Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger One Of The Best When Backed Up In His Own End

We already know how great Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is, but I wanted to look at some of his split stats as it relates to where he ranks against the other quarterbacks in the league over the course of the last five years when backed up deep in his own end of the field.

Of the quarterbacks who have attempted 150 or more passes from inside their own 20 yard-line over the last five years, Roethlisberger leads the league with a 73% completion ratio with 37.2% of those attempts resulting in either a first down or a touchdown. His 9.7 yards per attempt number on those attempts rank him second behind only Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Those numbers are nothing to sneeze about, but what about on third downs inside his own 20, as that certainly is a key down as it relates to possible good field position for the opponent? As you can see in the second table below, Roethlisberger\’s completion percentage does dip down to 63.1%, which ranks him fifth overall on the list, but his 43.1% conversion rate, which is much more important, ranks him tops in the league against other quarterbacks with the qualified amount of attempts.

So let\’s back up Roethlisberger now to inside his own 10 yard-line and see how he does in the shadow of his own goal post. The third table below shows that the Steelers quarterback over the last five years has an eye popping 76.6% completion ratio on all attempts when backed up that deep and an even more amazing 11.6 yards per attempt number. Even more amazing perhaps is the fact that he has only been sacked once during that span when backed up that deep.

The only real area where Roethlisberger is just average among the other quarterbacks listed stats wise is on third down inside his own 10 yard-line, as he only has a 50% completion ratio and a 33.3% conversion ratio on 12 pass attempts over the course of the last five years. It should be noted, however, that five of those 12 attempts took place when the team needed 11 or more yards for a first down, so that stat line is certainly forgivable considering that Roethlisberger usually aims for the sticks.

All the tables below are sortable by clicking on the column headers, and a few things will jump out at you when you do that as it relates to a few of the other quarterbacks on these lists. For example, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has only converted one third down on 14 pass attempts when backed up inside his own 10 yard-line. Another example includes the fact that San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers only has a 49.3% completion ratio on third downs inside his own 20 yard-line over the course of the last five years. That\’s even worse than Sanchez. Also, look at the numbers for Alex Smith. Do the Kansas City Chiefs really think that they can win with him?

When the so-called experts rank the quarterbacks, they never take key stats like these into consideration. The ability of a quarterback to get his team out of their own deep end of the field is an important element of the game. We all know how crucial field position is in a game, and Roethlisberger has shown over the course of the last five years that he is one of the best at getting the ball moved out of that dangerous area of the field.

2008-2012 Quarterback Passing Stats Inside Own 20 Yard-line All Downs

Ben Roethlisberger15721573.0%207135169.68037.2%
Peyton Manning15721672.7%20080639.38941.2%
Carson Palmer14220668.9%175504128.57034.0%
Aaron Rodgers17325368.4%2697441610.79537.5%
Matt Schaub17525768.1%24150199.49938.5%
Matt Hasselbeck12618966.7%139213147.45931.2%
Tony Romo15923966.5%182715107.67631.8%
Joe Flacco14522165.6%180907168.27333.0%
Tom Brady14221765.4%18823268.77434.1%
Kyle Orton10416065.0%133111108.35433.8%
Alex Smith10215765.0%106602176.84025.5%
Drew Brees19730564.6%2292113107.58728.5%
Jay Cutler15724464.3%229628239.48032.8%
Eli Manning17126764.0%2286313168.68331.1%
Josh Freeman12219363.2%17380689.05930.6%
Sam Bradford10316363.2%9260465.74125.2%
Philip Rivers13421662.0%178216158.37635.2%
Donovan McNabb12820761.8%169016128.25727.5%
Matt Ryan11518761.5%147614117.95831.0%
Matthew Stafford11619659.2%131303176.75729.1%
Matt Cassel10818458.7%116509106.34625.0%
Ryan Fitzpatrick12221357.3%14021776.64822.5%
Mark Sanchez9416856.0%115706106.94627.4%

2008-2012 Quarterback Passing Stats Inside Own 20 Yard-line Third Downs

Aaron Rodgers405967.8%70910612.02542.4%
Josh Freeman406066.7%5670139.52033.3%
Matt Schaub324866.7%3550027.41531.3%
Peyton Manning294564.4%4380209.71840.0%
Ben Roethlisberger416563.1%5290388.12843.1%
Kyle Orton243961.5%2750027.11435.9%
Eli Manning467660.5%6351448.42532.9%
Drew Brees477959.5%7090439.02835.4%
Joe Flacco416959.4%6340479.22130.4%
Matt Hasselbeck305158.8%2400164.71631.4%
Jay Cutler325558.2%4660278.51730.9%
Carson Palmer366258.1%4430067.11930.6%
Matt Cassel315556.4%3790326.91527.3%
Sam Bradford285056.0%2700135.41326.0%
Matt Ryan376755.2%5571258.32334.3%
Tom Brady264854.2%3640047.61837.5%
Tony Romo325954.2%3910136.61728.8%
Matthew Stafford346354.0%4350236.92234.9%
Alex Smith275054.0%3480147.01224.0%
Donovan McNabb285451.9%4621478.61425.9%
Mark Sanchez275450.0%3250116.01425.9%
Philip Rivers346949.3%5901378.62434.8%
Ryan Fitzpatrick286344.4%3390435.41727.0%

2008-2012 Quarterback Passing Stats Inside Own 10 Yard-line All Downs

Ben Roethlisberger364776.6%54511111.61634.0%
Peyton Manning263672.2%3050118.51541.7%
Matt Schaub436071.7%5110118.52135.0%
Carson Palmer314568.9%3570127.91431.1%
Aaron Rodgers375468.5%55610410.31833.3%
Josh Freeman324768.1%51001010.91634.0%
Eli Manning365367.9%55521010.51732.1%
Joe Flacco314864.6%54001311.32245.8%
Tom Brady375863.8%4671008.12034.5%
Jay Cutler457262.5%76212210.62331.9%
Donovan McNabb284562.2%2660115.9920.0%
Matt Ryan284562.2%31401471226.7%
Matt Hasselbeck304961.2%3310026.81428.6%
Tony Romo284660.9%2960136.41634.8%
Matthew Stafford274560.0%2880126.4715.6%
Ryan Fitzpatrick203458.8%37811011.11029.4%
Sam Bradford213658.3%2120215.9822.2%
Drew Brees376854.4%4480516.62029.4%
Alex Smith112152.4%1380106.6628.6%
Kyle Orton224252.4%2800116.7921.4%
Mark Sanchez224252.4%2820236.7614.3%
Matt Cassel183748.6%2080215.6821.6%
Philip Rivers204247.6%33402381331.0%

2008-2012 Quarterback Passing Stats Inside Own 10 Yard-line Third Downs

Eli Manning101376.9%21410016.5753.8%
Matt Schaub6875.0%550006.9337.5%
Aaron Rodgers121675.0%1390018.7531.3%
Peyton Manning81172.7%11001010.0654.5%
Josh Freeman81172.7%12900011.7545.5%
Matt Ryan111668.8%1120037.0637.5%
Carson Palmer81266.7%820016.8433.3%
Matthew Stafford71163.6%710016.5327.3%
Tom Brady5955.6%630007.0333.3%
Sam Bradford5955.6%640017.1222.2%
Drew Brees91850.0%1610108.9738.9%
Ben Roethlisberger61250.0%1170019.8433.3%
Joe Flacco61250.0%16400113.7325.0%
Matt Cassel4850.0%750109.4225.0%
Mark Sanchez71450.0%590004.217.1%
Jay Cutler81747.1%17800110.5529.4%
Alex Smith2540.0%440008.8240.0%
Donovan McNabb3837.5%190002.4112.5%
Matt Hasselbeck41330.8%260002.017.7%
Philip Rivers41428.6%460223.3321.4%
Kyle Orton2728.6%220003.100.0%
Tony Romo31127.3%340013.119.1%
Ryan Fitzpatrick2922.2%420004.7222.2%
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