Sporting News Thinks Le\’Veon Bell & Jarvis Jones Could Win Rookie Of The Year Awards

Recently, the Sporting News announced their top twenty candidates for the 2013 NFL Rookie of the Year Award and topping their list is Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le\’Veon Bell. Fourth on their list is outside linebacker Jarvis Jones, the Steelers first-round draft pick out of Georgia.

Over the years, the Steelers have had six players win the rookie of the year award with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger being the last to do it in 2004. Prior to Roethlisberger, Joe Greene, Franco Harris, Jack Lambert, Louis Lipps and Kendrell Bell also won the award.

Bell has yet to be named the starting running back for the Steelers in 2013, but rest assured; he will be the starter sooner than later if not given the job right out of training camp. Bell will have to beat out several talented offensive rookies for the award as Tavon Austin, Montee Ball, DeAndre Hopkins, Giovani Bernard and Eddie Lacy all figure to be primed for solid rookie seasons as well.

As far as Jones goes, he more than likely won\’t be the starter at right outside linebacker out of training camp, and whether or not he plays a lot during his rookie season will depend entirely on how starter Jason Worilds plays. It is much tougher for a Steelers rookie to see much if any playing time on the defensive side of the ball in the Dick LeBeau system, so the Sporting News might have Jones ranked too high on their list.

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly won the defensive rookie award last year as he compiled 164 combined tackles and two interceptions to go along with eight passes defensed and one sack. In 2011, it was Von Miller of the Denver Broncos who won the award as he registered 11.5 sacks and two forced fumbles during his rookie season.

  • Anthony Renzelli

    I still think you’re underestimating what Jarvis Jones can do. At the very least, he’ll be on the field on 3rd downs to start the season. He may even start week 1 considering Worilds hasn’t shown anything spectacular. I predict Jones has between 8-10 sacks this year even if he doesn’t start week 1

  • Dom

    I’m going for Jones to be one of our worst picks in recent times BUT for Bell to be one of our best in recent times.

  • SteelSpine

    Haheh, altho I disagree with you about Jarvis I like that you’re bluntly giving your thoughts on that.

  • Kolie Oak

    Your just another misled person jumping on the bandwagon of his apparent small statute..
    Underestimating his skill set.

  • SteelSpine

    Obviously the confusing thing to me & most people is how could a rookie (Jarvis) win it since odds are he is not projected to be a starter this year. & the award that matters is just the SB trophy.

    Jarvis is a different kind of player than what Steelers traditionally drafted for OLB, but there’s a reason this time we did not draft a DE to convert to OLB. We need a starting OLB for 2014. Steelers m.o. was always draft college DEs & groom them several years to learn OLB. All those small DEs we drafted looked the size of NFL LBs but some of those never panned out & it took us too long to find out. With our recent history of injuries at OLB -which is cant count on their health, plus contract status of Worilds (whom is not an overly proven player yet anyway), for this past draft Steelers could no longer afford to wait 3 years for a converted DE to learn OLB. He was drafted to start at ROLB beginning the first reg-season game of next year, & if Worids is healthy & re-signs (2 big IFs) Worlids could play another LB position. To those saying a 1st round pick who doesn’t play first year is a wasted pick, I say we had no choice; we could not wait til next years’ draft to draft a starting OLB for 2014 season.

  • Matt Searls

    i think we will see a bruce irvin type of impact from him this year

  • Paul

    All these experts on here, I wonder why they aren’t employed

  • JC

    Exactly right. Plus, keep in mind that Big Ben’s clock is winding down towards retirement and they don’t have much time to wait around for rookies to develop if they want to return to the Super Bowl. They needed a proven, pass rushing OLB to help create turnovers and an every down running back to come in from day 1 and start contributing.

  • Jeff Johnson

    Some people are totally underestimating Jarvis from a point where they are saying that he was a bad draft pick by the team. I doubt he starts and has a chance to be defensive rookie of the year but he will be very good for the team.

  • Jeff Johnson

    Ben has around 4 to 5 years left but only one more chance at a super bowl

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Jarvis Jones will be impactful but no on stat sheets like Brett Keisel had when he first became a starter. I hardly can see Jarvis rack up stats mainly due to adaption of the game speed and yes… those athleticism numbers does matter. Long term-wise he’ll adapt and mold his game around that NFL speed but right now he’s far from a productive starter.

    Le’Veon Bell however is other story… he already has the athleticism, mentality, and awarness to be a starter. His game already have molded a sub-par to decent offensive linemen, imagine what he can do if all of our best 5 offensive linemen all are healthy? Being a running back, truly you just have to be aware where defensive players are coming from and quick.

  • Ed Charles

    Wait a minute. All we hear about on these sites is how far behind Jones is… Thats why you dont post stupidity like that when it’s not even preseason yet

  • Wayne Darby

    I would say that I agree with you on this Dom. Jones is given too much credit and from what I have heard, the only thing he can do is rush the passer. He can’t defend the run or pass and his upper body strength is in question as well. I sure hope that we are wrong but the Jones pick makes me nervous because you don’t want to miss with the #17 overall pick.

  • steeltown

    In addition to his sack totals the guy had 24.5 tackles for loss last season alone which led the nation (and school record) 45.5tackles for loss overall and his 7 forced fumbles (also school record) during the 2012 season led the SEC

    I’d say he does a little more than just rush the passer

  • Troy Sexton

    As a Steelers fan, their’s no doubting that the majority of Jones’s highlights were him sprinting into the backfield unblocked. It’s not the size thing, it’s that he hasn’t shown the ability to successfully shed blocks. Besides, you can’t call someone a bandwagoner if you’re convinced Jones will do great because you’re a Steelers fan.


    Watching nearly all of Jones’ games @ UGA…was very pleased PIT drafted him. Where I see him struggling is against the run, and in coverage and that’s why I think Worilds will start the season…8-10 might be a little high for yr one. If Woodley has truly returned to form…maybe JJ will get close b/c the Dbl will be on the other side…today I will say 5 sacks, maybe cause a fumble or two.


    I think Bell will have the best chance at ROTY on this squad…only b/c I think he will touch the ball a lot more than any other rookie.

  • Craig Smith

    Without giving a compelling reason to dispute him, you just sound like another person jumping on the Steelers bandwagon…

  • Wayne Darby

    I am going off what the scouts have said and also if he is rushing the passer, that would lead to the tackles for losses. I am not trying get down on the guy and of course I want him to succeed but I have a nervous feeling about him. I hope I’m wrong.

  • steeltown

    ..and I would take those numbers.. my expectations for him in his rookie season are not outrageous.. Worilds is the starter this season and Jarvis sits behind him and will learn all aspects of the game while getting acquainted with the speed of the pro game

  • Madi

    I think saying we’ll see him “on 3rd downs” is optimistic. I think he’ll see the field week 1, and he’ll be seeing more by week 17, but as a regular on passing downs, like Timmons was in ’08? I don’t think he’ll see that much. I think we’re looking at 5 snaps or so week 1, with a slow increase. I’m betting on 2-6 sacks.
    Of course, I say that without having seen him play a single snap for us. I could change my mind come preseason.


    When you make a comment like yours w/o anything to back it up or a least give reasons for it…you come off as a pessimist…so I ask…why?


    At least you offered a reason for your skepticism. I live in ATL and saw most every UGA gm he played in…I too think Jones will struggle more in pass coverage and run support. My reason…coverage…not a physical thing imo, he was not asked to play in space much @ UGA. On the run support…even in the SEC, he didn’t face LTs of the caliber he will see in the NFL so imo those weaknesses would apply to ANY ROLB they drafted.


    Only IMHO, but our defense could certainly use some stops behind the line and hurried pass attempts that Jones can, and hopefully will, provide as a situational pass rusher this year, with an eye on him competing for the starting spot in ’14. Which in turn also gives Worilds a dozen or so breathers a game in his first season as a full-time starter for us. Which could lead to even better “game-changing” production in the critical 4th quarter each week from the LB position. And I loved the Bell pick the moment they made it – his YAC determination and skill is incredible, and will hopefully rub off on some of our other young backs to help round out their skill sets as well. Go Steelers

  • Conservativesniper

    Based on the stats steeltown cited and the fact that Jones played in the toughest conference in college football(3 Heismans since 2008 and EVERY NCAA div. 1 national football champ since 2006) I wouldn’t worry too much about him, unless you’re an offensive coordinator in the AFC North. He’s gonna be a beast. Add in a rejuvenated O-line, championship QB, and a team with the most important attribute, a positive attitude and if we don’t win the AFC, I’ll be surprised.

  • SteelSpine

    I agree with all of that. But LeBeau would have to change to use a situational pass rusher OLB. I base that on last season conditions begged for LeBeau to give Robinson or BJohnson just a couple plays on obvious passing downs, not start them just work them in on a couple obvious passing downs, that also would give Harrison’s back or Lamar a breather. Instead LeBeau stuck CCarter, then when Harrison returned not-in-great shape, LeBeau settled for still not much pass rush instead of giving Robinson et al any play at all on obvious passing downs.

  • Printez O. Stroman

    He actually did, he said that he was underestimating Jones become of his size. Also, the first guy gave no reason to doubt Jones.

  • Printez O. Stroman

    All of those things you’ve listed is why he probably won’t start in his first season. Not why he’ll be a bust.