Former Steelers Players Have A Rough Friday Night In The CFL

With absolutely nothing going on with the Pittsburgh Steelers right now as they have time off before the start of training camp, I thought I would pass along some unfortunate news about a former player to you.

Kicker Swayze Waters, who was with the Steelers last offseason in training camp and the preseason, suffered a groin injury during the second half kickoff of the Toronto Argonauts 39-34 win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Friday night. Waters, as you can see in the animated gif below, immediately fell to the ground after kicking the ball and was unable to kick for the rest of the game.

In case you forgot, and I\’m pretty sure you did, Waters was four of six in his field-goal attempts last preseason. He was released during the final wave of cuts just before the start of the 2012 regular season.

Because I know you can\’t get enough CFL news at this point of the offseason, I thought I would also let you know that the Steelers former second-round draft pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, cornerback Ricardo Colclough, who now plays for the Tiger-Cats, was beaten for a 50-yard reception in the game. Because I know you want to see that, I have also included an animated gif of that below.

So why post this garbage? It\’s either this or the useless power rankings that Elliot Harrison of posted this past week. Besides, I needed to brush up on my animated gif skills for the start of the season anyway. You can thank me in the comment section.

Thank God that training camp is less than a month away and we seriously do hope that Waters will be OK, as he is a good kid.

Swayze Waters hurts groin

Ricardo Colclough gets burned

  • CW

    Man I tried to fill the football void with CFL a few years ago.

    Just seemed off and Canadian in a bad way, cheap knock off version of an American product made just different enough to annoy.

    Not like Tim Hortons which is Canadian in a good way. Incredible breakfast sandwiches and great donuts with strong well brewed coffee.

  • Josh

    Thanks for this. Maybe we should have a thread comparing how we’ll get our sports fix until training camp. For now, I’m following my other team: Brazil.

  • steves

    That is all the Ricardo had to do is turn around and the ball was in his hands. Ah,, Waters will be a man before his mudder! You ain’t kiddin – one useless power FLUSH down the old Toilet bowl!

    I feel about the same about the CFL that CW does.

    Where’d you grow up – Dave? That Burgh accent is kinda strong (HA HA). I was watching an interview with Rogers of Green Bay and he was talking about how hard it is to hear the play coming in with the ROAR of the crowd and a “Thick” Burgh accent in his ear from Coach McCarthy. Coaches Dad was a Pittsburgh Firefighter and Police officer.

  • steves

    Didn’t like the warm Molson aile – gotta be cold!

  • r4kolb

    Dave just a heads up, I think the Women’s Beach Volleyball season has started. In case you want to brush up some more animated gifs.

  • Emmanuel Steel

    Follow the Pirates! Alone at the top of the MLB!

  • walter mason

    colclough another wasted draft pick 2nd round that hurts

  • Steves

    Pirates always do well up to the All Star game. Then they do a dive as last year. Them young boys can’t handle all them games and tire out. Just ask Ben in his rookie season.