Third Suspect In Stabbing Of Steelers T Mike Adams Has Warrant Issued For His Arrest

Pittsburgh police have already arrested and charged two men in connection with the early Saturday morning stabbing of Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Mike Adams and according to Liz Navratil of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, they are currently looking for a third suspect who may have fled the area.

Navratil reports that acting major crimes unit Cmdr. Kevin Kraus said Wednesday morning during a press conference that they are looking for Jerrell Whitlock of Hazelwood, who reportedly was the man who stabbed Adams during the attempted carjacking of his truck.

Since the incident took place, police have arrested Dquay Means and Michael C. Paranay, both of Hazelwood, after finding a cell phone belonging to Paranay that was dropped during the crime.

Means, a rising rapper who goes by the stage name Quay Meanz, was recently signed to the music label belonging to local rapper Whiz Khalifa.

Adams, who reportedly needed surgery to repair a lacerated colon suffered during the stabbing, was released from the hospital on Tuesday and is expected to make a full recovery.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    Good job by the police.

  • 2443scott

    i listened to the steelers radio station on iheart radio and i was surprised at some of the comments that were being said on there …as they hinded that adams was up to no good and they were expecting him to be involved in some sorta way of something but as things have been turning out they were way off base i havent heard them since on this but i hope they sent out a sorry to adams for what they were saying ..cause as its on going he wasnt doing any thing but trying to survive

  • Douglas Andrews

    Glad they apprehended all the suspects. Hope Mike A. has a speedy recovery