Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger Would Gladly Play In Ireland For Dan Rooney

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger would do anything for Dan Rooney and that includes playing a game in Dublin, Ireland for the team owner.

“I would like it for him,” Roethlisberger told The Irish Examiner on Thursday. “That’s how much he means to me and I think everyone on our team would say that. Even if guys said they would never want to play in London, 100 percent of the guys on our team would say they would play in Dublin for Mr Rooney. I’d do it for him.”

Rooney, who recently served as the US Ambassador to Ireland, has been trying to get an NFL game to be played at Croke Park  for years now and has suggested that the Steelers would even play in the game as long as they wouldn\’t have to give up a home game to do so as that would go against their Heinz Field lease.

League officials visited the Dublin stadium in 2012 and found the venue “very attractive” for an NFL game as it has a capacity of 82,500.

“We need stadiums that have availability in the middle of our season and the soccer season,” said Mark Waller, chief marketing officer of the NFL in 2012. “We also need them to be large, able to take the levels of hospitality and corporate entertainment that we generate. We looked long and hard before we came to play regular-season games at Wembley. Now we\’re looking seriously at playing two games internationally and, as we do that, Ireland and this venue in particular are very attractive to us.”

Notre Dame played Navy last September at Aviva Stadium in Dublin and more than 49,000 attended the game, although 35,000 of those were said to be American tourists.

With the NFL still trying to build their brand in London, we still might be a few years away from seeing a regular season game played in Ireland, but you can bet that Rooney will not be giving up on his dream any time soon.

  • Dom

    Yus please,please,please,please,please,please! I need this to happen.

  • hergieburbur

    I would rather see that than them playing in London.

  • Paul

    Ben looks very trim this offseason

  • SteelSpine

    “100% of our guys would play in London for Rooney”: Of course, because players under contract don’t have a choice. Duh. Especially Ben because what he gets paid isn’t chump change, it’s in a $100+ mil contract. Plus Ben wants Rooney to eventually offer Ben a next contract, so Ben’s not gonna say he’ll only attend some of the games on a future schedule. If a game is scheduled for somewhere, players under contract cant pick & choose which games of their team they want to attend (unless the player has a health problem prohibiting it, such as RClark in Denver).

  • Steves

    Dom,,,It would be a home game for you in more ways then one. Mr Rooney is like a Dad to many of the players. If he asked them to play anywhere, they probably would because they know it is best and Mr. Rooney would not let his team down,, he does things only to make them better. If they were in Ireland last year they could bunk at his place, and eat all his food (HA)!

  • Steves

    Read again,, It says in Dublin,, which is Ireland,, where Mr. Rooney was ambassador for the last 3 years and where Dom is from!

  • SteelSpine

    Dublin insteadof London my mistake (thanks4 the catch) but my point is exactly the same, a player cant decline to go to anywhere on the schedule. It being Dublin actually reinforces my point more because that’s more reason for a highly-paid employee to agree with his boss.

  • Pete

    Really Steel? I think the point of the article is how much love many of the players have for their boss, Rooney and how they would do it for him. You may be correct speaking generally but Ben was speaking for the Steelers players.