Attorney Accuses Steelers T Mike Adams Of Instigating Stabbing Incident

The three men accused of attacking and stabbing Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Mike Adams were in court today and all were ordered to stand trial, according to Liz Navratil of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Adams was also present for the preliminary hearing to give his account of what happened early on the morning of June 1st on the South Side that ended with him needing to undergo emergency surgery for a lacerated colon following the attempted car jacking of his truck.

According to WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh, Adams testified he had just gotten out of his truck after eating a sandwich when the three accused men, Jarrell Whitlock, Dquay Means and Michael C. Paranay, approached him and told him to give up his vehicle. Adams went on to say Paranay jumped on the floor board of his truck while Means brandished a handgun. And Adams said he heard Whitlock say, “Let me kill him.”

Adams said a few seconds later that Paranay punched him in the face from behind, and that\’s when Whitlock stabbed him.

Each of the accused is represented by a different attorney and Paranay\’s attorney, Randall McKinney, told the court that he questions the credibility of Adams, because he gave a different version of what happened and isn\’t telling the whole truth.

“The story Mr. Adams told today is inaccurate. He actually instigated this incident,” said McKinney, who declined to give further details per the report.

According to Navratil, all three of the accused will now stand trial after failing to get the attempted homicide charges dropped against them. Adams did not talk to the media following the hearing.

Apparently, there were some witnesses who saw the incident happen and the defense attorneys will now attempt to question them. In the video below, two of the defense attorneys are featured talking to the media following the hearing.

Needless to say, the trial should be pretty interesting once it takes place. Adams has been rehabbing since being released from the hospital, and the hope is that he will be able to practice once training camp begins at the end of next week. Should Adams still need to work on getting himself back into football shape, the Steelers will simply just place him on the Active PUP list until he is ready.

  • Matt Searls

    Adams was punched in the face from behind? How does that work? But these defense lawyers are screwed.

  • Intropy

    Stand behind someone at a 45 degree angle. From there you can punch the outer orbit, cheek, jaw, and chin.

  • Matt Searls

    Good point! I was thinking more of directly behind then beside. But I guess it didn’t say directly

  • WilliamSekinger

    Funny. Last time I checked it’s not against the law to ‘instigate’. But it sure is against the law to stab someone.

  • Intropy

    Right. I had that answer queued up because my first thought when reading it was “Wait, how do you punch someone in the face from behind?”

    I guess that’s because the platonic ideal of “punched in the face” is a punch to the front of the face from forward. But on further thought I think if someone punched me from anywhere outside of my field of vision I’d call that “behind.”

  • Matt Searls

    Haha that was my first though too. As long as its outside the field if vision, I’d call it a sucker punch. Those 3 dudes have no case or class.

  • steeltown

    …good grief

  • Robert Schultz


    Earlier reports stated Adams did NOT have the keys to his truck and they keys were with a valet service. ?? Something is seriously a miss here.

  • SteelSpine

    Previously I read an article which said Adams would heal before training camp & would not miss any physical part of camp, I had assumed it was based on medical staff or Steelers representativ(s). & now sounds like only question is will he be “‘in shape” at start of camp. Getting healthy is of-course more important than football. Re football tho, I’m hoping Mike improves his technique drastically compared to his turnstlye passblocking last reg season, didn’t progress as much as rookie Beachum obviously did. If Adams is fully recovered by camp, then after this coming regular season, no one should use that incident to excuse this upcoming entire reg season. I’m betting he’ll drastically improve his passblocking enough. But if he doesn’t, it’s comforting to know Beachum & Foster can play right OTackle.

  • walter mason

    Maybe the truck was left open but he couldnt start it without his keys. . So he sat in it and ate a sandwich.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    Only one of the three defense attorneys accused Adams of being the instigator. The other two did not make the same accusation. Perhaps the attorney is resorting to desperation tactics.