Steelers Running Back Snaps On Third Downs In 2012

I was asked by a reader if I had a break down of third downs from last season as it relates to which Pittsburgh Steelers running back was on the field the most. After combing through our charting files from last season, I was able to pull the game by game numbers of the third down snaps by running back and the results are listed in the table below.

Despite missing two games to injury and being banged up to start the season, Isaac Redman saw the most snaps at running back over the course of the season on third downs with 89.

A distant second was Jonathan Dwyer with 58 despite missing three games. Two of those games missed was a result of his fumble in the game against the Oakland Raiders while the other one was due to injury.

It will probably come as a shock to you that Baron Batch only saw 15 less snaps than Dwyer on third downs despite missing four games. Three of those missed games were due to him being on the practice squad.

Over the course of the last eight games of the season, both Redman and Dwyer were active at the same time and presumably healthy. Over that span of games Redman was used 16 more times than Dwyer on third downs.


PLAYERIsaac RedmanJonathan DwyerBaron BatchChris RaineyRashard Mendenhall

  • cencalsteeler

    I might get slack for this, but how about this third down recipe-
    Throw a wishbone out there once in a while on short yardage. You have Bell ( outside the tackles, sweeps, and swing passes). Will Johnson ( lead blocker, in between the tackles, and yes, even swing passes). Dwyer or Redman ( lead blocker, in between the tackles, and up the middle decoy to set up Bell outside). Keeping defenses guessing is the key to third down conversions. As Dave wrote a few weeks back, the high percentage of runs off the rt. guard and tackle were mind blowing, thus the results we all witnessed in 12, too predictable.

  • Ahmad

    I have been thinking the exact same thing for awhile now.