TE Zack Pianalto On Steelers Injured Reserve List After Clearing Waivers

The Pittsburgh Steelers waived/injured tight end TE Zack Pianalto on Monday and he is now on their injured reserve list after clearing waivers Tuesday.

Pianalto had suffered some sort of calf injury during the Steelers second week of OTA practices which resulted in him needing to be waived injured.

Pianalto\’s stay on the Steelers injured reserve list will depend on the seriousness of his injury. Unless the Steelers decide to work out an injury settlement with him beforehand, he will remain on the list until he is completely recovered.

The Steelers were forced to waive/injured undrafted free agent nose tackle Anthony Rashad White earlier in the offseason, but his stay on the injured reserve list only lasted one week.

Pianalto originally signed with the Steelers as a futures player back in January.

  • steeltown

    This was a doomed signing… this guy is known for being injured

  • Douglas Andrews

    Hey Dave this may seem like a dumb question but what is the benefit to placing a guy on injured reserve during OTA’s as opposed to just waving him injured which happens a lot? just wondering