Name Of Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey Has Surfaced In Latest Aaron Hernandez Report

According to Kelly Naqi of, Massachusetts authorities have reached out to the police in Gainesville, Fla in hopes of determining if former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez had any role in a 2007 shooting that left two men wounded. Naqi reports that both Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey and his twin brother Mike Pouncey, who now plays for the Miami Dolphins, were with Hernandez at a local nightclub prior to that Florida shooting taking place.

The Pouncey twins of course both went to the University of Florida where they were teammates of Hernandez, so it is not surprising to hear that they would be spotted out after-hours with him while in college.

One of the passengers in the car that was allegedly shot into back in 2007 was Randall Cason, who according to Hernandez when he was questioned by the police following the shooting, snatched a necklace from one of the Pouncey twins while at the nightclub.

Cindy Swirko of The Gainesville Sun reported this past Saturday that the Gainesville Police Department had trouble initially getting the Pouncey twins to come down and talk to them at that time, but that they eventually did, according to Florida State Attorney Bill Cervone.

As Swirko points out in her report, no one was ever charged in the shooting, and it remains an open case at this time.

The Pouncey twins are certainly not being looked at as being involved in the 2007 shooting, but as the Massachusetts authorities continue to build their current murder case against Hernandez, it will not be surprising to hear that they want to talk to both Maurkice and Mike about the Florida shooting and the same goes for the Gainesville Police as well.

  • Shea Fahr

    I just hope the Pouncey twins cooperate fully and I truly believe they will. They may wind up being a part of this trial as will Tebow and a few others that were here in Florida.

  • Kolie Oak

    At first I thought the article said the Pouncey’s were with Hernandez prior to the shootings…
    After reading it twice, that was in 2007 not recently, That’s the absolute last thing we need, Scary.

  • Matt Searls

    I wish I was on jury duty for this case

  • VaDave

    Oh Crap!! That’s all we need. I’m getting real nervous about, as Dave Bryan said, the onion layers being peeled back. I have a sinking feeling this U of F brotherhood is going to make Ohio State look like a convention of nuns……

  • Stevie

    Interesting,, very interesting,, my Dear Watson.

    Trivia Question – What are the only 2 Rookies to start every regular season game on offense in the last 45 years?

  • Dan

    They were with him prior to the 2007 shootings, but not the 2012 or 2013 shootings. At this point Hernandez is only charged with the 2013 shootings, but apparently he’s under investigation for many MA and FL shootings. Presumably he will not be suspected in any shootings that take place after the date of his incarceration, but as soon as he is integrated into general population he wil likely be suspected in any prison stabbings going forward.

  • walter mason

    There was yet another man that has claimed Hernandez shot him in the face in Miami and caused him to lose an eye. Hernandez is looking like a complete madman. .It makes me wonder how he managed to stay out of prison for so long.

  • Stevie

    I posted that awhile back,, it messed up his jaw also. There is a 3rd case where 3 people were shot at an intersection. Remember – Hernandez was in a Gang while in college, that why he has all the Tats.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    At the worst, this could mean that Pouncey was hanging out with some questionable people a long time ago. From all accounts, Pouncey has developed in to a guy the Steelers are counting on to be a leader, therefore I suspect he has shown in his time at the Steelers’ facility that he has moved past that type of carousing.

    That being said, this is something the Steelers should question him about to be sure they have complete information. After all, we were led to believe that Pouncey was vouching for Rainey last year and that did not work out so well.

  • Ahmad

    Looking at the title, I thought Pouncey was somehow involved in the shooting. I almost had a heart attack. I just hopes he answers whatever they ask him honestly so we can move past this. So far every Steeler player has stayed out of hot water this offseason and i would like for that to continue to happen.

  • Dan

    This involves violent crime. If there was a cover-up in Ganesville, then Florida could join Penn State in the gallows.

  • Stevie

    I think at one time in all of our lives we all hung out with questionable people. And once we found how they truly were we went on just like Pouncy did.

  • Stevie

    Well the stabbing in the SOUTHSIDE has cooled down, now that they caught all them criminals.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    Hernandez is a thug. I hope he doesn’t drag other players down with him.

  • Stevie

    He’s in for life,, so what does he have to loose? You know he’s not going to admit guilt. I am sure that tight end won’t be for long!

  • alex

    man, why you gotta raise that boston stink and even attempt to correlate it to any member of the STEEL crew?!

  • Stevie

    Dave is just giving us the facts.

  • Mike Sweeney

    was just a matter of time, before this would happen. dammit man. hope they don’t have matching tat’s of an affiliation. that could be disheartening. why the 500 tat’s, anyways?

  • Matt Searls

    Hernandez isn’t even a suspect in that murder, so idk why either pouncey would know anything. Tebow was there too

  • Douglas Andrews

    You would have to think the Pouncey twins wouldn’t be foolish to even think about not cooperating with the Police and give truthful honest answers. There’s nothing good to gain for covering for Hernandez at this point because if all these crimes are ones he truly committed he’s done himself in all by himself no help needed!

  • Wrasslinoob

    Well wouldn’t all this be swell, if they prove Tim Tebow to be the mastermind of all this? LOL

  • JohnnyV1

    You have to think they are aware of, or had heard, what happened and who did what. That said, they have no reason to volunteer new/more information. 1. They weren’t at the crime scene, and 2. They gave a statement in 2007, so why would they provide something different now? If they provide more/different info now, they risk obstruction of justice and/or look really bad which will impact their future earnings. I highly doubt new information will come from The Twins. Now the Bengals safety, that’s another matter.

  • steeltown

    Oh boy…. speechless till more information comes out

  • dawgfan21

    Tebow & Master Mind in the same sentence. Just doesn’t seem right, does it? What I’ve been wondering all along is, why does a big bastard like Hernandez feel he needs a firearm every place he goes?

  • mick

    Makes you wonder why the most violent sport Hockey has no arrest or outside drama vs. the NFL,NBA, even MLB. I guess the caliber of players that play the game is better. Men vs. boys!!!

  • Dick Greyson

    Must b a fan of just the on field killer.

  • Matthew Wentz

    Aaron Hernandez is a beast. If hernandez is found not guilty of all these charges im saying right now that we ‘pittsburgh nation’ need to push to pick him up on a very strict contract because outside of this bs which it is. Everyones been wraped up in something just the seriousness is all little dif, but out side of that, that boy can play some ball and would be a GREAT asset to a GREAT team.