Steelers Players Undergoing Stress Tests In 2013

Injuries really have taken their toll on the Pittsburgh Steelers over the course of the last two seasons, and team president Art Rooney II has taken notice of it.

“It does happen sort of in cycles, and hopefully we’re getting through this cycle,” said Rooney back in January. “But having said that I don’t think we can just sit here and believe we’ll come to the end of the cycle. We have to look at everything we’re doing, and we will look at everything we’re doing, from the training and conditioning side of things, from a practice side of things and see if there are things we can do to get better.”

As far as the training and conditioning side of things go so far in 2013, we have heard quite a few players talk about it through the first two OTA sessions, and veteran linebacker Larry Foote said on Wednesday players are taking stress tests this year.

“Conditioning has gone up a notch,” said Foote. “Everybody has to do a stress test. We\’re trying to get after it.”

We assume that Foote means a standard cardiac stress test which is used to measure the heart\’s ability to respond to external stress in a controlled clinical environment. There are probably base levels that they want certain players to be out based on age, height, weight and position of the player, but that is just a guess.

While it\’s good that better conditioning is being preached this offseason, conditioning had nothing to do with shoulder and rib injury suffered by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger against the Kansas City Chiefs last season. In addition, cornerback Ike Taylor is one of the best conditioned players on the team, and he still fractured his right ankle late in the season against the Baltimore Ravens.

However, one area that better conditioning will help the Steelers in 2013 is late in games. In 2012, they lost five games by three points or less. It\’s hard to say if the experts that Rooney looked to for advice on this spotted anything as it relates to poor conditioning in any of the games last season, but the stress test will keep everyone accountable moving forward and appears to be a welcomed change by the players.

  • r4kolb

    Nice. I will say this, if they do notice it’s a conditioning problem whoever is in charge of that should be gone. That being said it seems like it’s just been a lot of bad luck. I always thought God was a Steelers fan?

  • Shea Fahr

    Many of the players appear to be in tip top shape this year. I was floored when I saw Redman’s loss of weight.

  • zyzak

    I was equally floored when I read about Dwyer’s less than stellar belly

  • Ahmad

    Hey Kudos to the Rooney’s to try to come up with a solution to help the players conditioning. I hope it pays off.

  • steeltown

    In recent OTA photos Dwyer looked to be in good shape

  • 2443scott

    well i dont think the stress testing will help ham string probs or sprained ankles they must not be stretching right before games and there foot work prob needs more watching as well and the trainers have to fix that ham string deal you dont hear other teams dealing with this as much as you do with steelers some one in those areas are not doing there jobs at the level it needs to be done