Steelers Ben Roethlisberger And Todd Haley Named Most Combustible In 2013

If you have ever listened to Adam Schein over the years, you probably know by now that he has never been overly complementary of the Pittsburgh Steelers, so it should come as no surprise that he listed quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and offensive coordinator Todd Haley as his top combustible relationship to watch in 2013.

Didn\’t he post the same thing last year or was that one of the other 20 people that wrote that these two would be at each other\’s throats in 2012?

Schein points to Roethlisberger\’s post game comments following the loss to the Dallas Cowboys last season as a boiling point and a prelude to what will come in the duo\’s second season of working together. He also reasons that the Steelers just won\’t be very good in 2013 both offensively and defensively, and that will lead to the veteran quarterback trying to do too much. Schein also states that Roethlisberger routinely goes away from a scripted play at the first sign of trouble and scrambles to make something happen. Hyperbole much, Adam?

Look, it was obvious that Roethlisberger didn\’t like losing Bruce Arians last season and his comments heading into the year regarding having to learn a new offense probably weren\’t the most professional. There is no denying; however, that Roethlisberger was on his way to perhaps one of his best seasons ever before he suffered the serious injury against the Kansas City Chiefs that forced him to miss three games. I am sure he is well aware of that.

Growing pains between these two head strong individuals were expected last season and quite honestly they did not manifest themselves in a way that many expected they would. There was no sideline yelling or visible on-the-field tension between the two all season. Roethlisberger has mentioned several times this offseason that Haley has been open to accommodating some of the things that he likes for this upcoming season, and the two seem to have gotten past the awkward stage. Do they really have a choice if they expect to win?

Schein states that the television cameras will be trained on these two at all times in 2013, and that we are sure to catch some sideline fireworks as a result. I am pretty sure that there will be disagreements between the two during the season, but the same can likely be expected on 31 other sidelines in the NFL as well.

Schein should stick to doing what he does best and that is blasting the New York professional teams.

  • Philippe Bourdon

    Adam Schein is a sensationalist at best, and a bad writer / radio host at worst. I listen to Sirius / XM NFL radio and I was doing jumping jacks when he left the station – he is only slightly better (and I mean very slightly ) than Steven A and Skip Bayless of ESPN….

  • steeltown

    Haha.. love it
    These guys are grown men and they’re prefessionals.. yes there’ll definitely be disagreements, most definitely, but I believe the worst (which wasnt much) is behind us

  • dgh57

    Yet another pundit that belies his claim to be a expert on the Steelers and will be proved wrong in the end! Be prepared to eat your own words Adam Schein!

  • JT

    I listen as well. I love when people call in with good points about the young O-line, the new zone blocking and run game with Bell, young new starters on D, etc. Then someone like Rich Gannon basically goes “meh”. Old and Slow. And if I hear one more time that Mike Adams will be our LT…..

  • Luke Shabro

    So much ignorance about the Steelers from national sports media. Just like everyone of them that said Jarvis would be an instant starter in 2013. He very well may be but they should know better than to think it’s a given on a team that hasn’t started a defensive rookie since what 2001?

  • Luke Shabro

    They are reaching so hard for stories! I’m not saying we’re going to win the Super Bowl but we typically have good success when expectations are low and there’s not too much hype.

  • Shea Fahr

    Schein will say anything to get folks attention and or response. Especially the MASS population of Steeler Fans. I only get my updates/news at Steelers Depot and will leave it at that.

  • steves

    Schein has had his head up his ass for so long, his breath smells pretty shitty!

  • Jason White

    I think this jagoff wants them to combust. The anti-Steeler fans are just hoping that the Steelers implode. I laugh at stuff like that. Last year at this time I felt good about the Steelers chances but I too had my reservations about the season. But it was more about the Mike Wallace distraction and the possible injuries that might derail the teams momentum. Unfortunately Mike Wallace didn’t play his best and the team got bitten by the injury bug once again. But never once did I assume Todd Haley and Ben Roethlisberger would implode and they didn’t. I’m sure there was some tension/disagreements between them but even the NFL’s former poster boy Tom Brady (beat out by Tebow for that spot) has had disagreements with his OC on the sidelines.

    With that said I feel much better about this season. So much to like about the Steelers offseason so far.

  • steves

    Chris Collinsworth used to be a Steeler hater who I can tollerate better as the years passed. Warren Sapp is another Steeler hater and is very negitive towards them. He tries to make fun of everything,,,, well it’s NOT very funny Sapp!

  • charles

    Schein makes money off controversy, and negative comments on the Steelers is the best paying. We should feel complemented. He is also a dope.

  • Brendon Glad

    Luckily, Pittsburgh media and Steelers Nation are too football-educated to fall for stupid stuff like that. We can thoughtfully debate whether replacing Arians with Haley was correct or not…but if it wasn’t, it will have nothing to do with whether they break bread together on a regular basis.
    Personally, I like Haley as OC. And I like when Coaches and players occasionally go at each other. If there was no such thing as a franchise tag…then yes, it would be noteworthy that Bruce Arians sits in Arizona with a worthless QB. And maybe I’d be analyzing Ben and Haley’s relationship a little harder. But there IS a franchise tag. Therefore, zero worry here.
    I’ve seen Ben win a SB with a coordinator he bickered with (Whisenhunt)…I’ve seen him win a SB with a coordinator who probably stood in his wedding party. Sensationalist journalism doesn’t fly with Steelers Nation. And that’s one more reason why I love being a part of it.