Second Suspect In Stabbing Of Steelers T Mike Adams Brought In For Questioning

According  to Christine D\’Antonio of KDKA-TV, a second suspect in connection with the early Saturday morning stabbing of Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Mike Adams during an attempted carjacking has been brought in for questioning, but no charges have been filed as of yet.

Earlier Monday, Pittsburgh Police arrested Michael C. Paranay and charged him with armed robbery, criminal conspiracy and aggravated assault for his connection with the stabbing of the Steelers second-year player.

According to D\’Antonio, surveillance video taken from an area South Side business was recovered and it shows the moments after Adams was stabbed at 17th and E. Carson Street.

Head coach Mike Tomlin talked to the media Monday about Adams and the incident but refused to elaborate on the investigation into the crime. Tomlin did, however, say that he visited with Adams in the hospital over the weekend and that the Ohio State product should be released over the course of the next 24 hours.

Adams, who needed 33 staples to his mid-section as a result of the stabbing , is expected to be out of action for the next 6-8 weeks. Luckily, no vital organs were damaged during the attack.

  • Robert Alaniz

    Are you serious Rick? So on top of Steeler nation now dealing with some idiots stabbing one of our starting offensive lineman, you’re trying to tell me these guys weren’t just trying to steal a truck; they targeted this truck because it was owned by a 6′ 7 ” 330lb black guy? smh

    On a more serious note, thank god big Mike is going to be okay as he has a bright future a head of him still at the young age of 23.

  • Steve

    Rick – I lived on the Northside for 22 years. There are good and bad of ALL colors, that is life. At Oliver on Brighton Rd we had a White captain and a Black captain. A White King and Queen and a Black King and Queen. Same for the Vice Principals. Didn’t have many problems, worked fine. I also went to Alleghany OVT on Ridge Ave – no problems there.