year.

  • Steeldave

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  • Matt Welty

    I still remember the fake punt in the first game at Houston and how it turned the whole game around. Thanks for posting this!

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    The Matrix grid!

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    Kirkland–most impressive sir! God I love Cheetos!

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Man that must have been a long draft! 12 f@#$ing rounds! I can barely make it thru 7!