Steelers Tied For 23rd Overall In Forbes Annual Most Valuable Sports Franchise Rankings

According to Forbes Magazine, Real Madrid is now the world’s most valuable sports franchise as they have bypassed Manchester United with a worth of $3.3 billion. As far as the Pittsburgh Steelers go, they are tied at 23rd overall with the New York Knicks with a value of $1.1 billion with.

30 of the 32 NFL teams made the top 50 this year with the Dallas Cowboys leading all teams as they ranked 5th overall with a value of $2.1 billion, which is nearly twice that of the Steelers.

As far as the AFC North goes, the Baltimore Ravens were tops in the division as they ranked 19th overall with a value of $1.157 billion.

Not only does soccer rule in the franchise value category, they also dominate in social media category as well. The magazine reports that the 32 NFL teams, combined, don\’t have as many Facebook fans and Twitter followers (60 million) then Barcelona (61 million) does.

The Steelers and their 5.4 million total friends and followers, however, are only second to the Cowboys and their 6 million total friends and followers as far as NFL teams go. The last time I checked, though, the Cowboys still trail the Steelers in Lombardi Trophies.

NFL Team Rankings In Forbes Top 50  Most Valuable Sports Teams

#5 Dallas Cowboys – $2.1 billion

#6 New England Patriots – $1.635 billion

#8 Washington Redskins – $1.6 billion

#9 New York Giants – $1.468 billion

#13 Houston Texans – $1.305 billion

#14 New York Jets – $1.284 billion

#15 Philadelphia Eagles – $1.26 billion

#16 Chicago Bears – $1.19 billion

#17 San Francisco 49ers – $1.175 billion

#18 Green Bay Packers – $1.161 billion

#19 Baltimore Ravens – $1.157 billion

#20 Indianapolis Colts – $1.154 billion

#22 Denver Broncos – $1.132 billion

#23 Pittsburgh Steelers – $1.1 billion

#25 Miami Dolphins – $1.06 billion

#26 Carolina Panthers – $1.048 billion

#27 Seattle Seahawks – $1.04 billion

#28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – $1.033 billion

#29 Tennessee Titans – $1.011 billion

#30 Kansas City Chiefs – $1.008 billion

#34 Cleveland Browns – $987 million

#35 Minnesota ViKings – $975 million

#36 New Orleans Saints – $971 million

#38 San Diego Chargers – $936 million

#39 Arizona Cardinals – $922 million

#42 Cincinnati Bengals – $871 million

#43 Detroit Lions – $855 million

#44 Atlanta Falcons – $837 million

#46 Buffalo Bills – $805 million

#50 Oakland Raiders – $785 million

  • RMSteeler

    Half of the Cowboys worth is probably real estate and marketing. Having Jerry Jones as owner brings their adjusted net worth close to zero.

  • Jazz

    The best team in the NFL is ranked #23?

  • Stevie

    I live in the Dallas area and the people down here don’t even like Jerry “Bonehead” Jones and his Crybabys! But I will always be a Steeler fan.

  • TJimmy

    Pittsburgh at #23 is really high for a city with 300,000 people. It truly is a Steeler nation. Not only do the Steelers lead in # of Lombardi’s, but also the highest winning percentage since the NFL merger.

  • Fritz Baughman

    The reason the Cowboys/Jerry Jones are worth so much is because they own their egotistic billion dollar stadium, which increases the overall value of the franchise significantly. Other teams that own their stadiums are the Patriots, Redskins, Texans, etc and are all in the top teams in overall value. The Steelers do not own Heinz Field, which obviously makes their overall value much less.

  • NW86

    Ahh, I was wondering how all those teams could be ahead of the Steelers. Other than maybe the Cowboys, none of them have as many fans as the Steelers do.

  • JC

    I’m surprised Indianapolis is ranked higher than Pittsburgh. That’s a small city and I’d assume Pittsburgh would be valued higher due to their popularity and national fan base.

  • Gary Bo

    Indy with 2 million is not that small.

  • JC

    The city is 829,00. ; their metro is 1.7 million. Pittsburgh’s city is approx 300,000 and the metro area is 2.6 million. So yes, I consider Indy a small-mid sized city.

  • Gary Bo

    2012 US Census Bureau..1.928 million.