Steelers S Ryan Clark Says He\’s Still Not Scared Of Ravens QB Joe Flacco

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had a heck of run through the playoffs last season that culminated with him winning a Super Bowl championship and an MVP award. Flacco has since been rewarded by the Ravens with a six-year, $120.6 million contract, but Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark still doesn\’t consider him to be one of the top quarterbacks despite his accomplishments.

Clark, who was a guest Thursday night on the NFL Network Top 100 Players of 2013 after show, was asked to give his thoughts on Flacco after former Ravens safety Ed Reed said that the Ravens quarterback certainly should be considered one of the top seven quarterbacks in the league based on what he did in 2012 alone.

“You talk about last season; I can be honest, going into the two games playing you guys; I wasn\’t scared of Joe,” Clark said to Reed. “I didn\’t walk into the game thinking that Joe was the focus of the offense, or that Joe was the guy that we had to stop going into the games.”

Clark would later say that he wants to see Flacco follow up his great 2012 playoff run, that included him going 73-of-126 passing for 1,140 yards with 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions, with a complete season the way Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers did in 2011.

“I think the thing is, too, if he does what Aaron Rodgers did, if we can remember when we played the Packers in the Super Bowl, he had that great playoff run,” said Clark. “Then the next year they go 15-1 largely because Aaron Rodgers played out of his mind, and he made that ascension into the guy that we feel like he is now. If Joe continues that pace and continues the play that he had in the playoffs, I think you have to rank him higher on this list. But right now…”

Flacco wound up being ranked 19th overall on the top 100 list, which is supposedly voted on by players around the league, but even analyst Warren Sapp thought that ranking was too high based upon the fact that a blown coverage by the Denver Broncos secondary in the Divisional Round last year was the only reason the Ravens even made it to the Super Bowl.

“Without that throw the rest of it doesn\’t happen; the championship doesn\’t happen, and we don\’t get to see an emerging quarterback come out of his shell and is now going to lead this team all by himself,” said Sapp. “I\’m more interested to see what he\’s going to do this following year, because Ray Lewis, Ed (Reed) and the rest of them dogs ain\’t in there. Everybody going to turn and look at Joe and be like, \’Whatcha got, big boy?\'”

While Flacco has failed to beat the Steelers in the playoffs during his career, he has managed to go 5-5 against them in the 10 games that he has faced them during the regular season with a 3-1 record in the last four meetings. Now that he has gotten paid, the Ravens will expect him to keep up his winning ways against the Steelers, and scared or not; it will be up to Clark and the rest of the defense to make sure that he doesn\’t. With Clark entering the final year of his current contract, the two games that he will face Flacco in 2013 could very well be the last two chances that he will get in his career to beat the Ravens quarterback.

  • 2443scott

    yawn .anything ravens and flaco is boreing ….and sapp needs a code name so we dont have to see or give his name any light of day.

  • steeltown

    I have to admit his playoff performance was pretty awesome, he played mistake free at the right time… hate even typing those words, but its true

    Now lets see if he turned the proverbial corner and continues.. or if it was a fluke

  • steeltown

    I wouldn’t be fearful of Flacco either… Ray Rice yes, Suggs yes, previously Ed Reed yes, but Flacco….no way

  • Douglas Andrews

    I got a code name for Warren how about (Old Stupid) but he’s right on this one Joe Flacco #19 no way. He got hot at the right time last year. Before that he was only average. This year is going to be a big one for him so we’ll see if he’s worth #19 or a much lower one

  • Douglas Andrews

    I was more fearful of the other skilled players on the Ravens. Wasn’t worried as much about their D Suggs seemed like he was still hurt. The only guys I would fear are Suggs and Reed.

  • dgh57

    This 100 Greatest Players Poll is voted on by the players which ranks Flacco at 19 and Big Ben at 61? Apparently, the Ravens OWN FANS don’t agree with that assumption! I checked that Poll that was run back in early May and it’s still up and running! So I thought I would post this just for the fun of it! I know it’s a unscientific Poll but nonetheless here are the results so far:

    Flacco: 22176 votes 48%

    Big Ben: 24415 votes 52%

  • cencalsteeler

    I know I am biased, but Boldin and Smith make Flacco look better than he is. Smith is the guy who pads his stats. When I think of Flacco, I picture him heaving the ball down the sidelines, and Torrey Smith playing jump ball with the db. To his credit, this is a strength of Smith’s, for he usually comes down with the ball, and Flacco gets 50 yards padded to his stats. If the play isn’t completed, than they just hope for the pi call, and get the 50 yards anyways. They attempt that play at a minimum of 2-3 times a game.
    I can go even further by saying defenses recognize this so they play deep, so Flacco dumps the swing pass to Rice and Ray has 15 plus yards of daylight ahead of him. Anyone else remember the San Diego game?

  • steeltown

    I do have to say, it was amazing how many deep jump balls they completed in the playoffs last year, at some point you’d think Defenses would keep a Safety back to disrupt, especially in the closing minutes of games…. but I guess same could be said about the Steelers against DEN in the playoffs, not enough adjustments made

  • skeptic2525

    New rule. No more quoting Warren Sapp on Steelers Depot. Ever. Even when he once again writes off the Steelers D as being old and slow and washed up. Especially then.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Did he actually say HE’S STILL not scared of him? Cause, you didn’t quote him saying that. He said he WASN’T scared of him last year. You know, WASN’T, as in past tense. You make it seem likes he’s talking smack about him.

  • IknowYouknow

    -News flash: All recievers in the NFL make plays for their QBs.
    – Flacco completes a lot of deep passes, not a coincidence. His incredible arm strength allows him to attack any part of the field at any time. Smith, Boldin, Jacobey, Dickson and some of the less heralded receivers have all hauled in these deep passes from Flacco. There’s a method to the madness, that’s why it works.

    – If you are insinuating that Flacco is limited in his passing skills, I’ll refer you to the highlights of 9/11/11, when Flacco sliced up the Steelers defense in a variety of ways.

  • IknowYouknow

    So. Apparently, the players disagree.