Mike Tomlin Feels Good About Foundation That Has Been Laid During Offseason

The Pittsburgh Steelers wrapped up their final day of the 2013 mini camp on Thursday with meetings as the practice portion was canceled by head coach Mike Tomlin. Tomlin did, however, meet with the media before leaving for his football camp and gave his thoughts on what took place over the course of the last several weeks.

Here is the opening statement that he gave:

Just wanted to put the finishing touches on what has been a very positive offseason for us. We\’ll finish our work today just in the classroom, in meeting like settings. I just got finished with a team meeting, and I told the guys it\’s been a great offseason … but. And I think that but is significant because legitimately you like to find ways to measure offseasons and feel good about it, but the reality of it is, these types of processes are measured based on results. So our offseason and our training camp, our preseason, ultimately will be measured on how we perform. I think it\’s important that the guys understand that, but as I sit here today, I feel good about the foundation we\’ve laid for 2013. I like the efforts of the guys, the messages that have been received. We\’re just in a good place, but that doesn\’t ensure us anything. We understand what we do moving forward is what\’s really significant. We\’ve expressed that. We\’ll continue to prepare ourselves for the challenges that await us, but as we sit here today, it\’s been a productive one, and we\’re excited about moving forward.

Tomlin refused to speculate about the status of injured players heading into training camp as usual. He did say, however, that he told the team this morning that there is a difference between being ready for training camp and being prepared for training camp.

As far as the possibility of adding more players to the roster between now and the start of training camp, Tomlin said that they always watch the waiver wire for players that they feel can help them succeed.

You can listen to the full audio of his press conference below:


  • steeltown

    Cant wait for training camp AND preseason!!!

  • Matt Searls

    That makes 2 of us

  • nikgreene

    If this were an Onion News article it would read:
    ‘Mike Tomlin discouraged by progress made in training camp’. Mike Tomlin today expressed his displeasure in the commitment and skill level displayed at mini camps this week, and throughout the offseason so far. The disgruntled coach popped open several Miller Lites at the press conference and stated the following: ‘There is no way in hell this team wins more than 6 games. I mean, come on man! How am I supposed to create a winning team with this dreck?” Tomlin went on to say that he had already identified several players that didn’t belong in an NFL uniform and that that even the veterans were having trouble understanding the playbook. Commenting on several injured players he had this say, “Oh yeah, those injured guys? No way they play this season, they’ll be lucky to walk again” At the writing of this story Tomlin was seen in New Jersey attempting to convince Rex Ryan to hire him as an assistant coach.

  • dgh57

    That make 3 of us!!! LOL!!

  • 2443scott

    sounds like the coach not only told team that they got to get better but the whole team needs to and coachs included …and i think that came from the guys up top in owners box …

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Let’s end this. We all can’t wait for it!