Report: No Contract Extension Talks For Steelers S Ryan Clark As Of Yet

I few weeks ago it was reported that Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark had said his agent was working hard to get him a contract extension being as 2013 is his final year of his current contract, but Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on Friday that Clark told him no contract negotiations are currently taking place.

This news isn\’t terribly surprising being as the Steelers normally don\’t start working on extensions with players until training camp gets underway. Being that Clark will turn 34 this season, he might be low on the priority list being as the team might decide to try to extend defensive end Ziggy Hood and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders first.

When Clark was an unrestricted free agent in 2010, it resulted in him signing a four-year, $14 million contract back with the Steelers that included a $3 million signing bonus plus incentives. A new extension, however, would obviously have to average a little less than that due to salary cap concerns.

Based on his last two seasons alone, Clark shows no signs of slowing down and despite him dabbling in the media this past offseason as an intern with ESPN, he still thinks he has more good football left in him.

“I still love this game; I want to be here, and I want this team to do well,” Clark told Bouchette.

Clark is very good friends with his safety partner Troy Polamalu and he more than likely wants to play alongside him until he\’s ready to call it quits. Just so you know; Polamalu is under contract through the 2014 season, and he said this past week that retirement hasn\’t crossed his mind just yet.

The Steelers now have two safeties waiting in the wings in the form of Robert Golden and Shamarko Thomas, who was selected in the fourth-round back in April, so it\’s only a matter of time before one or both are ready to become starters. If the Steelers were to wind up extending Clark two years later this summer, there\’s a good chance that he wouldn\’t see the final year of the deal.

I don\’t have a good read on whether or not this ultimately gets done before the start of the regular season, and I suspect the Steelers are still taking a wait and see approach to it as well. If they feel good about the immediate future of both Golden and Thomas a few weeks into training camp, Clark more than likely will be allowed to play out his final year and test free agency next offseason. At that point if he wants to play in Pittsburgh in 2014, he will more than likely have to do so for the veteran minimum with no guarantees that he will be the starter.

  • 2443scott

    hate to say it but both are about to enter the retirement area of nfl ..if troy gets hurt again this year he will not get a extention and 2014 be his last as a steeler if he isnt released after 2013 but that all depends how this year goes for him… as far as clark he really only plays 15 games because of denver …i still believe he can play couple more years and i dont see the steelers doing a deal this year with him and since hes under contract this year that gives the steelers a year to see what happens with the guys waiting in wings …i believe this is why clarks been doing alot media stuff cause he sees the writeing on wall so unless clark decides he wants 2 more years with steelers i see him leaveing steelers after 2013 and the 2014 year be a minimum year if he stays ..but i see 2014 final year for both them thats if clark makes it to 2014 ..i hope thomas is what he appears to be because he will be the new troy ….as far as golden i cant say i know to much his talent one way or other ..teams really starting to change over to new guys my only worry is that some steeler coaches keep guys on team that should of been released and not carried for 4 years and say now you have to play …every one would like to keep guys you know and who been waiting in wings but some times those guys dont belong there to begin with and a rookie should got more time to be ready by playing more and i blame butler for alot this in last few years because he feels rookies shouldnt play …but nfl is so diff now a days these rookies are willing to sit out and leave after rookie contracts are up …they dont have the for team mind set like years ago players did …

  • dgh57

    If Clark and the Steelers believe he can still play at a high level I’m all for a Clark extension! Where Clark would come in handy(if I’m not mistaken) is when we run the Big Nickel defense where a third safety is brought on to the field. Clark, Polamalu, and Thomas in the backfield at the same time sounds good to me !!!

  • steves

    Usually the Nickel back is a Corner as In William Gay. Safety are NOT cover men but sometimes do.

  • JohnnyV1

    Why would the Steelers essentially bid against themselves by doing something now, unless adding a year or two at the veteran minimum will get it done (not)? Let him play out his contract, see where the salary cap is next year, what the market is for a then 35 yr old safety, and what other holes they have to fill. Ryan Clark is a really solid player and a good team leader. But 35 is 35.

  • dgh57

    In the basic nickel defense I think they use a CB as a extra DB but in the Big Nickel I think is where they use a extra safety to counter the 2 TEs sets. What ever it was in the Patriots game 2 years ago where they shut down the 2 TEs sets & Tom Brady.

  • steeltown

    Not sure I would extend him just yet, BUT I would offer him an extension after the season (especially if Troy once again struggles with injury) We have seen how important Clark can be to the Defense and quality depth at the Safety position is important

    Unless Golden is given ample playing time this year (due to injury to others) and he shows that he has taken the next step, then and only then they might consider parting ways with Clark after this season

  • HarryBackside

    I didn’t think the Steelers could offer Sanders an extension this year because of the salary cap implications in 2013. The Steelers have to pay Sanders $2.5m in salary this year, which means any contract that involves a signing bonus increases his 2013 cap number…again.

  • HarryBackside

    That’s usually the case, but the Steelers have added safeties who have cover skills. Golden and Shamarko are both good cover guys, and should do well in a big nickel package.